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Special manufactured by okaya dokari @ sand! 3 kg set (with natural sea water)
Auction ends over
Current price ¥900 $9
Start price ¥900 $9
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller yadokari_company +3283
Condition New
Start time 2021-09-30T15:34:51+09:00
End time 2021-10-02T22:32:29+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number g1007050430
Seller position Okinawa Prefecture

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@Product Description
 Special @ sand for okayadokari! 3kg Set (with Natural Seawater)
 (Limited product, please try it at this opportunity by all means)
 Popular special @sand! It is a 3kg set (with trial natural seawater 500ml)
 Because it takes time to make sand and can not mass-produce, this time it is an auction and
 I will be happy to
 I independently researched and tried and tested to come up with this special @ sand
 It is a special blend of coral sand that contains plenty of natural seawater and dried naturally in the sun.
 Therefore, there is plenty of minerals! @Overjoyed... When you use it,
 You'll notice the difference.. Because of the fine sand, @ is easy to dive and a little moist
 It becomes soft sand and is good in the moisturizing side
 @ They rub their hands and feet together... Sand play? I'll do it!
 For molting. for wintering.
 Also, I'm not feeling well lately ... If you are worried, please try it by all means
 (@ The salinity of the sand is exposed to squall rain.wind during natural drying in the sun.)
 I'm here, so exactly? It seems that it is a concentration close to the beach habitat)
 Chemicals. Tap water, etc... Because I do not use it at all, I do not wash it with peace of mind,
 Please use it as it is.. I pack every 1kg, and send it out in a 3kg set
 The roughness of the grains of sand is only this size (fine), and the roughness of the grains is specified.
 Not. Thank you for your understanding and bid.
 Special @ sand (this time, with natural seawater!) Please try it at this period meeting by all means. (Seawater containers are recycled PLASTIC BOTTLES.). Thank you for your understanding)@ At the date of arrival, when the number of times a plurality is successful, additional order information @(With this transaction navigation function alone, you can not contact or confirm detailed designations such as arrival date and other details)
Arrival desired date, additional order, other consultations, etc. are in the "transaction message" after winning the bid
Thank you in a way that we keep in touch
When contacting after winning the bid, please enter in the "Transaction Message" field under the transaction information and press [Send]
In addition, the transaction details at the time of future bidding.
Please confirm and contact us again with the designated arrival date.
(We will pay together and send out the same packing)
Basically, we will respond to shipment by asking for the arrival request date and time, but if you can not contact us.
After confirming your payment, we will ship as soon as it is ready (from around 2 days~).@sendYamato Takkyubin@PaymentYahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts@ About price and packing packing specificationThe winning bid price + shipping fee becomes the total amount
 About the postage, the landing size aim (60 size fee) about the postage.HerePlease check with. The postage is slightly different in the prefecture to which I send it. We will inform you after contact confirmation
 Because it is equipped with airmail, I send it out basically "by the original payment". Thank you for your understanding
 The packing of the living body uses the foam container with little temperature change all year round, and a special item such as heat insulating material according to the season and landing
 I use and pack packing it. In addition, in the case of the same packing shipment by multiple successful bids.
 It is available for discount benefits, etc. depending on the contents of the order product, the number of living organisms, etc. (also described on the website)
 In that case, please contact us in advance.@NotesBasically, Okinawa morning shipment → from the morning of the next day, I can deliver it, but I arrived the next day
 We may consult and cancel shipping in areas that cannot be done
 (Except for parts of remote island and Hokkaido, it is possible to arrive in the morning of the next day!) )
 If the successful bid product is a living body, ship if any abnormality or change is seen
 We may postpone or cancel
 I arrange it thoroughly and send it, but because of the characteristic of the product, the color.pattern.size.wound.. Exchange by etc. Death guarantee
 Because I cannot do it (normal time), please bid after consent. Even in @@HP, seawater@SP. etc
 We introduce a lot. The same packing shipment as the successful bid product is also possible. Please contact us.Here it is.
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