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VW Volkswagen 5G golf 7 left headlight HID HS180210057
Auction ends 3 hours
Current price ¥2,977 $30
Start price ¥2,977 $30
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller world_peace_store +23762
Condition Used (There are scratches and dirt)
Start time 2019-11-18T07:07:16+09:00
End time 2019-11-20T06:07:49+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number g364563794
Seller position Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido

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VW Volkswagen 5G golf 7 left headlight HID HS180210057
□ Product Details / Product Description
※ Please be sure to read through to the end. Those who have made a bid will be allowed to accept. ※ Please also read the self-introduction column. ※ After a successful bid, automatic mail will arrive. After that we only do shipping mail after payment is confirmed. If you have any questions, please contact us by email or telephone. Product Details
■ manufacturer / VW Volkswagen 5G Golf 7
■ Product name / left headlight HID HS180210057
■ shipping classification / D
(From the following list of postage, thank you shipping confirmation)
Description of item
Used for goods, minor scratches and dirt Yes. There is a crack in the bracket. * Although there are many status questions such as scratches, there are individual differences, so please understand that I can not do a clear answer. The more nervous one should refrain from bidding. ※ Please understand that we can not respond to the complaint with the above mentioned items. ■ Items reflected in the image become all. (Excluding images on vehicle)
■ Although I will describe part information as much as possible, since I can not describe the unknown part, please understand that I can not solve even if it inquires. ■ The color may be different from the actual color due to differences in camera performance, presence / absence of flash, shooting time zone, your monitor, etc. ■ bulb socket ballast that comes with the headlight tail lens fog lamps, etc. will be out of the claim subject in about bonus. ■ Please refrain from bidding if you are nervous because it is a second-hand product. After understanding, please bid it.
□ payment details / delivery method / postage
Payment details / method
As we are store exhibitions, consumption tax will be applied to the winning bid price. Please pay by [Yahoo easy settlement] [Bank transfer] [Cash on delivery]. The transfer amount will be 【bid price + consumption tax + shipping cost = transfer amount of money】. ■ Yahoo!か ん た ん settlement of accounts
■ bank transfer (Japan Net Bank only becomes. )
(If the transfer name is different from the highest bidder, please be sure to notify by e-mail. If there is no contact, shipment may be delayed. )
■ A separate fee will be charged for COD. (Fee details are listed in the fare table, please check. shipping method
■ As soon as payment is confirmed, it will be shipped by Sagawa Express by the next business day or the next business day. (Other shipping companies can not ship. It depends on the product, it can not designate the shipper. ■ In the case of large-sized luggage, it becomes delivery company sales office, delivery only for corporation, we may refuse delivery to private home. ■ In the case of large packages, please note that it will be a charter flight and no tracking number. ■ Please note that you may or may not be able to cope with time designations. ■ COD - cash on delivery can not correspond. ■ For locations where trucks can not enter, it may not be possible to unload the specified location. ■ Depending on the product, it may be very fragile · It may be fragile. Our company also strictly performs packaging, but there is a possibility that it may become a transportation accident without fail. Original products witness driver When you receive your hand, crack, crack, cardboard to corruption or the like Please be sure to check there is no. ■ We will refuse direct delivery. Thank you bid only for those who can understand. ■ Some products, because there is a case where individual home delivery we can not, you specify the case corporation the delivery destination, the business office (shop, sheet metal factory, etc.) addressed to or delivery company office stop (taking over by the customer) Please. ■ Although enclosure is also possible, it may change due to change of packing size etc. Please understand beforehand that it may be refused on business. ■ fare table
Classification [D]
Hokkaido 1,400 Osaka 2,000
Aomori 1,600 Kyoto 2,000
Akita 1,600 Shiga 2,000
Iwate 1,600 Nara 2,000
Miyagi 1,700 Wakayama 2,000
Yamagata 1,700 Hyogo 2,000
Fukushima 1,700 Okayama 2,100
Tokyo 1,800 Hiroshima 2,100
Chiba 1,800 Yamaguchi 2,100
Kanagawa 1,800 Tottori 2,100
Saitama 1,800 Shimane 2,100
Ibaraki 1,800 Kagawa 2,200
Tochigi 1,800 Tokushima 2,200
Gunma 1,800 Ehime 2,200
Yamanashi 1,800 Kochi 2,200
Niigata 1,800 Fukuoka 2,300
Nagano 1,800 Saga 2,300
Toyama 1,900 Oita 2,300
Ishikawa 1,900 Nagasaki 2,300
Fukui 1,900 Miyazaki 2,300
Shizuoka 1,900 Kumamoto 2,300
Aichi 1,900 Kagoshima 2,300
Triple 1,900 Okinawa 3,900
Gifu 1,900
※ If the island will take additional relay fee and Funadai, please contact. ■ Cash on delivery fee
Less than 10,000 yen 648 yen
Less than 30,000 yen 864 yen
Less than 100,000 yen 1,296 yen
Less than 300,000 yen 1,728 yen
※ In the case of price exchange, it will be the highest bid + consumption tax + shipping fee + cash on delivery fee.
□ Transaction flow
Transaction flow
■ Our shop will be a store. Usage of dealings Navi is not possible. After making a successful bid for the product, please use the "Order Form" and input the successful bidder name, destination name (company name, personal name) address and phone number without omission. In case of bank transfer, when the successful bidder and the transferer are different, please input the name of the transferer's full name as well. ① After bidding, please confirm the message from the seller in the successful bid mail, please input customer information at order form. ② After payment is confirmed, I will ship by the next business day, but it may be delayed by case. ③ After shipping, we will contact you via email for shipping confirmation (including tracking number). ④ Please check product when the item arrives. * If there is a mistake in the delivery of the product you purchased, we would like to contact you immediately by email after the product arrives. ※ Please contact us after completing payment by e-mail. If there is no notification of payment, shipment may be delayed. ※ We will not contact you from here until you can confirm payment. It will be shipping mail only. (If this occurs trouble etc. I will e-mail so thank you for your support thank)
□ notes
★ Please be sure to read before bidding ★
■ Please inform me of the auction ID certainly in order to respond promptly when you inquire by mail / telephone after a successful bid. After confirmation, we will correspond. ■ The things in the image are all. (Except reference images when mounted in car) Important accessories may be missing in our oversight etc. Please bid it after carefully examining the image. ■ Scratches and dirt not appearing in the image, scratches that can not be expressed, and some oversight is also considered. Those who care about excessive scratches and dirt please refrain from bidding. ■ Since it does not become a claim after it makes a successful bid, please be sure to read the following explanation. We will not accept any claims after it makes a successful bid. ■ Because there are many items, please understand that the reply may be delayed against your question or it may not be completed within the bidding period. ■ Please refrain from the tender of those who are looking for new items and nervous one. - Although I am stating in the product details such as what I noticed, there may be an oversight. Only those who can understand there are waiting for a bid. ■ There are some products that have dirt, rust, etc. ■ Matching · For diversion to other cars, please confirm with the tenderer yourself at a dealer etc. (Returned goods due to conformity judgment mistake can not be done. )
■ Scratches and dirt not appearing in the image, scratches that can not be expressed, and some oversight is also considered. Those who care about excessive scratches and dirt please refrain from bidding. ■ It separates "the consumption tax" and "postage" to the amount of money for a successful bid. (However, ★ postage included ★ The thing of the title, the shipping fee becomes a burden on us. )
■ After arrival, please be sure to confirm that there is no breakage under the express company driver's witness. We can not respond to accidents during transportation when there is no confirmation. ■ For the products treated as junk, there is no after-support. Please acknowledge it beforehand because it becomes a no claim no return. ■ Customers who do not need evaluation, please let me know first. Please understand beforehand that it can not take responsibility in case you evaluated by mistake by any chance. ■ Although you can also make a bid from a mobile phone, since you can not check the link or all the descriptions from the mobile phone, be sure to bid it after confirming the link and description at the personal computer. In the event that there is a bid, I will accept that you acknowledged this case. ■ If you can not contact, the highest bidder who can not contact for more than 6 days after receiving your message for more than 6 days or 1 time will be treated as cancellation. In that case evaluation is "very bad" sticks, so please understand. ■ The case that e-mails sent to customers registered with the mobile phone's address does not reach frequently. We also contact you via e-mail and contact bulletin board at the same time. If you can not confirm the contact, please check and post the bulletin board. Issue of a receipt is possible. In case of hope, please contact address etc. (I will enclose it with the product)
■ Our company will correspond only to Japanese. When the meaning does not understand and the transaction becomes difficult, we may refuse the transaction. ■ Closed holiday will be Sunday · holiday.
□ About returned goods
About return
■ Since we do not accept returns and exchanges, please offer a bid after examinations before bidding successfully. We will not accept it even if you become a successful bid by any chance misoperation etc. ■ In the unlikely event that a product is different from the successful bid product, if we have non-exist, we will respond promptly by return / refund etc. (However, we do not accept any case in case one week passes after goods arrival. )
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