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Telephone card Teleca 50 degrees Akihabara Dennogumi kotobukitsukasa unused
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥800 $8
Start price ¥800 $8
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller captain_nextworld +14124
Condition New
Start time 2021-03-09T11:04:16+09:00
End time 2021-03-12T21:04:38+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number f402960343
Seller position Yamaguchi Prefecture

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Note We check carefully the matters and product description, the successful bid thank you on top of the consent
★ commodity, I hope in a no claim no return.- only if we serious defect is found in, I will repay answering. Please contact me in dealings message within three days after the arrival of the goods. From all of the invoice and the goods kindly return, I will consider it as refund If you have defects is confirmed by me. For contact us, in order to leave the fair evidence, it will be exchanged in the transaction message. Partial refund or a reduction corresponding can not be. · Refund will be the only bank transfer. Please understand that we can not support, such as in money sent by registered mail.★ do not accept the change of the enclosure and the delivery method.• Even if awarded by more than one, it will take carriage of one point worth per point. - by my convenience, if the delivery method is changed, there is no change of shipping.★ Please read the "notice mail of a successful bid" which arrives after a successful bid.- After a successful bid, Yahoo! Arrives automatically from the "e-mail bid notification" Please read the. If the mail does not reach, the e-mail address and receive setting after confirmation, please contact us in dealings message.★ thank you for your input If awarded "Order Form".Our shop Yahoo! Auctions! It does not offer any dealings Navi because of store. Located on the product page will press the "start a transaction" button, please give me the input of order form. If you can pay the amount of money that is displayed automatically after input, payment on our side is we will ship as soon as can be confirmed.
About the product
[Rank: A] It is an unused item. There is a bruise such as abrasion accompanying storage. - All of the above will be IMHO. Always, Please tender after confirming the commodity in the photograph. - what is in the photograph becomes all. 【Product rank】
S New article unopened article. There are no scratches or bruises noticeable on the exterior.
A + Brand new unused item. Or brand new unopened, but there is a noticeable pain in the exterior. Opened for photography.
A Used. Extremely beautiful item. Things used several times, and things decorated on the showcase. There are no noticeable scratches or bruises, and it is fully operating.
B Used. There is a thread-coxies associated with use. Please check the photos and descriptions carefully.
J junk. Not inspection.
shipping method
※ change shipped dispatch and collectively transactions and the dispatch method is allowed to refuse. ※ Hatsubarai (advance payment) only. Cash on delivery and cash on delivery is not accepted.[Delivery method, charge]
★ delivery trader / Japanese mail: with a tracking number Yu (Yu packet)
Nationwide uniform: 180 yen
[Shipping timing]
- from a payment check will be shipped within 24 hours to 48 hours. (Saturday, Sunday, Holiday (Saturday, Sunday, Congratulation), shipping company holidays, financial institution holidays are not eligible)
· Since the successful bidder of the same name is the same name, the successful bidder of payment to Japan Net Bank will be "Payment completed".
Payment Method
Payment method"Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement", Or"Transfer to Japan Net Bank"Can you choose one of the. • If the bank transfer, the transfer fee will be borne by the customer. ·Shipping we have received for each product. You can not correspondence of enclosed dispatch.
★ Our shop Yahoo! Auctions! Store is- the amount of money for a successful bid separately, consumption tax will take. (Tax-free products and some products are not eligible. )
- dealings Navi does not have. Please cooperate with your input of the order form.★ About shop Heibai items- About some of the notation of "Heibai goods" is, Please look forward to hearing from you from our shop. As soon as can be confirmed and securing of product inventory, we will contact you in dealings message.★ Contact Us(Opening hours 10:00 to 15:00 / Day off: Saturday, Sunday and holidays)
• Since the Inquiry and product storage location is different, the product information will not be able to answer by phone. In order to ensure accuracy of your answer, thank you contact us is located in principle "transaction message" or the top of the page by e-mail from "Contact Us". - to the question from the question column you might not be able to answer. Please contact us by e-mail from "Contact Us".★ can not be canceled after a successful bid by the customer convenience- The cancellation after a successful bid will be canceled in the "convenience of the highest bidder (very bad)" for any reason. - After a successful bid, when there is no input and payment of the order form within the deadline of simple settlement, because it will dealings as cancellation and re-exhibited immediately, please note. In the case of bank transfer, if there is no input and payment of the order form within seven days after a successful bid, we will dealings immediately as the cancellation and re-exhibition.
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