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It's irresistible for succulent lovers! Pot Flower Bowl Succulent Plant Interior Indoor Outdoor Wall Stylish Planter Present Gift
Auction ends 12 hours
Current price ¥631 $6
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Seller lapii12344 +335
Condition New
Start time 2022-06-25T12:28:52+09:00
End time 2022-06-27T12:28:52+09:00
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Lot number g498897912
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◇ Greetings ◇
This time, we received a look at my goods from among the many products, Thank you very much. Like you can purchase with your peace of mind, polite, and so we will continue to try to respond quickly, thank you. Item will be shipped from overseas. Because I might get time to global impact of the corona virus There is also the arrival of the goods, those in a hurry is not to refrain from a bid.
◆ Please be sure to check about the product ◆
◆ Please be sure to check the product ◆
◆ Product description ◆
Ingredients: iron, ceramic, bamboo
Size: 17.7 x 17.7 centimeters/6.97 x 6.97 inch
Package attached: Flower pot * 1 + iron frame * 1 + bamboo tray * 1 + seamless claw * 2
Color: Black, gold
Please choose the desired color. ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆
◇ ◇ Please note that if you do not contact you within 3 days after you make a successful bid, please note that it will be canceled by the successful bidder convenience. ◇ basically will be no claim, no return, and no cancellation. On the characteristics of foreign imported products, if you wish the perfect product to over details, such that you will refrain from a bid, thank you. Moreover, since I am afraid that I can not reply to the question of technical content, please acknowledge. ◆ About Shipping ◆
◇ I will consider it as the whole country and uniform 3,000 yen. ◇ the power supply plug ◇
Please be careful
The ※ In the case of goods that the power plug is needed,
Also please check below. For foreign-made goods, there is a case where the conversion plug is required
Because it is sold at about 500 yen in the famous shopping site
Please purchase as needed. Return and refund for reasons foreign-made plug is not possible to be able to correspond. Please note. ◆ About sending ◆
◇ If you take the confirmation of payment here We complete the payment,
Please let me move to as soon as possible dispatch procedure. But for shipment from overseas, we have gotten the dates of 2 to 4 weeks until the arrival of the goods. The more by the delivery status, but you may get time about 40 days, I like, thank you to please refrain from the tender if you hurry.
◇ confirmation matters with respect to purchase ◇
◇ confirmation matters with respect to purchase ◇★ Confirmation about purchase ★
In order to make each other to advance the transaction comfortably,
Be sure to confirm the following and please bid after all agreed.
(1) This item is bundled, a summary transaction, and not available. Please note. One person, it will be offered as long as your one point. In addition, since it will be shipped overseas, the shipping fee may be set higher than the product of domestic transportation. Please be sure to check the shipping fee. (2) After a successful bid, please pay within 48 hours. If payment can not be confirmed by the due date, it is unwilling, but it will be deleted by the successful bidder convenience. In addition, if there is a circumstance, please contact us because you will respond flexibly. (3) Products that allow color and size selection should notify you of dealing with dealings Navi after a successful bid. If you can not confirm your contact within 24 hours, you will promote the transportation procedure in the size of the first color and the product category. (4) After payment is confirmed, we will transport from overseas partners to Japan. We will ship within 10 days. After the delivery hand is completed, it will be aired for Japan for Japan, so it will usually be delivered in about 12 to 30 days after payment confirmation. If you are in a hurry, please refrain from bidding. (5) After shipping, we will contact the tracking number, so please check the delivery status by the successful bidder themselves. You may not be able to answer the scheduled arrival scheduled for the scheduled arrival date to pass the customs review while passing through various routes overseas. (6) This item is a new item from overseas. By the personal computer and mobile of the screen, there is a slight difference to your color of the product. Thank you on your reference understanding the image. (7) Before bid and purchase of products, be sure to check the product description, notes, and shipping details. If there is a point to wonder, I need your help before a bid. Product question to after purchase, the corresponding support is not done at all. That you please contact us directly to the manufacturers, thank you. There are cases where there may not be Japanese language explanation and no support is no support, so please bid only for those who have product knowledge. (8) Of course, the initial defect will correspond, but it will be overseas imported products, so please refrain from bidding if you are looking for a perfect product. In rare cases, some products may have damaged boxes at the shipping stage. So also there when the package is changed, Please note. (9) For overseas products, conversion plugs may be required. As it is sold at around 500 yen at a prominent shopping site, please purchase as needed. Return and refund for reasons foreign-made plug is not possible to be able to correspond. (10) Shipping Trouble refund will be supported by bank transfer after 60 days after payment. Please note that we can respond to refund within 60 days. In addition, after 8 days of shipping contact, the guidance of unusual reporting is sent from Yahoo!, but this transaction is in advance that it takes time for delivery time, so please do not notice unexpectedly I will. It should be noted that, when the results in the non-arrival report, your payment is forced to cancel. If you arrange shipment has been completed, after your arrival products, thank you towards the payment again. (11) Principles No claim, no return, no cancel. Please note that we can cope with cancellation after product shipping. ★ Thank you for visiting the end. In addition, I will make the best thing to use again, so thank you in advance. "
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