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x Name x Getter Getter 1 Soft Vinyl doll figures about 25bm ♪ nostalgic animated robot-based toys toy of a little larger type size
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Current price ¥1,000 $10
Start price ¥1,000 $10
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller nakanaka31147 +8220
Leader 0*5*v***
Condition Used
Start time 2019-08-25T21:52:14+09:00
End time 2019-09-01T21:52:14+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number g305591529
Seller position Iwate Prefecture

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x Name x Getter Getter 1 Soft Vinyl doll figures about 25bm ♪ nostalgic animated robot-based toys toy of a little larger type size
★ Product explanation / confirmation place※ The actual itemUnchecked detailsSecond-hand goodsAs treatment.· Doll figure system of goods ※Until the detailed specification and details of our thing is as unchecked
 The disadvantage, places will also be the current exhibition of organic duck because prior, toward conviction.
• Basic, as subjective in the details is unchecked goods, but exhibition before little bit of easy confirmation ↓ ·Is seen chopper and appearance in the subjective and one big pain is not felt, first as a used
 Storage rather than in the open in from us buy in the state, but I thought that parallel goods sense of Kamoka image
 So it was basically the thing is image state product as details unchecked no guarantee such as exhibition
 No wonder as the image product, if you have not you like, Please consider. (* ^ _ ^ *)
★ Appearance state in we subjectivity /All of goods image.As used goods ※Basic, as there article treatment, such as a feeling of use and deterioration, pain and dirt of the details unchecked. * To those who are convinced that there may be inconvenient places that I do not notice in other places. ★ packing size guide. Fee / postage. Successful bidder burden(When choosing home delivery delivery prepaid = somewhat better deals available) Basic shipping method is Kuroneko courier service★ Delivery size estimate = 60 size fee It is described in the explanation column below ● For delivery method · shipping fee, please check the description of contents, correspondence · price list etc. * About shipping methods (basic) other than shipping method, when there is hope / request, about countermeasures etc! * If the highest bidder requests delivery method other than Kuroneko parcel delivery service described description, Basically, it will be the above-mentioned home delivery and sending transaction
 By us, another delivery method
Whether correspondence is possible or impossible: Present after confirmation / examination Consideration is taken into consideration only when the successful bidder is satisfactory hope. ※ other than home delivery shipping=Response method other than the basics■ Estimated= 400 yen * Delivery methods other than home delivery cannot be supported due to changes in the handling situation of delivery companies, etc. (It is not possible to cancel a transaction or a successful bid on the basis of the case where the shipping method other than basic home delivery is not available after a successful bid)* Conclusion About us dispatch, us, the case of two or more successful bid goods summary feed correspondence impossible · With individual shipment For shipping costsAs it becomes, please check about summary feed correspondence etc from the question column before bidding. AlsoThe indicated delivery correspondence · size etc as a guide as methods may be changed depending on the packing situation In acknowledgment
 Confirm prior shipping confirmation etc from the question column. (If you put a 30cm monosashi on the image, see the size comparison)
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------* It is something that I checked on the item description reference and on the net HP etc ↓ Should the commodity be the product number or the item name
Please make sure that you do not have content differences etc on yourself as well as searching and checking etc.
※ Reference HP unconfirmed.-------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------★ Points to note about product characteristics!* Product images is not reflected in all places, there is also the image functional dirt scratch state differences by subjective
If the goods on the characteristic during storage as there will so used article treatment both in and natural deterioration factors
Confirmation of such there is also the possibility of differences in the occurrence of an exhibition confirmation when the situation easy short time confirmation products
Simple short time check in at the details inside, such as the confirmation unconfirmed state specifications, such as described described
Nothing Please convince available it will be without compensation other than the place. Also I want to check
If you have, we will check in advance if you can have plenty of time before termination at the question column.(If you are concerned about details such as dirt pain and smell of the product, we do not recommend using the actual product. ★ Bidding, the transaction condition attention point to those who are considering a successful bid!* Cancellation and dealings by our judgment on the situation of bad with few new evaluations at mischief measures
There are times when you can not be a worried person bidding a successful bid after confirming the question with a question before bidding successful bid. In case of damage suffered to us by unfair conduct Measures correspondence report to each jurisdiction We will contact you.
● Transaction methodabout * As for dealings method it will be dealings method · flow based on the rule of auction.After it makes a successful bid, we will inform you about the dealings within 2 days at us by dealings Navi. In the unlikely event that there is no contact from us, system troubles are also considered so from the winning bidder
Please also contact us for confirmation. We will confirm the contents of your reply, and we will contact you for necessary contacts, schedule, schedule etc.
*Regarding returned goods correspondenceIt becomes a consent dealings of the description explanation contents and returned goods are basically impossible.Thank you for checking the item within 3 days of item arrivalIf there is incompleteness such as responsibility, content of
After confirming the actual status of contact confirmation and return of goods, it becomes correspondence such as refund etc. However, successful bidder circumstances
Or explanation explanation explanation explanation Image other than the subjective misunderstanding of the place etc is a reason, it is not possible to correspond. Please check items before the bidding beforehand by the question beforehand and use it at the actual item of conviction. (If there is a transportation accident or damage, keep it in the arrival status and contact the shipping company / us)
*From the successful bid day to remittance completion as basic transaction dateYou can complete transactions and remittance to
Thank you use of people. There is no contact and remittance in the transaction situation, such as late by us
Please be considerate a smooth transaction because it may be cancellation cancellation measures of the transaction.
● About payment method *Possible way of remittance method is simple settlementSelect from. ● Shipping method · About shipping fee※ shipping dealings such as cash on delivery and cash on delivery are improper, we do not correspond. It becomes correspondence transaction with basic Kuroneko Yamato parcel delivery delivery (below).(It is not possible to correspond to a different trader · method designation etc) ★ Home delivery delivery postal advance payment sending may be somewhat cheaper than normal rate(Depending on size area) ★ Delivery fee Shipping cash on delivery = normal rate will be set for Kuroneki Yamato. * If the transaction amount is lower than the shipping fee, cash on delivery will not be accepted and it will be sent in advance. ● Kuroneko home delivery postage list(Size corresponds within 3 to 60 total of 60 to 160 cm and weighing within 2 to 25 kg) (Since there is also change and change of future consumption tax change and handling form and fee etc by companyLatest treatment Confirmation, such as the following charge, etc. ↓ black cat of the home page in the fee-treatment advance to make sure the search thank you also on your own) http://www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/ytc/search/estimate/ichiran.htmlApplicable size Package size Weight· 60 size 60 cm within 2 kg · 80 sizes within 80 cm up to 5 kg
· 100 size 100cm within 10kg · 120 size 120cm within 15kg
· 140 size 140 cm within 20 kg · 160 size 160 cm within 25 kgTheRoneko Price · Delivery Schedule Search (Takkyubin)http://date.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/date/Main?LINK=TK
Delivery of luggage and special items exceeding 160 size of Takkyubin is handled by the following Yamato binWill be.http://www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/yamatobin/yamatobin_ryokin/iwate.htm * If there is no such large goods and fit the box with respect to shipment in such a cushion winding protection
Also there Please note that if you ship by simple packaging protection and boxes put no.
* Conclusion About us dispatch, us, basic is plural successful bid goods Conclusion Feed correspondence unavailable · Individual
Since it will be shipping and shipping fee, please confirm from the question column before bidding for summary feed.
● Other ※ Urgent Report Necessary When a disaster accident situation occurs When you occur, contact us in the self-introduction column as an emergency report method
Since there are cases, please also check the content of the self-introduction for dealings.
■ Notation based on Specified Commercial TransactionSole proprietor / Name: Antique dealer; Responsible person: Akito Nakatsuka / Iwate Public Safety Commission antique dealer license number 211170000417 / Location: Iwate prefecture
1-26-23 Tsukigaoka, Morioka City / tell090-7930-1364 / Business: PM12: 00-PM6: Irregular holidays. Contact tool in basic auction
Inquiries of products during the exhibition Correspondence in the question column to the seller, correspondence, successful bid dealings contact will also be in dealings Nabis. About us description contents information explanation image Acts such as unauthorized reprint post link use are prohibited by law. Regarding data such as personal information about transactions, there is no unauthorized use diversion disclosure based on the law.
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