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Abi Yang moth massage oil ★ Ayurvedic oil ★ Bastion therapy ◆ India Herbs & sesame oil Kapha 1000ml
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Current price ¥6,980 $70
Start price ¥6,980 $70
Buy-now ¥9,800 $99
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Seller hachi3mb +204
Condition New
Start time 2020-06-25T11:22:10+09:00
End time 2020-07-01T22:21:48+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number f431642062
Seller position Fukuoka Prefecture

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Authentic Ayurveda oil Concentrated India Herbs
Authentic Ayurveda oil

Authentic Ayurveda oil

Authentic Ayurvedic massage oil 1000ml
Description of item
Tradition of India 5,000 years medicine Ayurveda is the world of detox medicine!
■ authentic Ayurvedic massage oil (Indian herbal massage oil)
Internal capacity
One price 28350 yen 1000ml
Growth even in small amounts will be long-lasting well. Because it is concentrated be diluted with sesame oil (carrier oil) OK
■ whole body, of course, it can also be used to scalp. Those of professional therapist is recommended for those of a genuine intention is that of course health care use. Want to efficiently detox! I want to tighten the place to be worried about! ... for those who
■ In the traditional medicine Ayurveda of India and prepares the balance of your body by selectively using the constitution another oil. It is weak's Kapha constitution for oil in the cold and humidity. Sensitive to heat's Pitta constitution, chilly's vata constitution
It has also sent three sets and plenty of size one by one for each. ■ It is safe oil Cindy Pharma AG production has been making ayurvedic products around the world from 1920 years in India. Of course, in accordance with the constitution of the Japanese it has been made in the Krishna Dr. supervision of south India SV Ayurvedic University Hospital doctor. Several kinds of medicinal herbs the Toka are being purified in the light of the formulated month based on the scriptures and prayers of the Hindu ... native to South India
The effect of herbs be fun to try to investigate in traditional Chinese medicine as well as the WHO (World Health Organization), even books and many sites have been approved! !
● Kapa for constitution
Sesame oil, Borough, Chandan (sandalwood), Shunti (Ginger), menthol, mission (citrus), Badham (almond), Ella (cardamom), Momai
Base of sesame oil, is said to keep youthful skin smooth and excellent anti-oxidant effect your skin. It has refreshed after using. wrapped in the scent of herbs try to the heart of the journey to the mystery of the country India
how to use
Feeling to soak your skin so that a small amount massage oil along the flow of the muscles and lymph of the areas of concern pick up stroking moderately focused, and massage so as to slide it slowly. There ※ Instructions
Seino Transportation in charge 800 yen nationwide
(Hokkaido 1000 yen, Okinawa 2,000 yen, the island 2500 yen)
※ can not be specified delivery time.
■ If you hurry, there is also Yafuneko. Yafuneko 1000ml is possible to bundle up to three
Trading conditions before a bid until the last, notes and description of item will be sure to read the full text of such, on the fully understanding and convinced the contents, thank you for your bid. ■ There is a case that has occurred and dents in the container for overseas imports, but does not I change the quality. It is a full-fledged oil.Cheap for the accident a little in containerIn I am allowed to offer, please understand. ■ ※ please discontinue use when it is not suitable to your skin. ■ It is a new unopened, those in the over-the-counter, or those looking for things clean of container, those who fine point worries please refrain from a bid. ■ shipped, please contact us. ■ There may be described in the add a description and contact matters. ■ If you have any questions, please be sure to ask a question before a bid. ■ bid, the cancellation after a successful bid does not accept. (The convenience of our customers)
■ returned goods and exchange of goods are not heard. ■ I hope in a no claim no return for the discount auction. Please be detected well before a bid. ■ Please bid only for the person who can contact you within 5 days after a successful bid. If the contact is not available, you may be "canceled by the highest bidder convenience" Please note. ■ Sundays and public holidays there are times when some in the corresponding take time. ■ If the contents of evaluation is bad, there is a case where I am allowed to cancel a bid from here. ■ those who are the settings such as the participation domain specified rejected by the mobile phone, please refer to the possible settings for the e-mail received from here. ■ If you do not receive mail from Yahoo Please contact crushed. We will respond with sincerity. I would appreciate your favor.
Shipment details
■ · Seino Transportation shipping nationwide uniform 800 yen (Hokkaido 1000 yen, Okinawa 2,000 yen, the island 2500 yen)※ can not be specified delivery time. ■ If you hurry, there is also Yafuneko. Yafuneko 1000ml is possible to bundle up to three■ can not be specified other shipping companies
■ It is former payment dispatch (COD fee is the highest bidder burden). (※ isolated island are COD not !!)
Payment Method
Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
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