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★★★ SANWA SUPPLY compact switch SW-C201M ★★ printer switch
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥780 $8
Start price ¥780 $8
Buy-now ¥1,200 $13
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller wago7171 +5265
Condition Used
Start time 2020-07-08T22:00:29+09:00
End time 2020-07-14T22:00:29+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number f123561049
Seller position Wakayama Prefecture

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★ SANWA SUPPLY compact switch SW-C201M ★ printer switch
Description of item
★ is SANWA SUPPLY compact switch SW-C201M ★ printer switch. For goods, the SANWA SUPPLY, Inc.homepagePlease as a reference to the. Interface Specifications: Centronics 36pin Female
2 personal computers and one printer, or can be switched between one and two printers PC. Does not require a power supply is the switch of the ultra-compact. The body is made of unbreakable reinforced plastic, switching the switch unit has an endurance of more than two million times. There is also a dirt that had been used, there are scratches. Since there is no operating environment, we do not have to check the operation. I send as junk. Other products alsoExhibitionI am looking forward to it if you do not mind.
We have sent as junk. Please offer a bid after understanding the nookle · no return. Nikanshimashite PC parts, characteristics of the product, regard is also a problem in the operation confirmed the parts on our side, such as compatibility, on which is your understanding that there are times when you do not work properly at the highest bidder environment, the tender Please. Bundled correspondence of products is within 48 hours from the first successful bid. The successful bid after that will be shipped in separate packaging. Please do not bid those who are interested in finer things or who feel uneasy. If the picture differs from title, item description etc, please ask from the question before bidding. After bidding due to differences, cancellation after a successful bid can not be received. There may be slight differences in color due to the lighting conditions at the time of shooting, your computer, display, etc. Please bear the postage / transfer fee at the highest bidder's burden. For days that can not be shipped due to work circumstances, I will post it on self-introduction so please read it.* Please contact the necessary items such as shipping address within 48 hours from the time of a successful bid.* In the case of payment with "Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts", it will be shipped from the receiving account as well as bank transfer as it gets caught. Junk
Shipment details
Dispatch can not respond to cash on delivery, cash on delivery, etc. Yamato Transport courier service
- Letter pack plus (simple packing)
It will be the "advance payment". Changing shipping agent / shipping method can not be done. In the case of the letter pack plus, you can use the delivery and tracking service face-to-face, but there is no transportation compensation. (Letter pack plus, shipping only on weekdays)
Box, such as cushioning material, spent boxes, old newspapers, we reuse the cardboard, etc. In the case of using a new box, cushioning material or packing method designation, you will be responsible for the various expenses separately by the highest bidder.
Payment Method
Bank transfer Japan Post Bank Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accountsIf you wish, it will so be available after the total confirmed.※ If you would like to pay by "Yahoo! easy settlement", please contact us in dealings Nabis.
This item's guide is "■ @ spot sale Mr. 4.21 ■It was created with.
☆ ★ I have sent it to others. If you have time, please click on this part and have a look. ★ ☆
[Shipping fee]
◆ Prices from Kansai
Region Nationwide Hokkaido Northeast North South northeast Kanto Shinetsu Central part Hokuriku Kansai China Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa
Prefectures Hokkaido Aomori Prefecture
Iwate Prefecture
Miyagi Prefecture
Yamagata Prefecture
Fukushima Prefecture
Ibaraki Prefecture
Tochigi Prefecture
Gunma Prefecture
Chiba ken
Kanagawa Prefecture
Yamanashi Prefecture
Niigata Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture
Shizuoka Prefecture
Mie Prefecture
Gifu Prefecture
Toyama Prefecture
Ishikawa Prefecture
Fukui Prefecture
Osaka prefecture
Shiga Prefecture
Nara Prefecture
Wakayama Prefecture
Hyōgo Prefecture
Okayama Prefecture
Yamaguchi Prefecture
Tottori prefecture
Shimane Prefecture
Kagawa Prefecture
Ehime Prefecture
Kochi Prefecture
Fukuoka Prefecture
Saga Prefecture
Nagasaki Prefecture
Kumamoto Prefecture
Oita Prefecture
Kagoshima prefecture
Okinawa Prefecture
Letter pack plus
(No transportation compensation)
520 yen
(Note: Details of dispatch)
Yamato Transport courier service
1,700 yen 1,260 yen 1,150 yen 1,040 yen 1,040 yen ¥ 930 ¥ 930 ¥ 930 ¥ 930 ¥ 930 1,040 yen ¥ 1,370
※ Prices are subject to revision. you have to,Yamato Transport Takkyubin,
In caseLetter packPlease check the latest rates.
※ box, such as cushioning material, spent boxes, old newspapers, we reuse the cardboard, etc.
* In case of using new box, cushioning material or packing method designation, you will be responsible for the various expenses separately by the highest bidder.
※ The listed shipping fee is the case of the item being exhibited. In the case of bundled request with other products it will be changed. (Please be aware that you may not be able to bundle products that are not included as bundled or not marked as bundled incorrectly. )
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