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"Marking" red nandina (Akananten) (not including root bowl) tree height 1.0m 02 [seedlings / plants / garden / hedge / blindfold / ground cover / evergreen / auspicious tree / lucky tree]
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Seller denisuke0213 +59
Leader H*t*7***
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Start time 2020-03-19T09:12:49+09:00
End time 2020-03-25T20:52:11+09:00
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Lot number f390403464
Seller position Shiga Prefecture

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【Product Details】
From the pun of "flame turn the", in the auspicious tree which is believed as a talisman of the tree,
It has been a good plant to Kimon or unlucky quarter. Not essential to the Japanese-style garden, but color leaf that fit well with Western-style garden. It is also popular as the name supporting role of the garden, such as undergrowth and ground cover of Ueki. In the fall, it has been used as a herbal medicine real is.
Prefer the shade, but strongly in the shade, it is very easy to grow tree does not selected even soil. Day red nandina becomes red leaves in places where strikes often, white nandina is likely to be yellow. You may drop leaves when the transplanted into the cold season, but will grow in healthy and newly sprouted in the spring. Growth will withstand pruning for is a little slow, but there is a sprouting force.
For plants, thank you for your understanding about the following points.
* Bruise, stem wounds of leaves, also, until delivery, the tree-shaped due to the growth change
* Break of twigs at the time of packing and transportation, Fruit Drop, etc.
* There may be some pruning at the time of packing. * We are careful to copy the photo, such as the exhibition at the time of the wound, but those who are worried, please contact us in advance. * You can not gift corresponding.
* Hokkaido, Tohoku, Okinawa, the island will be a plus fee please contact us!
★ ships to inspect, but I will correspond with responsibility if there is negligence on the part of us, such as oversight of any chance trouble. It is not a no claim no return. Sincerely we correspond, but, in the case of indications from the evaluation I am afraid that I can not support. Always, please let us know in dealings Navi. As long as you endeavor to the corresponding serving convinced possible. However limited to those within one week from dispatch.
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