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LP popular Bay City Rollers New Best BAY CITY ROLLERS ROCK AND ROLL LOVE LETTER IES-80602 black belt lyrics National board JP stereo
Auction ends over
Current price ¥929 $10
Start price ¥929 $10
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller artandbeats +4224
Condition Used
Start time 2020-09-11T20:40:06+09:00
End time 2020-09-13T20:40:06+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number g417639328
Seller position Shiga Prefecture

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商品詳細 LP popular Bay City Rollers New Best BAY CITY ROLLERS ROCK AND ROLL LOVE LETTER IES-80602 black belt lyrics National board JP stereo
Item No: 21807
【Product Details】
Model number / IES-80602
Board / black
Type / JP: National board
Playback system / stereo
accessories / Band, lyrics, liner
Rank / B/Usability at normal level(Small scratch dirt standing → photograph reference)
[Description of product rank criteria] Rank is our standard.
N Brand new
S Same as new (used)
A Feeling less clean
B Usability at normal level
C Many scratches and dirt
D Junk / unchecked
【Buyer Comments】
Popular, LP record of BAY CITY ROLLERS, ROCK AND ROLL LOVE LETTER, you will find a IES-80602!
Black stereo, you will find a domestic board!
Eye and tears and youth, you will find a completely covering the Ketteiban hits!
The accessory, band, lyrics, there is a liner!
Our shop There is a push Recommended Product!
Come, come on this opportunity! !
Music, love the record, I am pleased if you put your hand those who are passionate.

Everything in the picture is all. There are cases where there are scratches, dirt, and scratches that are difficult to judge in the image
So, nervous one please refrain from the tender. Only those who can understand that it is second-hand goods ask you for a bid. Deletion of incorrect bidding will not be successful. Should you make a successful bid for a false bid, you may purchase or cancel it
Please note that 30% of the successful bid price will be paid.
Please read and understand the above item description and no claim, no return
Thank you.

※ In the case of junk / operation unconfirmed, returns, refunds and claims will not correspond.Please be aware that after the above product ranks are read carefully, please acknowledge.
This product and other questions, or for more information, etc., in the question column of Yahoo! Auctions
Please not hesitate to contact us. All the staff, we look forward to. We will do our best to meet your needs. Thank you in advance.
We have exhibited a large number of various products such as furniture, home appliances, instruments, computers, games, and more.
支払い方法 【About payment method】
① Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts詳 し く Detail to here 2 Japan Net Bank (※ Payment after PM 3:00 will be the confirmation of the next business day) ③ cash on delivery [Capitalization → successful bid price (including tax) + postage (tax included) + delivery charge (tax included)] Available from three of the above. Total amount (payment amount) = winning bid price (tax included) + shipping cost(tax included) After payment is confirmed, we will ship it on the same day or the next business day. ※ In the case of payment by cash on delivery, a cash on delivery fee is required according to the amount of money used. 【Cash on delivery fee list (Excluding tax)
Total item price Cod
~ 9999 yen 300 yen
10000 to 29999 yen 400 yen
30000-99999 yen 600 yen
100000 to 299999 yen ¥ 1,000
※ Please note that cash on delivery can not be made in the case of Kuroneko Mail facilities.
商品発送 【About Shipping】
This item is[Small] sizeIt will be shipped in. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Product shipping will be shipped at our designated shipping company. Please note that we do not allow delivery company designation from customers.Please inform me in the successful bid navigation after a successful bid, input form request column if there is a time specification etc. (In case of Kuroneko Mail, it will be posted to the post, so you can not specify the time.)
ご注意について 【Notes】
After a successful bid It does not correspond to cancellation after a successful bid, a question etc. Please fill in the order form within 48 hours. Please make payment within 5 days.
② Payment The payment method can choose Yahoo! simple settlement, Japan Net Bank, cash on delivery.
3 shipsThe specified shipping method can not be changed. At the time of congestion, shipping may be delayed by 1-2 days. We do not directly deliver the product.
4 warrantyIf a defect is found in the product after the product arrives, we will respond to refunds / returns if you can contact us within 2 days. We will respond to refunds and returns, but in some cases the shipping cost may be borne by the customer.
5 packing In the case of guitar bass, it is more than usual to carefully secure products during delivery
It will be shipped in a dedicated cardboard with strength. ※ For details, please see the column of product shipping.

↓ Other precautionsThe transfer fee will be borne by the highest bidder. The amount you pay will be the winning bid (tax included). (Cash on delivery fee will be charged separately for cash on delivery) In case of Kuroneko Mail, it will be posting to the post, so you can not specify the time. Also, please understand that there is no guarantee for mail service in case of an accident during delivery.※ If you wish to have compensation with delivery on the shipping fee, please let us know.If you wish to bundle, please do not hesitate to contact us. After bidding, questions after a successful bid, I am very sorry, but I do not accept it.※ If the product can not be contacted within one week after a successful bid, it depends on the successful bidder's convenience
Please note that we will cancel.
Even if you have a bid cancellation inquiry outside business hours, it may not be possible to respond
Please contact me in a timely manner. Cancellation can not be accepted at all. In the case of a delivery accident, it will be a discussion with the customer and the delivery company. ※ Please note that we can not take any responsibility.
After the product confirmation, please refrain from the complaint to the packing, return. Please understand that bid evaluation may be deleted if the evaluation is bad. Please read the above item description and understand it, and I hope for a no claim and a no return. Only those who can contact you within 48 hours from this dealings Navi after the end, please bid it.※ If you use a smartphone, there are rare situations where it is difficult to display images. Please make a bid for confirmation on both PC and smartphone for the unlikely event. ※ The color of the image and the real thing depending on the light when shooting and your PC environment,
I may be slightly different from the actual image.
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