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● believed nots Covenant all six volumes Stephen R. Donaldson (Author)
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Hyoronsha 1994 hard cover B6 all six volumes set
Overall condition evaluation “B” ・ Aging deterioration “Small” ・ Cover damage “Small” ・ Scratch “Small” ・ Small flicking “No” ・ Sunburn “Small” ・ Wet wet “None”
Hero Covenant is declared leprosy (Hansen's disease), Karak even though life just was rambling, has become a body that does not return to ever again healthy body. Escape the wife and children from him that has been affected by illness, from the society was rejected seen in the discrimination of the eye. He had sent the life of the only live only in one of despair and anger with no place to go, it would be summoned to a different world to strongly hit was beat in the head with a traffic accident. However, he would not believe. This world, the devil, the OItaru, all of those who live in this land, and also your body to gradually regain health. Therefore he is claiming this to himself as "believed nots" ... this is the story the main character, is a character called Covenant. He is a man who had been in shreds their health and life by leprosy, people who are affected by the same leprosy, caught in the world of illusion that I began to make for despair, resulting in suicide you now witnessed. Therefore, he is in spite of being summoned as a savior in a different world, that if the world itself is their own hallucinations stubbornly belief, does not try to believe those of the real. It is, that is accept this different world, to give up the last thing he is leaning to live, mad as leprosy patients who met in the real world, equivalent to the thing to give up to live because you think that there. He kept his own, what to choose what kind of action in order to survive. Hero Covenant is declared leprosy (Hansen's disease), although barely life just was rambling, has become a body that does not return to ever again healthy body. Escape the wife and children from him that has been affected by illness, from the society was rejected seen in the discrimination of the eye. He had sent the life of the only live only in one of despair and anger with no place to go, it would be summoned to a different world to strongly hit was beat in the head with a traffic accident. He is the messenger delivering the message of the terrible declaration of war to this land of kings from Satan by the first dreadful demon king met in a different world. Thus Covenant is Tour of the road of hardship, was supposed to begin the journey to the kings of the original. However, he would not believe. This world, the demon king, the kings, all of those who live in this land, and also your body to gradually regain health. Therefore he he is claiming this to himself as "believed nots" ... is, no matter what happens around of their own, it does not actively deal. No, that your body is in healthy body and, I do not try to believe even a behavior that myself was carried out. Even attempted before any outrage and slaughter of the eye, and will be said that you people have the power to prevent the outrage, that there is no relationship to their own, this is insisted that it is not the reality. Then, despair and confusion and mistakes that you have violated for fear also, trying to Omoikomo desperately and not a reality, even denies that look back it. Denied despite the world we are in a different world, their own despite regained a healthy body has insisted that it is leprosy patient, refuse to even exercise it while having a strong ability. Covenant is contradictory from the root,'s the hero who holed up in his shell. US radio stations went, I was surprised to among the best 100 works of SF · fantasy by voting "believed nots Covenant" was in the # 58. In was more surprised thing is the third part as "The Last Chronicles" from 2004, I thought that it Nibusaku was written. And here it is scheduled to four volumes eyes have been written until the third book first comes out in 2013. No wonder they contain the best 100 Given that still does not mean that past work that it is the work of active duty. Three books of the first part is in Japan, but six books so up and down the winding, it is a world of difference when compared to that this is a series that had been forgotten since had ceased translation in once and for all that was published in 1983. However, just because it is much active work, but setting is set. Fantasy Although it is said that is also the escape literature, it is a very unique point where it is only in this book does not become a common escape while a fantasy. Protagonist is suffering from Hansen's disease, the feeling of the whole body on top who lost the fingers of the right hand as the two also has lost writer. And even he divorced his wife on the grounds that move the disease in children, would even lose the right to meet with children. Because of discrimination and prejudice against Hansen's disease, it is inhibited if you walk the town's apology that even home delivery of food is arbitrarily done to avoid having to Des outside even one step from the house. Not out of kindness, of course the last guy. I hero is going to arbitrarily home delivery from troubled is walk around the town. On one occasion, met with a traffic accident in the place leaving to the town in order to resistance to be isolated from the society, the main character is skipped in a different world, where the main character is from the presence claiming the devil, the message to the kings of this world be forced to tell the. Hero has been blown world is the world of the so-called sword and magic. The hero is touted and that the fingers of the right hand there is only three, as a hero of the reincarnation of the legendary from that you have a wedding ring made of platinum that does not exist in this world. However, this novel is another fantasy with very different points, will point to deny this world hero until the end. Worshiped as the reincarnation of the hero, it is possible to use the powerful magic may not be able to master. Moreover, it was also able to get back the feeling of the whole body that was lost thanks to the magical power possessed by this world. Domo them is trouble whether you are a hero, but it may be normal to accept the existence of this world, the hero will not try to believe in this world. Continue to think of yourself looking at a dream. It does not even try to be a hero, do not even try to use magic willingly. Once you accept this world, because results in despair when the back of the original of the world. You do not even to despair if you do not have hope. Not try to fight even when you do not have to fight. The story of the hero thoroughly continue withdrawal in my dark and bitter, not be obtained at all, such as catharsis have read, but it is the work which is located in the far north of the fantasy is full of only appeal would be drawn. Begin to "ruin of the seed" (1977) trilogy, man is a leprosy patient is in the grand fantasy with Gotae reading involved in the good and evil of the battle of a different world, lively of the different world and the beauty of the depiction over the details, interesting stubborn attitude of the contrast of the hero. There is also a trilogy of sequels. Middle-aged man hero is afflicted with leprosy fled to wife. He would slip to the magic of the world, such as "Lord of the Rings," but, do not try to trust the world. This is because when you back not only to the vision that gave birth to their own escape desire, so when would believe this to the real world, their own will never Standing disgrace, the reason is that. But the magic of the world of battle begins to move significantly to the center of his ....... Mess Heavy story. [American Lord of the Rings of] the world of settings I like very much beautiful and not well done, the story may be there is a very readable Gotae (but quite tiring). But the hero is saddled ~ Lee guy of the biggest drawbacks (I know of it is required). Since those of translator, which has been a center passed away, we sequel will not come out anymore .... Although different world fantasy such as this book there is enough throw away in the world, bigotry hero as the Covenant would not total. He has always cursed something that was lost everything in the disease. Or was fate, or was a person, Dattari past. Not also to say a kind word without even laugh. None other than the so-called "thoroughly bad man of feeling.". But it's What he Nari of defense to fight the disease called leprosy. Escape from despair by that do not have a hope. A sign of Kierkegaard specific his resolution that it would be not even choose their own death if not despair. But any unchanged this book with an existing fantasy works when you see only a simple story, but distrust of self-hatred and the world that Covenant emitted is sublimated to reading material ever become a unique spice. It difficulties the hard enters the story because little old is stylistic. Probably it has not been much evaluation also to the public. Alas, it is difficult to come by this document have been out of print in the current.
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