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★ LD ★ Seikima II HUMANE SOCIETY Humane Society Beautiful goods with a zone with shrink for social justice full of human love
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Current price ¥780 $6
Start price ¥780 $6
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Seller lilimx722 +5856
Condition Used
Start time 2024-04-17T18:58:15+09:00
End time 2024-04-17T19:48:13+09:00
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Lot number g1005075331
Seller position Nagasaki Prefecture

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Product description/Condition ■ Laser disc. The things in the photo are everything. ■ Jacket, liner very good, there are some aging spots and wrinkles. (Please judge from the image)
■ Very good board. (Because it is old, please only those who can understand.. )
■ Because it is a used item, please refrain from bidding if you care about the details.. The condition may be overlooked because it is a simple visual check. I hope in a no claim and a no return.
Delivery method ■ We will pack it with packing materials dedicated to laser disk.. Please note that it is rare, but the risk of square and damage.. ■ Non -standard -size mail is 710 yen. However, non -standard -size mail does not support the guarantee of damage or loss of products during transportation.. It is a shipping method that cannot be "proof that it has been shipped, proof that it has arrived, and proof of receiving it" cannot be performed.. There is no tracking number. Also, if there is an original box, it may be crushed.So, in any case, please choose only if you can understand it at your own risk.(Because the lost luggage was generated and rubbed, thank you. )
■ The postage of Yu -Pack is as follows. CDs, cassets, DVDs, books, LDs, records, etc. do not change the price. With compensation for damages at the time of damage / loss. Nagasaki -890 yen
Kyushu / China -960 yen
Kinki / Shikoku -1060 yen
Hokuriku / Tokai -1170 yen
Kanto / Shinetsu -1380 yen
Tohoku / Hokkaido-1600 yen. Okinawa-1170 yen.Can be bundled. It is not supported for non -standard -size mail and shipping other than Yu -Pack. It does not correspond to cash on delivery, cash on delivery. Only the following banks are transferred. Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts. Japan Post Bank. Japan Net Bank.
Please ■ Please contact us within 3 days and transfer within 5 days as long as you make a successful bid. Please contact us if you are late. ■ After payment is confirmed, it will be shipped within 3 days as early as the day or within 3 days, but we will not respond even if the shipment is hurried.. Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays are not shipping. ■ It does not correspond to questions such as prompt decision, early termination, discounts, rose sales etc. I have not responded.

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