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[Charity] Madoka Umemoto Autographed SUNOCO cap
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End time 2020-01-28T19:32:26+09:00
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【please note! Please be sure to read it】This charity Those who participate in the auction, bid before "about the attention mischievous bid to bid to be everybody," the following description Please be sure to read the column. If you bid, it is assumed that you agree to the following conditions. In addition, I refuse the resale of the second use of the image published on this page and the successful bid goods firmly.[Please note the wire fraud]There are many reported cases of trying to make charity auction sellers or working fraud. In Yahoo! Auctions, there is no right to a successful bid unless the seller deletes the highest bidder if it becomes the secondary winner (substitute successful bidder). Please be sure to read the product details page of the product in question if you receive a suspicious e-mail that causes the exhibitor to confirm that your ID is displayed as a "successful bidder". For more informationHerePlease see.
■ Madoka Umemoto Autographed SUNOCO cap ■
Original SKE48 Madoka Umemoto Autographed SUNOCO capIt is SUNOCO cap that had you put the autograph on the basis of SKE48 Madoka Umemoto.SUNOCOUS Sunoco Inc. has a history and tradition of more than 130 years, it is one of the world's leading integrated energy manufacturers. Japan Sun Oil Co., Ltd. was founded in 1966 as a strategic base for Japan and Asia region of the United States Sunoco Inc.. This oil manufacturer with our own factory as well as the research and development department in Japan. Industry, we are contributing to society through a variety of lubricating oil products. In the automotive lubricants, domestic pinnacle race "SUPER FORMULA", "SUPER GT" to the vertex, has been active at the beginning a variety of motor sports categories such as "D1GP". By feedback of the field data obtained in the racing field in research and development, always for planning and manufacturing the best products "SUNOCO" also not only in the framework of mere sponsored the future, with the technical cooperation of as an oil manufacturer as a "partner", we will both fighting for the championship. This charity, "Madoka Umemoto", is a bicycle tape auction that was planned and implemented by the "Japan Sun Oil (SUNOCO)". http://www.sunoco.co.jp
■ Charity Auction ■
Sales of this auction will be donated in full, to the "Make-A-Wish of Japan", will be used as expenses for a dream come true of children.Foundation Make-A-Wish of JapanMake-A-Wish is the world's largest "fulfill a wish (wish granting)" volunteer organizations. Founded in Arizona in 1980, fulfilled the dream of children who are fighting the incurable disease of under 18 years of age from 3 years of age, desire and want you to have the courage to fight the force and disease to live, has been active. 60 bases across the United States, place the branches in 39 countries in the whole world, "Make-A-Wish of Japan" was established in 1992 as Japan branch. 28 years at the Make-A-Wish of Japan this year, we have to support the dreams of the children of more than 3400 people. Last year alone one year, came true a dream of 226 children. In order to fulfill a lot of dreams of children even one person in the future, thank you very much for your cooperation.

The contents detailed for the "Make-A-Wish" isHerePlease see.

■ About attention mischievous bid to everybody to be bid] ■
Charity auction has been carried out as part of its social contribution, successful bid money is donated to a volunteer organization, and is utilized in a variety of business. However, by the heartless participants of some Unfortunately, mischief and, there is a bid for the purpose of ridicule, after a successful bid, not only do not have you correspond with sincerity, withdrawal or unilateral bid, advance refusal of the successful bid it may be the. If such an act is confirmed, in line with the Yahoo! Auction Guidelines,You may want to ask the Measures, such as use restrictions of Yahoo! JAPAN ID to Yahoo! JAPANSo, please note in advance.■ About a mischievous bidIf the act of following could be confirmed, it judges that he is mischievous, you might want to report to the tender cancellation and Yahoo! JAPAN. · Bid in the amount of money that mischief is determined to likely to occur
The bid of a direction where there is a negative evaluation by successful bid cancellation
· Exhibit independent of the question
· Violation declaration of goods
And a successful bid rejection of the bid price in the case of a successful bidder candidate
※ If you series of mischievous bid, there are times when a person other than a maximum amount tenderer may become a successful bidder candidate. Please be careful.※please note! Those who wish a bid of 100,000 yen or more, please bid after e-mail connecting the following information.[Information please contact us]
! 1) Yahoo JAPAN ID:
2) the highest bid amount that you plan:
3) Name:
4) Address:
5) Telephone number:
! 6) Yahoo JAPAN ID registered email address at the time of acquisition:
7) hope contact you (email address)
※ omissions, you may also perform a bid cancellation when there is a lack of information Please note that. [Contact email address]
Personal information you provide, will be available for a successful bid intention check or goods sending. In addition, in order to check whether it is an unjust bid, run the auction service, you may want to offer to Yahoo! JAPAN. We do not use for any other purpose.■ bid Before You Begin·unforgivable! Malicious bid·Buy no intention of a bid and a successful bid is also the case falls on obstruction of business (News)·You published a mischievous bid ID (News)I will send you from after a successful bid us to the highest bidder the mail about dealings guidance to the highest bidder.If we do not hear from us in the end of the day of the guidance mail arrival, also regarding the cancellation after a successful bid, we will consider it as "deletion of a successful bidder's convenience.".In this case, please note that a bad evaluation will be automatically attached from the auction system.In addition, we will consider it as the same correspondence may not transferred by the date when the seller has specified the successful bid price.
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