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Super deals☆great specials!! Color Mocha Dragonfly soft Board S 30200.2 thickness of the cm tools, sheet Mocha
Auction ends over
Current price ¥803 $8
Start price ¥803 $8
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller wr3tykza +352
Condition New
Start time 2019-11-19T16:35:40+09:00
End time 2019-11-20T14:35:37+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number g383335482
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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Super deals☆great specials!! Color Mocha Dragonfly soft Board S 30200.2 thickness of the cm tools, sheet Mocha
Description of item
Manufacturer part number:2885j
Country of manufacture:Japan
Specifications:heat resistance temperature:100,dishwasher:Yes.
Color: Mocha
Brand: new Shine synthetic
Simple self-introduction and the terms of payment (^ ^) /
★ Thank you very much for a look from the product page with a lot of (^^) / ★
Since the child was considerably calmed down, we will be able to concentrate on the work ★
I try a quick and polite correspondence! After the usual payment, but it is dispatch within 1-2 days, we try to ship within 24 hours.
Humbly thank you ♪
♪ For payment
♪ You can use Yahoo!
(In easy settlement, credit card convenience store payment · Paypay · bank transfer can be selected! I think that if you can use with confidence because it does not take special commission. )
For sending (^ ^) /
♪ For sendingIt is tender always on read the following description because it will let me strive to pleasant dealings with each other.
The shipping fee will be nationwide uniform 1 ¥ 800.
It will be shipped from the contractor of the warehouse, which has partnered. If you bid on the same item multiple purchases or other products at the same time, shipping fee of 800 yen will be charged per item regardless of bundled / separate shipping.
(Please do not bundle request shipping negotiation)
★ Japan Post (Yu-Yu packet)
★ Yamato Transport (courier service)
★ Sagawa Express
※Delivery region by another carrier may.
(Overseas shipping · Postal stops · Yamato sales office stops are impossible)
In order to select a shipping company in the shipping source warehouse, we can not accept the contractor / delivery method designation.
・ We do not hear about delivery time designation. Instead, we will arrange to arrive at the fastest, so please adjust it with your absence card etc.
※ size and weight, the dispatch method, and the dispatch destination of the goods, regardless of the postage
I kindly thank you that I will consider it as one uniform 800 yen.
Help us in dealings (> _ <)
Cooperation matters in dealings ♪
Please understand that it will be treated as cancellation with customer convenience when there is no communication even after 5 days after a successful bid.
Has carried out an inspection by staff, if a problem occurs, we will contact you.
③ returned goods, but we have become disabled, including the commodity arrival day as an exception, as long as the initial failure of communication within 3 days, it will be the initial failure. For person-to-person trading with respect to failure of elapsed from the commodity arrival 4 days or more, I can not respond.
We do not offer after-sales support other than sales, such as how to use and set the product. Because there is a case it is unable to understand the terms of professional products specifications we ask you to contact the manufacturer.
⑤ guarantee (security) that is attached is the "manufacturer" guarantee (security). Since we do not have is not guarantee, please contact the manufacturer (for example: 〇 months assurance and 1940 guarantee)
Issue of ⑥ receipt does not correspond. Receipt will be used instead of printing on the screen of simple settlement, which has been confirmed by the tax office.
Because let me advance dealings as customer satisfaction as much as possible, we kindly thank you ( '◇') Isuzu
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