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2012 authentic Yunnan six major Dasan Pu'er tea rattan tea 100 + 10 bonus
Auction ends over
Current price ¥3,300 $33
Start price ¥3,300 $33
Buy-now ¥3,300 $33
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller huayesu +2340
Condition New
Start time 2019-11-14T21:37:10+09:00
End time 2019-11-17T21:37:10+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number f384114378
Seller position Saitama

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Product Details
The rice and the tea of origin, Yunnan is said to be,
Even now the Yunnan province in a lot of the old vines there.. The old vines of the cells to the expert analysis from The indeed simple,
A primitive structure to have a tea plant in his hometown of proving. Black tea speaking of tea! Of the Ming Dynasty, when produced,
Average elevation of a thousand the number of meters of the Xishuangbanna Tai Autonomous Prefecture throughout(six Dasan is in the area)in the
Tea made in
Rice cakes・tea and tea・brick tea・tea is,
The mountain area is famous for tea hub in
After collectively referred to as"tea"and call more.. And"black tea"is called, and a very deep dark brown,
Microorganisms using fermentation, and
A long ripening period and by
As black to change. Light of million a calendar year(in 1573~1620) in tea called for. Originated about the course, there are many different theories, Yunnan is a frontier town, because
Fortress land transportation of from six months to a year it took. Therefore, the tea is in the middle temperature and humidity in the oxidation, the tea of unique taste, fragrant also. As a General theory in. Taiwan's economy is high economic growth to Taiwan's Rich Tea our tea of the period seventh child a rice cake tea 375g1 pieces in the hundreds of thousands of yen, bought the story that we do you know. Six Dasan Puer and tea Yunnan Puer tea in the brand of products!
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and the wider region in plan products and
A lot of people really love tea, certainly not quality to me.. Management many classmates, and several times visited the factory, the management is very concerning quality management as introduced.
Cheap selected six Dasan Puer and tea-50 pieces+5 pieces
Six Dasan finest up and tea
2012 annual
100 PCs have 1 grain 3G from large leaf Puer tea + 5 PCs and
Shipment details
Postal address of the stool if you are shipping the 2 bag 360 yen.
Please read important, be sure to have the
・ [Your trading procedure]・
1. After a successful bid,Yahoo! Received from a successful bid mail in order form of URL described as from the day of the convent's gleaming Wall rise from its groves of pine please send us a note. 2. The total amount,payment information an email will be sent. In accordance with this guidance, thank you for your payment. (Except If you choose to cash on delivery)
※ Please do not be your settlement before your guide. 3. Payment is confirmed,goods will be sent to you. Please also contact the transfer by e-mail after the transfer if it takes time in order to ship quickly. If there is no connection is there is a possibility that dispatch may be delayed. 4. The goods safely arrived from our evaluation, we will. (Evaluation not required if you contact us by email please.)
5. 【Please note】・auction date"7 days"within the"order form"and send if you do not
The purchase of the will not as the"successful bidder convenience"by the tender to have been in.. [System on a "very bad successful bidder" in advance, please note that you are automatically granted to the evaluation column of customers]
Shipment details
1. Seino transportation shipping products..Shipping is Kanto, Kansai, Kinki, Shin-Etsu, Hokuriku, coastal waters, China, Northeast regional 670 yen
It will be the Hokkaido and Kyushu 888 yen Shikoku 777 yen.
Okinawa and the island will be another dispatch and another charge. (24L sake of shipping will be another)
2. Cash on delivery fee is
¥ 324Will be. There is also a region that can not be available in cash-on-delivery methods,
Your address will guide you soon understand after a successful bid. 3,24L containing the Shaoxing rice wine, shipping of 9L jar containing Shaoxing rice wine will be nationwide uniform 2,000 yen
However Kyushu and Hokkaido will be 3600 yen. 4. Saturday shipping operations will done, also,Sunday and holidays shipping business is not. 5,
Bundled packaging of Notes
◆ shipped will be shipped together until the product was successful bid decision within six days from the end of the auction time, which is the first in a successful bid. ◆ your input to the order form, please go the auction of your scheduled from the successful bid decision all. ◆ Please fill in that there is bundled with the demand column of the order form. ◆ There is the case that the shipping terms weight (15 kilometers to 20 kilometers before and after) can not be shipped. In the case of the box entirely, you may not be able to ship regardless of the weight by the shape of the box. ◆ In the case of one kilogram of tea thank you to a total of 6 kilometers.
Company Profile
Ltd. the trade 352-0002 Saitama 新座市 East 3-21-11
We reserve the right to revoke these exceptions either generally or in specific instances:kafei@ray.ocn.ne.jp
TEL(FAX) 048-487-0330
24 hours your order we will accept. (You may not be able to weekends and answer)
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