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☆ Green bath slip mat mail order bath tub Slipper mats Washing machine Washable mold anti -sucker children baby kids baby kids PV
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥1,688 $14
Start price ¥1,688 $14
Buy-now ¥1,688 $14
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller backyard_auc +13513
Condition New
Start time 2022-06-21T12:42:29+09:00
End time 2022-06-28T12:42:29+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number h1051148869
Seller position Saitama

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This item is [Green].

brand name No brand No Brand
Product name Non -slip mat BATHM01
Description of item ・ To prevent falling in the bath! An anti -slip mat used in the bathtub is released. ・ When you stand up from the bathtub, you can do it ... for those who have such a hiyari experience. Safe for small children and elderly people. ・ Professional of mold / antibacterial / antibacterial / Lattex -free, reliable product that removes worries used in the bathroom. ・ Because there are 260 sucker on the back side, it adheres to the bathtub firmly.. ・ The effect of drilling the hot water by opening a hole in the surface and preventing mold growth.. ・ It is also possible to wash it with a detergent in a washing machine. It is nice to be able to prevent unpleasant slimy because it can be washed easily. ・ Recommended use not only at home but also in nursing homes and spas..
Material PVC
Country of origin China
size [Vertical] Approximately 39cm / [horizontal] Approximately 88cm / [thickness] about 1cm
* The size is the actual size of our flat shop.. Moss the actual product may arise some errors. Please note.
weight Approximately 730g
important point * It is possible to wash it with a washing machine. By regularly, you can prevent the cause of slipping by soap scum and hair care products.. ※ Although the photos of the product are processed to bring close to the color of the real thing as much as possible, it may be different from the actual product by the monitor settings, the room of the room, etc. ※ Please note that it may differ slightly from the notation due to products and individual differences, etc. * Due to the characteristics of the material, there are some things that make you feel a little strong.. The smell of worried about using several days of use or shade is almost impossible to feel. ※ Depending on the difference in measuring method, there may be some errors.
● About the product
The product you are looking at is the product of "Title". (The product will be the first image)
Also, behind the title ☆ mark will be sized and color. Example: 000 000 000 ☆ M size ☆ black
Example: ☆ L size ☆ White 000 000 000

The part of ○ is different depending on the product, and the search word may be written. Even if there is a description such as S size, white, and a separate color image, the color and size can not be chosen due to the characteristics of Yahoo! Auction, so please make sure to make a successful bid. Product images are common to product page images at the Backyard Family PayPay Mall store at our operating store. Products that make a successful bid are the first product of the product image. For other sizes and colors, the auction has been exhibited if there is stock, so please search for the title. If there is no stock, no auction is exhibited. Products will exhibit as soon as the arrival. Also, please be aware that you can answer the inquiry about the arrival time. Products to be delivered are unused products, like products delivered at our management store Backyard Family PayPay Mall store.
● About multiple purchases
Regarding multiple purchases, it is not compatible with the system of Yahoo! Auction. After a successful bid, if there is stock, it will be re-exhibited, so please make a successful bid again at that time. In our system, shipping in the bundled is not supported. In addition, we do not correspond to discounts due to purchasing together.
● About stock
In our shop, but we have carried out thorough daily inventory management, because they share and sales of inventory and a sister store, such as when the order to the same product is concentrated, with respect to products that are made available for purchase in the product page let alone, there may be inventory to shortage. At that time, we will promptly make a refund procedure.
● About the flow after a successful bid
If you make a successful bid, please enter on the order form. From customers, we do not need to contact our shop. I would like to select a settlement. In addition, contact after payment will not be informed of our shop in order to notify our shop from Yahoo! Auction. At the time of the product shipment, we will notify you of the shipment by e -mail, so please set up emails from "~ @".. We will ship the date when payment can be confirmed at 9:00 am on the day. * If you pay after 12:00 am, it will be shipped the next day. Delivery will be either courier service and mail service. Shipping companies and delivery methods can not be selected. ※ In the case of mail service After shipping the product, it will arrive approximately 2 days to 10 days.
● About shipment
We will guide you by e-mail after shipping completion. After shipping is complete, we will delete from the perspective of personal information protection for transaction information. After shipping is completed, we are evaluating the transaction in a fixed form statement. ※ We are not particularly necessary for our store for stores. Please contact me if there is a defect in the product after the product arrival. Soon we will respond.
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