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e1620 [EP] Pat Magurin / with an exclusive interview / that girl is
Auction ends 7 days
Current price ¥580 $6
Start price ¥580 $6
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller soundmako +3099
Condition Used
Start time 2020-09-22T21:14:42+09:00
End time 2020-09-29T21:14:42+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number g117695149
Seller position Miyagi Prefecture

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e1620 [EP] Pat Magurin / that girl is with idle / exclusive interview record
Product Details
◆ used EP record (singles) 7inch
◆ board quality: good. Jacket ◆: good. ◆ exclusive interview record: Young lock Appendix: it is good in general. · The board will be visually confirmed. It is generally good. Only the thing with conspicuous crack is confirmed with the player. · Noise difficult to judge visually · Please forgive kindly for some warpage etc. Even if it is good, there are cases where it enters chill noise. ・ The jacket sleeve may have stains, yellowing, wrinkles, dirt etc. - In the image, wrinkles and yellow tint become comparatively less conspicuous than the actual state. Please note. · We have exchanged inspection plate, cleaning and plastic bags with new ones.
* Thank you for your bid after having understood it beforehand. * The more nervous one, those who ask for new as well please refrain from bidding.
Payment details
◆ Yahoo simple settlement
◆ Japan Post Bank
◆ Jhapa net bank
◆ Rakuten bank (old eBANK Corporation)
Shipment details
◆ ゆ う mail (old booklet parcel)(No warranty is attached. )
· EP1 ~ 2 sheets ··· ¥ 180 (depends on the weight. )
· EP3 ~ 4 sheets ··· ¥ 210 (depends on the weight. )
◆ Sagawa Express(Guaranteed, shipped from Miyagi Prefecture)
· It is 420 yen nationwide. It ships from Miyagi Prefecture)
- It is 420 yen nationwide. ※ Please acknowledge that we do not handle Kuroneko Mail etc. ※ Please understand that we do not handle Kuroneko Mail facilities etc.
◆ Multiple successful bids big welcome(In Sagawa Kyubin dispatch, in case of two or more successful bids, we will ship any number of sheets up to 2 kg with the shipping fee for one sheet. )
- I am sorry, but the communication from this place will be between AM 11: 00 and PM 5: 00. ◆ For questions, we will close it at PM 5:00 on the successful bid day. We can not reply to questions after that, so please tender after consent beforehand.
This product isYahoo! Auction Exhibition Management Tool "AppTool (Up Tool)"It is sent at.
(21 minutes added at 2017 July 29, 15)Regard Sagawa courier, shipping from August 1, 2017 was to significantly raise. And change after shipping: Sagawa courier service (Okinawa, the island will be an additional cost. )
Size 60 2 kg / until 700 yen nationwide
- Yu is no change. Normal EP1 ~ 2 sheets ... ¥ 180 usually DVD1 sheets ... ¥ 215
(Anywhere in Japan. Depending on the size and weight. )
※ in the field of the trade description on August 1, 2009 or later, Sagawa courier: has been described as the whole country and uniform 420 yen
If there is there, it will be to change after a successful bid, please understand kindly.
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