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Beauty salon barber barber sewing stationery DARUMA THREAD Darma Thread scissor scissor scissor scissors scissors scissors scissors scissors steel special steel management No.4765
Auction ends 4 days
Current price ¥2,000 $16
Start price ¥2,000 $16
Buy-now ¥2,000 $16
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller junkyardchikuwa +2570
Condition Used
Start time 2023-05-30T01:39:24+09:00
End time 2023-06-06T01:39:24+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number g1049228224
Seller position Gifu Prefecture

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Product information
Maker DARUMA Thread Dharma Thread
Product name Scissor scissors clipper scissors
* The use will be scissors, so we cannot guarantee the guarantee that is suitable for using the title..
size The total length is 130mm, the blade is basic and the dimensions are about 50mm
* Please confirm the photo and consider it at your own risk..
Model number Sparing
* Please check with the photo..
Item state A
Product Description / Comment It will be an item purchased as a tool store organizing. It is a scissors of Dharmas Red, which is famous for the Daruma seal.. Dalmas Red is a long -established store founded in 1873 and is a manufacturer that makes sewing tools and scissors.. Because it is an excavation from a store that has been closed a few years after closing, there are also rust and deterioration, even though it is new or unused.. Since it will be an unused scissors at that time, it is naturally small, and it does not appear in the market, so it is a must -see for those who are strongly concerned and those who are nostalgic hobbies.. It will be a simple glasses scissors, so it is a design that does not choose the user.. Please check the photo for the size.. Even though it is unused, sharpening will be required as a must, so we can not guarantee it.. This is not an expert either, so please check it out for the details of the product and specifications.. Because it will be an old thing, it is not a thing that guarantees the original in all.. We hope that you can confirm it with the photo if you are in the state. Since it will be an old scissors, it is presumed that there are problems that can not be confirmed in the photo, but please consider it in principle that you are treated as junk.. As mentioned above, we do not accept defect liability in principle, so please note.We will refuse bidding for those who cannot understand the above conditions. We cannot answer questions such as compatible models, so please check it yourself.
Notes ■ If you have any questions, please contact the Q & A or email. ■ In principle, those who can recognize the handling of used junks, those who are not extremely nervous, and those who are not selfish. ■ When bidding, please carefully check the product description, contents, and photos, and bid at your own risk. ■ The color of the image is different from the actual item depending on the photography status of the photo. We look forward to the bidding only for those who accept that effect. ■ If you cannot contact us within 3 days from the end of the auction, we will cancel at the highest bidder convenience. At that time, please note that the evaluation of "very bad" is automatically attached than Yahoo. ■ The product shipment will take 4-7 days after payment is confirmed. ■ Please make a payment within one week from the end of the auction.■ In order to prevent mischief bidding of new IDs, new people who have no evaluation and bids for those who are extremely uneasy about evaluation will be refused. If you really want to bid with a new ID, please give me your intention to purchase from the question column and bid. If you do not show your intention to purchase, we will cancel the bid and we will refuse to browse and bid for our products in the future. SELLER WILL NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALY
Standard of merchandise condition
State rank list
S New article, unused It is a state of new and unused items. (Please check with the picture as there is no accessory etc. )
A Close to unused Like new, it is a beautiful product with only small scratches. (Please check with the picture as there is no accessory etc. )
B No noticeable scratch or dirt It will be a general used item. It is a good product that has a sense of use with only a hurt or rubbing that does not interfere with the use.
C Slightly scratched or dirty There are some smaller-sanity, but it is a good product.
D There are scratches and dirt It is a scratched product that can be done when using it.
E Overall condition is bad Antique junk goods in general. As it will be an old-year-old item, there are years of aging, hydrolysis and wounds for use. It will be a product that is not recommended.
Shipping fee, inquiries etc
About dealings
Shipping cost Letter pack light
370 yen (tax included) nationwide
shipping method Japan Post
Shipping items After payment is confirmed, we will ship within 4 to 7 business days.
Flow after it makes a successful bid Excuse me, Please give me after a successful bid by the input of customer information to "within 48 hours". Please handle with the following flow. 【1】 Enter customer information on the information entry screen. [2] After entering the customer information, check the total amount by e -mail that is automatically distributed.
Please use the specified payment method in "within 7 days".. → Yahoo! Yahoo! Easy payment may not automatically reflect the shipping fee, so please be careful about input omissions.
Returning method We do not accept returns after a successful bid. Only those who can understand, please bid. If it is a product or defective product different from the product description, it is very good, but we would like to contact us. I will exchange / returned goods correspondence.
Contact address If you sit anymospheric points, please contact me below. ---------------------
Takemura Wiryo (Junkyard Chikuwa Auction Division)
[TEL] (058)279-1819
[Address] 501-6135
3-68 Chaya Nitta, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture
[Business hours] 11: 00-20: 00 (Closed on Wednesdays)
* For inquiries about auction products, please email..
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