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LD / Evangelion Symphony Video Version / King Record / KILA 339 [M005]
Auction ends over
Current price ¥1,000 $7
Start price ¥1,000 $7
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller tmoffice +33215
Condition Used
Start time 2024-03-08T21:24:11+09:00
End time 2024-03-14T21:24:11+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number g1125531046
Seller position Chiba Prefecture Narita-shi

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Transaction information
Updated January 26, 2024
(Please be sure to check before bidding)
Please read the smartphone to the end and bid.
Bundled / summary shipping Customers who wish to ship multiple products (bundled delivery)
(1) After a successful bid, take the "purchase procedure" for all products immediately. (2) Please enter [Bundled hope / reserve request] in the "request column" of the purchase procedure.
If there is no input, it will be shipped separately. ◆ If the purchase deadline expires, you will not be able to purchase or bundle ◆ ◆ The storage is within 5 days from the first successful bid ◆If you do not contact or proceed, the purchase deadline will expire, and the successful bid itself will be canceled.
Shipping calculation when bundled,
About credit card payment
The shipping fee at the time of bundle is adjusted after the purchase procedure. ◆ Credit Card / PayPay Balance Payment Processing ◆◆ I will explain the flow of processing ◆
1) Please purchase all of the bundled wishes. (Shipping fee is displayed in each product)
·at this point"Temporary settlement"Will be done. 2) After the purchase procedure, the bundle will be performed at our shop. (The shipping fee will be adjusted)
・ Payment will be performed again with the total final confirmation amount. ·The provisional settlement will be canceled and the payment will be confirmed by the amount after the adjustment again.◆ Therefore, payment will be made including shipping at the time of purchase procedure,
When the bundled process is confirmed, the shipping fee is adjusted and the billing amount is automatically adjusted. ·It may not be possible to adjust automatically due to the reason such as the card limit. In that case, we will refund the difference by bank transfer. ◆ There is no disadvantage for customers, such as double claims for shipping ◆I'm sorry for the difficult system, but please forgive me.
About the use of coupons Please contact Yahoo auction for how to use the coupon at the time of payment. Not supported by the seller side. We cannot take responsibility for loss or disadvantage regarding the unusable coupon.
Difference in store transactions Store trading has a different part from the transaction of general sellers. Please be aware in advance.Please check the Yahoo auction guide

The receipt is not currently issued. ◎ "Receipt notification" after receiving the product is not required. If there is no particular problem, if you receive it, the transaction will be completed.

Payment procedure
[Payment / payment method]
◆ PayPay payment
◆ Credit card payment
◆ Bank transfer (Pay Pay Bank / Japan Post Bank)Convenience store payment is not supported. * "Yahoo Kantan settlement" is gone. * Credit card payment uses a Yahoo system. Card information does not arrive to the seller side. Please do not worry."After the purchase procedure" Please make a payment procedure. Please transfer the transfer and remittance fee at the customer. After the settlement amount is confirmed, please complete the procedure within 3 days of weekdays.
Shipping / arrival After payment is confirmed, it will be shipped within 2 days of weekdays.If you arrive before Friday or before consecutive holidays, you may have to wait until the holidays.After arriving, check the product, and if there is no problem, it will be over. If there is a defect or serious defect that is not described in products other than "disposal items", please contact us within 7 days after arrival.
Other Our trading business is open from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.Overtime hours will be the next business day.Questions and bidding cancellation just before the end of the auction cannot be supported.Please pardon us.[Response to customers who cannot ship the product]
After the auction, if you can't send the product on the way without being contacted on the way,. If you can't contact you after one month after the end of the auction
It is judged that the product receipt has been declined, and we will handle it as follows. ◆ We will dispose of the secured products at our shop. ◆ If you contact us after disposition, we will respond to refunds. ◆ After 6 months, you will not be able to contact you on Yahoo auction. Please note that we cannot respond to refunds.
Product status"Form" ... Laser disk
"Appearance, title, etc." ... Evangelion Symphony Video Version
"Label, manufacturer" ... King Records
"Disk status" ... There are some dirt and small scratches on the disk. "Case jacket condition" ... The jacket has dirt and damage. There is some moisture odor. "Other accessories". There are no accessories that are not described.* Even if there is no particular description, there may be scratches and dirt that does not interfere with normal use and playback. * There may be scratches and dirt that cannot be seen in the image. * Products exhibited as "disposal items" and "junk" cannot be accepted any complaints, returns, or refunds, including poor regeneration. Please purchase and purchase after acknowledging*
Other special notes In the case of a set, we cannot respond to the request that only a part of the rose, software, and only a part of the software. We do not answer questions about the contents. Please pardon.
About the calculation of shipping
Please refer to the shipping fee displayed below "Current Price" for the shipping cost of single item successful bid. In the case of multiple successful bids, you can calculate the 3 digits of the auction title at the end of the auction title. [Example: M003+M004 = 007, the shipping fee is 850 yen]
[If the total number exceeds 500, it will be 5,500 yen uniformly]
[If the symbols of M, G, A, and Z are different, they are not included]
If you wish to include multiple bundles, please contact us in the "request column" before the deposit procedure.
Total shipping code Yu -mail shipping
(Nationwide uniform)
Courier shipping fee
(Nationwide uniform)
001-2002 180 yen 850 yen
003 310 yen
004-060 Yu -mail is not allowed
061-119 1,150 yen
120-129 1,450 yen
130-299 ¥ 2,200
300-399 3,300 yen
400-499 4,400 yen
500 ~ ¥ 5,500
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