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[Shipping fee 560 yen ~] [Single package] << C51 >> Nanako Matsushima Meiji FRAN Tapestry wall hanging
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥20,000 $158
Start price ¥20,000 $158
Buy-now ¥20,000 $158
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller chakobo3 +2155
Condition Used
Start time 2022-12-06T20:12:19+09:00
End time 2022-12-10T20:12:19+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number f129116815
Seller position Aichi-ken

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《It will not be possible to deal with a hurry transaction》 Arrival money ⇒ Shipping= Within 3 days excluding weekends and holidays ( * After a successful bid, we cannot respond individually to the request of shipping as soon as possible. )Shipment ⇒ arrival= Delivery delay has occurred in recent years due to the price revision of the shipping company, the rapid increase in the amount, the shortage of drivers, etc. In addition, the delivery method without compensation may be unwilling, so it is not possible to promise to arrive up to the desired deadline. We are trying to ship it promptly, but we cannot be involved in the delivery speed. We cannot compensate for any damage caused by delivery delay, non -compensation delivery method, etc.We would be grateful if you could make a transaction on the premise of a generous transaction period so that you can make a pleasant transaction with each other. ^ ^
"Description of item" This product is a single packing, and it is not possible to pack the same as other successful bids.. Please note that shipping costs will be charged for each successful bid..Nanako Matsushima's very large tapestry = wall hanging. It is unknown how long it is, but there are some wrinkles,
It seems to be an unused item, and there is no damage that you care about.. Roll it, put it in a vinyl, put it in a special tube,
I want to put it in vinyl and pack it. About 89cm wide 161cm ← The string is not considered.
《Shipping & delivery method》 Please note that in a hurry transaction will not be possible. We will take a rest on Friday, Saturdays and holidays, and the day before public holidays, and will be shipped at the beginning of holidays. ● Seller designated Takkyubin (with compensation) ( *)Postpack, Kuroneko, and others specified)
Kanto / Chubu / Kansai =560 yenSouth Tohoku / Shikoku / China =660 yenNorth Tohoku / Kyushu =760 yenOkinawa =940 yenHokkaido =1040 yen
《Payment related》 It becomes only か ん た ん settlement of accounts.( * Other payment methods cannot be supported in any case. )
1. Payment to Yahoo will be paid by simple settlement instructions ⇒ At the same time, shipment instructions will be given to the seller.. 2. Apply for receipt notification by transaction navigation after the product arrives ⇒ At the same time, the seller will be paid to the seller..[Before a successful bid] If you are not likely to pay within the simple payment payment deadline (about 5 days), please refrain from transactions in advance. [After a successful bid] If you cannot pay within the simple payment payment deadline (about 5 days), we will delete the highest bidder convenience that has an automatic evaluation of "very bad".
《Please be sure to read it before bidding》Please trade only if you can understand the contents of this page ^^
・ The judgment will be entrusted to the transaction image, but please use the no claim no return.. ・ Transactions Ordinary 5 days, if the transaction does not progress, we will delete the convenience of the highest bidder.. ・ If the transaction value negotiations button are displayed, please negotiate the price before a successful bid. ・ Cancellation after a successful bid is not allowed, so please ask questions and requests before a successful bid. ・ In the case of trading competition, those who have many cancellations or new ones may cancel the bid.. ・ In the case of trading competition, it is not possible to cancel the bid in principle.. ( * Because some people request an emergency immediate cancellation)
・ All product exhibition categories do not necessarily show the characteristics and properties of the product.. ・ Cleaning and cleaning all products are performed as much as possible, but may not be perfect.. ・ If all products are not specified, we do not inspect the feeling of use. ・ If there is no specific artwork, all unbrewed products are unknown, and the age and production age may be unknown, and there is a possibility of forgery and new products.. ・ The condition may change due to the heat of wood.. ・ We do not inspect items such as water leakage water.. ・ From the viewpoint of packing material environmental protection, there are many cases where USED products are reused.. ・ I will not evaluate the evaluation here. We will evaluate the reply. ・ I would like to make a deal with responsibility until the end of the mind, so thank you
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