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Goonpool bath swimming pants paper diaper pink 80-100cm men and women
Auction ends 1 day
Current price ¥280 $3
Start price ¥280 $3
Buy-now ¥380 $3
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller s1k3r1jp +8263
Condition New
Start time 2024-02-24T09:42:01+09:00
End time 2024-03-02T20:42:01+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number g157842517
Seller position Saitama

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Ruri's world
Our brand = Earthquake notepad & love mouse pad
Visitors are also welcome. If you are in the vicinity, please visit the store
(Children's clothing, miscellaneous goods, sportswear)
We also focus on diapers & diaper covers, lingerie and innerwear. Please look forward to it. I also study myself. Many customers are visiting the store from a distance. It is a reservation system to protect your privacy. I think it's a private store that has a strong personality and has nothing to do with. Sadly, there are no private stores. It is a shop where the sense of distance between the customer and the owner is close and enjoys life while laughing together. Let's enjoy life together. If the shopkeeper doesn't enjoy it, customers are boring. It is said that everyone is in contact with you, so it looks like an Edokko. I'm pretty rude. I'm slashing the customers of Senzan Senzan. Still, I wonder if it is cared for it. However, I listen to the story, and I don't think my pocket is small. Welcome to Ruri.
〒 340-0111 Saitama, Saute City, Kita 2-17-3 
 Behind Saizeria along the old National Highway No. 4, in the middle of a light blue one-story private house is a shop
There are two Saizeria stores in Saute City, so there are many customers who make a mistake
 Holidays are irregular. For customers coming from far away
Please call or email me in advance because I am not at home
Even if you come to the store suddenly, the store may be closed
0480-44-1597 (FAX)
(^.^) Product introduction (^.^) Rururika ~~ Ruri
☆ Goon's swimming pants are for playing in the water. I don't think it's sold now. Is the cute. It can also be used as a stuffed animal. I recommend it to those who want it. (Manufactured) Elleair Goon 
Men and women: Dual-use ・ Pink "Size" 80cm×100cm
* At the swimming school. In the sea, rivers and in the sandbox of the park. In your mini-pool. It is a single-use type swimsuit. (Condition) → It was unopened and unused, but I don't know the design of the main body, so I will open it. PP bags have wear and tear. Please note that I think it was a long time ago. It will be today's favorite item. I can't recommend it to those who are nervous.
(Weight) Approx. 40g "Price" Successful bid price 《Shipping》 Lowest price at that time = Yen
E-mail address → Phone 0480-44-1597
★ We received a lot of requests from everyone, we also placed the inner in the store. I also love the nice inner design. I want many people to be fashionable underwear. There are many inner in the store. I want to put tens of thousands of points someday. It's a dream to enjoy talking and enjoying with everyone, so I want to go towards my dreams and increase the number of products. If you are interested, please come and visit us. It's okay if you try it on from the top of your clothes. This is a pleased attempt. And it is a private store, but I want to create a good quality store. I think it's studying until I die. I am an inexperienced person, but I would like to try hard at auction and store selling. And recently, we are also running a store where transvestites, diaper taste, and hobbies can feel safe. The store is a pleasure to look at, and the appearance is too tasteful.
I think the inside of the store is a space where you can relax. I wonder if I will be healed. The anguish of being a man, the difficulty of living
I also hear about stress, worries, and complaints as a woman. What someone wants to be recognized by someone. What I asked again. What you want to sympathize with. And lonely. I would like to come to various hobbyists. I strongly want to make stores that do not exist anywhere. I want to do my best. It's a creepy world, so I want to do a transaction with a humanity.Creating a store without anywhere, trading with Ruri, dreams
Because today is never again today
I want to value the encounter with customersI think it's a profit just by living in life
New charge for postpacks ・ April 1, 2014 -Click here ↓
curio dealer
Saitama Prefecture Public Safety Commission
Permit 43129007162
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