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■ Schwinn Sting-Ray Shun Sting Lay Single Speed ​​Orange 20 Inch Cruiser Vintage Bicycle Sapporo
Auction ends 7 hours
Current price ¥98,000 $928
Start price ¥98,000 $928
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller ganso_kaitori_honpo +31368
Condition Used
Start time 2021-10-26T23:28:34+09:00
End time 2021-10-28T22:23:45+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number g426016001
Seller position Sapporo City, Hokkaido

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This is Schwinn Sting-Ray Schwyn Stingley Single Speed ​​Orange 20 Inch Cruiser Vintage Bicycle Sapporo.
○ Condition ○★ Product indication indicator"Vintage"[S] Brand new · unused items. [T] Goods such as exhibits although it is brand new. [5] Second-hand goods such as super use which is used several times. [4] Although there are some scratches and dirty etc, it is clean second hand goods as a whole. [3] Used secondhand goods with usability that is normally used. [2] Second-hand goods with certain feeling such as scratches and outstanding dirt
[1] Scratches, conspicuous stains and color scorch, and anything with difficulty / in translation. [J] Second hand goods such as junk goods and damaged goods sold completely. ★ ★ Explanation of condition ★★
Because the product is a USED / used car, there is a sense of use and fine scratches. Please contact us before bidding etc.. We can not receive questions after a successful bid. * Present condition sale no claim no return asking for. Manufacturer: Schwinn Schwin
Model name: sting-ray stinglay
Color: orange
Frame Material: Steel
F fork: Steel
Tire size: 20 × 1.75
Crank: 150mm
Gear: 1 × 1
Light: No
Size: 145 × 105 × 66
Adaptive height: 150 cm
· Endure enough for practical use
Clamping ~ Cog situation
· Swivel smoothly
Brake operation status (front and back)
· There is no front
· Rear coaster brake, slightly draggeable
Tire, wheel details (manufacturer, size, groove, state)
· Front 8 minutes
· Barri mountain
Shipping Size: 3 Congteer 316cm, Easy Sticky E-Rank
Case case:
Aomori Prefecture: ¥ 17,875
Miyagi Prefecture: 24,035 yen
Tokyo: 26,235 yen
Nagano Prefecture: 28,655 yen
Aichi Prefecture: 31,955 yen
Ishikawa Prefecture: 29,425 yen
Osaka Prefecture: 34,045 yen
Hiroshima Prefecture: 36,245 yen
Kochi Prefecture: 36,465 yen
Fukuoka Prefecture: 42,295 yen
Kagoshima Prefecture: 45,045 yen
※ We can not handle remote island areaExhibition Vehicle Details Image is here. ○ Staff Comment ○It is a cheap exhibition vehicle ☆ By all means this opportunity ♪
If the vehicle is purchased without the current car confirmation,
Canceled in vehicle state can not be performed. Please be sure to bid after resolving in advance. If you have canceled after a successful bid, if there is a system fit, etc.
Please pay a cost.○ About internal delivery & land delivery charge ○~ ~ Shipping fee etc
About the suburbs of Sapporo City,
If it is delivered by our company, the nearby simple delivery will be available before and 5000 yen from 3,000 yen. As you will be consulted by addressing places, out of the city, etc.
If you plan to use, please contact us in advance. Delivery of other areas uses Eranks Erank. Please note that delivery time zone specification can not be specified for delivery company convenience. ☆☆☆ Delivery of vehicles is also possible at the store ☆ ☆ ☆
♪ Please save auction shipping ♪
♪ Our shop will be delivered to the store without all year round and welcome ♪
It may take days depending on the storage location. It is smooth if you can consult in advance. Please feel free to contact us about dates and delivery!
It will be exhibition at our auction store. The payment of the successful bid product will be the total amount of the item price + consumption tax + shipping cost (including tax). Please offer a bid after understanding. Product management store (not in stock storage location) Hiragishi store / exhibition person in charge Yamashita / management number H786 2020/05/22Although it is connection after auction bidding successfully,
Information will be exchanged via email,
Due to PC and Internet settings, filtering spam mails,
There are many cases where mail does not reach etc. Therefore, in order to carry out dealings smoothly,
Although it is truly sorry to trouble you,
Since it will get in touch smoothly if you can also get in contact from the bulletin board,
I would appreciate it if you can also inform me from the message bulletin board. ☆ About the period of deal ☆
Please contact us within 3 days after a successful bid (address, name, phone number) of the dealings (address, name, telephone number). If you can not contact within 3 days by all means please consult in advance before a successful bid. Please allow up to 7 days to payment. If the above period is over without contact,
Since we will correspond with the successful bid deletion for the convenience of the highest bidder,
Please give me a bid after consent beforehand.
ストア情報 お問い合わせ リサイクルショップ 買取本舗HPはこちら※ Notes on handing over-the-counter products
As there may be cases where products are stored at branch offices or warehouses other than the main store, such as exhibition halls and storage places of products,
Please contact us in advance for consultation and consultation. Even if you visit us as it is after a successful bid There is a case where the preparation of the goods can not be done. We will adjust so that we can hand it smoothly if you can contact us in advance. Also, if there is something wrong with our selling item, please be sure before the evaluation,
Please contact the store first. We sincerely sincerely willing to correspond, so thank you. ☆ ☆ Secure display against participation in our auction ☆ ☆
We will never do the act of shipping the defective item as it is. - Junk article of our shop product · Exhibits other than complete new goods certainly operation confirmation ·
I have sent since I performed cleaning. We keep in mind that you can trade with confidence. ※ Some antique products and textures are likely to collapse may be sent without cleaning. Places and items that can not be cleaned may not be cleaned. * Brand goods of we exhibit have performed genuineness appraisal and have sent. We do not sell any counterfeit. In the unlikely event of defective goods / copied goods / fakes, we will guarantee refund of returned goods and returned goods. ● For product shipping, we are packing to avoid accidents and accidents most of the products. For that reason, there are times when many newspapers such as cushioning materials are included in the box of the delivery item. Since I am using it for delivering an important successful bid without breakage and safely here,
Thank you for your understanding. In addition, we are using newspaper and polystyrene foam for cushioning material. Cardboard boxes at the time of shipment are not using new cardboard boxes. Since we are using recycled cardboard (second hand)
Please also bid this point after understanding. Hokkaido Sapporo city, nearby are asking to purchase for business trip free of charge. Please feel free to contact us for business trip purchase ♪
Even if you are affordable, purchase OK! We also take advantage of all national courier purchases!
Even if there is no purchase shop and recycling shop in the neighborhood,
Feel free to use it!
Please feel free to contact us about home delivery purchase and mail purchase!
☆ Please introduce the purchase item ☆
Furniture, brand, precious metal, rolex, omega, bright ring, Panary, IWC, Frank Muller Seiko
Home appliances, PC, digital camera, movie audio, mobile phone, MP3, iPod, BOSE, DENON, JBL, Macintosh
Motorcycle supplies, Americankaji, sneakers, figure, hobby, gunpla, model, hottight value, storefront display
Burika · Nostalginal toy · model car · model gun · golf · fishing rod · antique · antique · iron bottle · Japanese sword · Not for sale products ·
Mid Century Diet Related, Facetic Equipment, Teaching Material, Amway, Painting, Air, Electric Tool, Makita, Hitachi, KTC,
Snapon · Real · Air Gun · Business Supplies · Meissen Royal Copenhagen Helend · Western Porcelain · Baccarat
Bike supplies, ATV, buggy, outboard motive, boat, outdoor goods, Washlet, LCD TV, plasma, nursing care products,
Leather Goods, Boots, MTB, Pist, BMX, Cross Bike, Bicycle Various Parts, Motorcycles, Aluminum Tires,
Helmet, boots, motorcycle, carnabi, military products, otherwise it is OK!I will buy whatever you can sell! !Inventory adjustment · bad stock · large quantity · small quantity · new article · used good regardless!
Anything else will be purchased expensive!
Our shop homepage is this placeSapporo purchase specialty store purchase main store☆ For returned goods exchange, only when defects / defects of regular goods occur,
We will correspond if it is within 2 weeks after delivery of goods. In that case please offer by e-mail or telephone in advance. We can not accept returned goods due to your product usage method errors etc. If we do product confirmation after returning to us and there is no problem,
Please note that you can not refund the part of the postage equivalent amount etc. ○ only to notes and junk products and current sales product is completely current sales. Please offer a bid after understanding a no claim no return. Because we sell in parallel at shop front, it is also the Onza い ま す in the case of early termination. Shipping of goods may take around 2 to 3 days from receipt if there are a large number of shipments. )
◎ On Saturdays, there are many business trips that we can not contact and ship. If you do not receive shipment from our store after payment,
There are also cases that are caught on spam filtering and filtering. As a result, once we can inform you, we can continue your dealings smoothly,
I'm sorry for troubling you indeed, thank you for your consideration. In addition, in the case of confirmation of payment, if the transfer name is different, be sure,
Please contact us in advance. There is a case that can not be confirmed and the product can not be shipped for a long time. Besides how to ship the above shipping table,
There are also things that can not be done due to the size of the product, etc.
Outside of fixed form, letter pack, Yu mail (lost, damage, damage, etc. No guarantee)
It can be shipped if it is a size that can be sent out by means of shipping methods. If you can contact you in advance, we will tell you after calculating the shipping amount..
Store name Recycle shop Wholesale market In case
● Sapporo purchase Honpo Hiragishi main store
〒 062-0932
Hokkaido Sapporo City Toyohira-ku Hiragishi 2 - chome 4 - chome 4 - 2 (along the Rishochi Kaido)
Telephone number 011-841-7703
♪ It will be along the Heikecho Highway and access is also convenient ♪
● Sapporo Purchase Honpo Higashi-ku Ring Road Stores
〒 065 - 0015
Hokkaido Sapporo City Higashi-ku Northern 15 Daito 12 - chome 1-10 1F
Telephone number 011-702-8366
Recycle shop purchase Honpo Higashi Ku ring street shop (along the circular street)
♪ There are plenty of inventory in the store as it is a large store! Parking lot There are a lot of front fronts. Please visit us once ♪
★ If you do not have a shop nearby or nearby, you can not appraise the item in the neighborhood Not appreciated properly. If the sale price is low, you can also use mail-on or courier delivery!
You can easily sell items while at home. Please sell rare goods and collectors items etc to the shops that appreciate it!
Our shop is going to purchase firmly expert witness purchase to the motto!
Please do not hesitate to contact us for details on shopping methods and details!Recycle shop Purchase specialty store Purchase Honpo Sapporo Hiragishi store Higashi-ku store homepage hereAntique license 101040000918
Recycle shop purchase Honpo Auction booth can be viewed from here!
♪ Every day business trip purchase · shop front purchase · postal purchase by goods mass stock in stock ♪
Thank you very much for seeing the auction of Recycle Shop purchase Honpo!
Since we will show lots of goods everyday, please enjoy the auction by all means!
Since everything from general living goods to valuable items is carried out expert witnessing purchase, there may be bargains!
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