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Popular with mini 4WD ♪ State -of -the -art polarized polarized paint structure paint 16ml "Molfo Blue"
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Current price ¥1,976 $14
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Seller arubaro_co20er +5080
Condition New
Start time 2024-02-18T08:49:15+09:00
End time 2024-02-25T08:49:15+09:00
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Lot number g1112394596
Seller position Fukushima Prefecture

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For painting of unique mini 4WD!
It will be an introduction of the latest products.
State -of -the -art paint made from Japanese high -quality paints with cutting -edge raw materials from the United States
[Structural Flair] Structical Frare
・ Structure = structure
It is called "structural color".
It will be a new product bearing the name of the principle of nature..
I hope you can remember it..
☆ The color is "Morpho Blue"
From the front = cyan -based blue -blue -violet -orange gold
Violet is very bright from a variety of blue metallic.
Note 16 ml with unique composition to maximize color development
1 Slacker paint (acrylic resin)
You can use it immediately with an airbrush.
It is a solid concentration of adjustment depending on the paint environment..
Compatible with the model manufacturer's thin solution ◎
For buyers, we will support the painting method that draws more coloring..
It will be sold with permission from authorized distributors.
We will guarantee that it is real and sell it.
The painted sample is blown by 0.3mm aperture airbrush and 0.14MPa..
① The base is glossy black
② Paint structure flare
③ Clear coat
By above, the color change and color development will be better..
You need to be careful enough to handle.
・ Please keep it in a place where children are out of reach.
・ Please do not approach the place where the fire is.
・ Use masks, gloves, etc. as appropriate and use them safely..
Please purchase only those who can properly manage and use..
#Gaia Nezu #Metallic Prism Hologram #Holomatic Special Chrome #Spect Ring #Prism Metallic #Creos #Metallic Prism Spinel Gold #Airbrush #Metallic Prismandrite #Majola #Moon Gold Silver
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