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PEOPLE'S ◆ shadow silhouette person illustration material 25,000 points ◆ EPS / SVG / SHAPE illustration Stock ☆ commercial OK! ☆☆ in goods production advertising POP, etc. Free Shipping ☆☆
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Silhouette Stock Photos 1
Silhouette Stock Photos 1

Silhouette Stock Photos 1

☆ limited quantity discount ☆ summer of large special bonus SALE! ☆ "+ Plus! Nationwide ⇔ free shipping anywhere ♪ ⇒"
[Shadow silhouette picture illustration material collection]- quirky, NEW perfect person collection '2019 -
Babies, until the elderly couple
"Young and old" Gotham!
Excellent design, individuality rich person silhouette material
Grand total,
About 25,000 pointsA completely DVD Complete recording !!
"Ready-to-use NEW design ideas packed! " - High-quality vector format EPS / SVG silhouette collections - ★ high-quality version of full HD video sample viewingClick here(YouTube)
-VECTO R-SPECIALNEWART PACK World ~ of ~ shadow picture Shi Le or falling edge of the door and horticultural surgery
"Super story book of the new design." NEW! "New corresponding to the high-performance free software!" Completely free ♪ ◇ for Adobe Photoshop: SHAPES / custom shapes Benefits + ◇ limited time recorded high-resolution and ultra-oversized "transparent PNG collage"!
◇ "super easy animation" tool, etc. ☆ new
Project Ideas! EPS /SVG+SHAPES&Transparent PNG◎ high-quality collage materials: 300dpi / 5000pix [Clear A3 print-ready]Background transparent PNG format image]
★ about25,000 pointsofUltra-precision vector materialToComplete recording!
Data format: EPS / SVG ★ SHAPES / PNG☆ high-performance free software "InkscapeInk Scape"In full support!(※ We are benefits recorded simple lecture manual in the DVD)
◇ all simultaneous recording the thumbnail image for a convenient list displayed on the design work!(Additional recorded contact sheets and high-speed gallery to help choice of material)A variety of creative content not found in other collections we have recorded various number
Full complete a well-designed profilin Tsu relational material on DVD!
☆ 2019 years
New Series Collection
[Limited Edition]
Shadow silhouette picture illustrator Stock Photos -NEW PEOPLE'S ART COLLECTION'2019-
☆ wide variety of easy-to-use NEW data library ☆ ◇ practical silhouette material versatile ready-to-use is packed!
◇ simultaneous recording a convenient list for a thumbnail image to the choice of materials!
◇ It is very convenient royalty-free collections to design work ♪
☆ illustrations and illustrations that decorate the magazine, of course,
Best Web production, POP, advertising, in goods production, etc.!
(Commercial, you can use your free to contact regardless of the non-commercial)
Excellent design, individuality rich person silhouette material
Complete a full recording a total of about 25,000 points to match men and women.
High basic pose versatile, of course,
Communication / Business / model (sexy and cute poses, etc.)
Sports, dance, music, theater, actor, entertainment, animation-related, etc.
We recorded a variety of actions and pose variation wealth. You can colorfully take advantage in a wide range regardless of the genre-field scene.
EPS /SVG+SHAPES ☆ NEW VECTOR ARTCOLLECTION ☆. Shadow silhouette Material Series / person silhouette ed.

A combination of the person and the person, a combination of small,
A combination of a pet, a combination of the background,
...... usage is Iloilo ♪Your existing background image or, or combined furniture, mono, decoration, and another silhouette material such as an animal,
To arrange, etc. Feel free to, books, Web, you can use a wide range of the goods making, etc..
Advertising, books, Web design, from the commercial business of goods production, etc.,Videos,Game, until the entertainment production such as animation
Can you colorfully take advantage in the creative scene in all fields.
☆ new complete Memorial Service Special ☆- creative supportService benefits /RecordingcontentIntroduction- NEWNEWNEWNEWNEWNEWNEWNEWNEWNEWNE "Super easy animation production tools ♪" ☆ in even a simple mouse operation for beginners, you quickly make the animation videos ☆
★ simple animation movie ★Sample sample video (complete example)Here Others, strong equipped with a comprehensive art creative content! Shadow Shi Le or falling edge of door picture Lee La be sampled Material Collection -SPECIAL ART PACK- NEWMATERIAL COLLECTION '2019 Life, play, love, business, entertainment, sports etc.
Corresponding to every situation (scene-scene) of the day-to-day!♪ that will produce the artistic in the shadow art unique view of the world
◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆[DISC recording - material data / creative and use examples]~ Vector graphics samples Works -Other still be, use method ideas as soon as ♪ - deTheANaAMaTeReALeCollection - NEW PERFECT PEOPLE'SCOLLECTION'2019
ShadowIf you are looking for picture silhouette material, movement and of the person, picture book illustrations, if you are interested in shadow art, etc., such as those who want to make original goods of production and commercial advertising, etc., precision vector format of ultra-recommended for a variety of people silhouette illustration is a data element is in collection. newDeTheAAAADeAElementaryMaterialCollectionDeterminedFixedEdition!
DeWant more expand the width of the design! I want to break the rut of layout! Many want a material that can be used! I want to make a cool logo that there is impact! I want to make a fashionable goods! To resolve those concerns and bang, ideas, tips, Sample images, material data is packed !! design imagination and repertoire will spread at once.
● design work in a convenient "contact sheet" and offer a "Gallery".
※ contact sheet and is, Says that of the sheets to list the photos scaled-down version of. It is very convenient it can be used as an index catalog. Even if not look for material to open the folder one by one, because the images you want to use can be selected from at any time easily list, it is possible to carry out an immediate speedy work when you came up with. It is also useful as and ideas story book when in doubt in the choice of material.
★ shadow art - silhouette Art World ★ [Shadow silhouette picture illustration material collection]- quirky, NEW perfect person collection '2019 - Complete recording of the precise vector data of about 25,000 points! N E W Shadow Shi Le or falling edge of the doorMaterialA La A A De ThaLibrary - Idea stock"Super story book of the new design." -
- available in every scene "ultra-precision vector format, shadow silhouette art collections" - ★ quirky "NEW perfect person Collection '2019" ☆ new release ☆

Can be utilized in various scenes silhouette illustration data collection / new collection of "vector form" [DVD]. Profilin Tsu relational design material total of about 25,000 points, which organizes the vector design data around the world
I want to use the genre of the material has been recorded immediately Erabidaseru to the categories as.
Limited benefits ★: Photoshop for / custom shapes material about 3,000 additional recording ★
★ Inkscape also new corresponds to the free software (ink Scape), etc. (SVG format)
★ all recorded "list for thumbnail image" to achieve a speedy work expansion.
★ recorded data are organized and easy to use are categorized by type.
● Limited recorded high-resolution A3 printing support "transparent PNG collage material"!
● convenient for design work, recorded contact sheet & Gallery. ● "super easy animation" tool, etc. ☆ full of new ideas!
Not found in other collections, we have recorded various number of useful content in a variety of fields.

"First-class design ideas material of the world" has been plenty of recording,New material data collection / NEW person collection BOX '2019

Vector format · EPS / SVG data is original goods production, etc., you can take advantage in a variety of scenes ♪
○ magazines, catalogs, and paper brochures, etc.,
Web site, such as a game CG, graphic design to be used, such as in the video,
Web design, from creative your work, such as animation,
Business documents, proposals, until the presentation materials, strong support a variety of scene!
- utilize and Reference Example- Original goods production post card, gift card, billboards / posters, business cards, advertising, flyers
Over-the-counter POP T-shirt towel bath towel wristband emblem seal Handicraft Craft,
Plotter cutting paint, and design illustrator website, blog
Word, as a clip art of Excel, is ideal for study, such as art art Art Design.
Etc., use methodTo the other it is still up to the idea ♪
Vector format (vector image)The EPS / SVG data?

View the audio commentary with videos(YouTube)

The vector format (vector data), briefly will explain to freely, color, shape, size, etc.It is as possible can be manipulated protean freely, it is the data of a professional designer standard format.Each part and the plastic model, just go in the puzzle sensation, just combination,
High-quality original design work will be able to make very easily.
Such as logos and illustrations, a variety of design art in the world,No deterioration freely Ayatsureru remains, is exactly what data, such as the dream ♪
Unlike other data format,
Even when the enlargement / reduction / modification / coloring an image,
Image is not degraded, it is always a maximum of features and charm that continues to keep the beautiful shape. As long as the specifications and the like of the personal computer allows, without being subjected to any deterioration of the size,
How far it can even be also continue to endlessly expanding.

People silhouette and new illustrator Stock Photos -NEW PERFECT PEOPLE'S ART COLLECTION-
☆ newProject Ideas! ☆
- available in every scene "ultra-precision vector format data collection" - [Shadow silhouettepictureIllustration Stock] -PEOPLE'S COLLECTION- ★ "NEW perfect person Collection '2019"☆ new sale
[Limited Edition]People silhouette material complete recording of the approximately 25,000 points! ☆ EPS/SVG(Benefits: SHAPES&Transparent PNG collage) Other, various ☆ ☆ * - * ☆ * - * ☆ * - * ☆ * - * ☆ This time>>> "Now only a limited! ☆ new launch service price ☆"SendingFeeNothingFeeABaeSheaTurbochargerLemerelySuper Specials 1010 yen! ☆ Preferential price! It will be delivered in arrival limited service bargain basement price ♪ [※ arrival & Limited Time Offer price ☆] You can things to get immediately successful bid if you bid. Immediately after checking,
  We will contact you for more information from "dealings Navi" ☆
New to commemorate the completion Special offer ☆◎ clear A3 print-ready / high-resolution "transparent PNG collage material" 300dpi / 5000pix
◎ custom shape material about 3000 points gift ♪ photo shop -
※ In addition, service recording ♪ creative content variety, such as animation production
★ so we have been recorded on DVD media
DVD-R drive or DVD-ROM drive Please prepare a PC that is installed. ★ data format: EPS / SVG + SHAPES / PNG
★ of data editing is "Adobe Illustrator", "Macromedia Fireworks," "Corel Draw"
And "Freehand", "Hanako", you can freely processed in the drawing software, such as free software "Inkscape". (There are times when your conversion extension that corresponds to the software required. )
※ EPS version, we have recorded in 10. ★ data editing supplement on (software)
Also it corresponds to the free software, so we have to add recorded highly compatible "SVG material data",
Well as those who do not have an expensive EPS editing software (illustrator, etc.), expensive software similar function
Using a high-performance software with, we can help you make a precise vector material to the full.
★ a thumbnail image of a convenient choice of materials "list for preview," we have recorded all of the data simultaneous. (Included drop the size and image quality for the ※ capacity reduction)
File name has been recorded by the same name in the EPS / SVG data and extension difference because it is very convenient at the time of the choice of material. ★ With regard to the material data of a plurality of the same type design, taking into account the work efficiency
We have recorded together in a plurality of sets in one of the EPS / SVG file. ★ at the time of the EPS data reading is recorded on DVD
You can view thumbnails EPS data, if you can use the Saruneimu display software.
★ material data has been recorded are categorized (organized) to another easy kind to use.

Expensive EPS dedicated software: Even if you do not have a (Adobe Illustrator, etc.),
A high-performance software that has almost the same function as that of the expensive softwareTotally FreeIn available. It recorded a simple lecture files for free software and tools in the DVD.

◆ corresponding OS: windows: 7 ~ 10 / Vista / XP / me / 2000/98 / NT
◇ mac: os8.6 ~ / os9 / osx
※ the Vector editing software such as Adobe Illustrator
If your serving environment, available in all of the OS

【About sending out】○ after confirmation of payment, within the same day to 4 days
It will ship in the service of the "Japan Post". (The choice of delivery method on the judgment here, will be determined)
○ Free Shipping
【Payment method】 ○ Yahoo simple settlement ☆ as soon as confirming the successful bid,
We will contact you to detail in "dealings Navi". ☆
○ after a successful bid, the person who can take contact within 25 hours,
3 days not please only bid the person who can transfer within. ○ cancellation after a bid can not be accepted,
Well appreciate your bid after understanding the contents. Bad and evaluation, if less
There is a case where I am truly allowed to cancel the bid without permission.
■ The nature of the product can not accept any returns. (Or baked mistakes, such as scratches in delivery) initial failure is due to
Only if you do not read the DISC, it will re-ship at no charge
■■ Note ■■It can not respond to the question about software. Software manual Ya
Please refer to the relevant Web. Or please not contact us directly to the author. If your editing software version of the old,
If a small portion of the EPS data can not use is on the Nozomi. If this is the case, please use the SVG data. Part of being published with regard to the sample image, by utilizing the characteristics of the vector material,
We are subjected to processing of color ring or the like for the sample. Since the basic color of the recording material data will be black (black), Please acknowledge it beforehand.
new DeTheAA AADeAElementaryMaterialCollection DeterminedFixedEdition!
☆ use in the design work "vector format, shadow silhouette data collections" "NEW Perfect People collection '2019" ☆ new release ☆

Shadow silhouette picture illustrator Stock Photos -NEW PEOPLE'S ART COLLECTION'2019-

Number amount limit constantSpecial version! in_producer

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