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Agave Dedicated potting soil A special selection completed by the pro shop with an outstanding blend of raw materials If you have this one, you can grow it perfectly For succulents in general
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Seller ziorc31776 +311
Condition New
Start time 2024-02-23T06:11:43+09:00
End time 2024-03-01T16:11:42+09:00
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Thank you for seeing. It is an exhibition of Agabe -only culture soil. With this one, you can nurture perfectly!Although it is a culture soil for Agabe, it is a complete culture soil that can be used in all multifunction plants, cactus, coordination, pachibus, holidas, Echevelia, Haorutia, Euphorbia, etc. It is okay to use other soil in the purpose and use it. 1 liter 699 yen(It is convenient for storage with a bag with a chuck)
Additional will be included in many liters. There are also 5 liter bags and 10 liter bags.[Contains raw materials]
・ Ibaraki Prefecture Hard Akadama Nihon Line
・ Hyuga soil from Miyazaki Prefecture (small grain)
・ Tochigi Prefecture carefully selected hard Kanuma soil (small grain)
・ Vermiculite
(Carefully selected grain)
・ Parrite
・ Kun charcoalProfessional shops that have nurtured succulent plants for many years are finished with the ultimate with raw materials and exquisite combination balance, and the finest culture soil is well drained and has moderate water retention. Many voices have been heard that they will grow and grow to prevent the prisoner growth.Excellent drainage, breathability, fertilization, and water retention. The growth of the plant is excellent and the roots and leaves grow lively. Charcoal is also blended, so it prevents deodorizing effects, the occurrence of chopsticks, and prevents root rot. It is a product that can be recommended with confidence from beginners to advanced users.[Ibaraki hard Akadama two lines]
The finest two -main line Ibaraki hard red ball is used. It is hard to lose shape, has excellent breathability, drainage, and is suitable for all plants. You can feel the difference between ordinary Akadama soil. [Hyuga soil from Miyazaki Prefecture]
Hyuga earth is a kind of pumice produced in southern Miyazaki prefecture. There is a fine hole in the grain, and the work of the granules can maintain water, nutrients and air. Normal soil will collapse and drainer if used for a long time. However, the sun is hard, and it can be used repeatedly because it does not break and becomes granular even after a long period of time. In addition, there are many small holes, so it is well drained and can maintain air and nutrients. Unused ones are sterile and have almost no fertilizer ingredients and are clean. [Hard Kanuma soil from Tochigi Prefecture]
Kanuma soil has a feature that has excellent breathability as well as water retention and drainage. There is a cavity in the grain, making it like a sponge. With this cavity, it is not only water retention but also excellent soil with excellent drainage and breathability. [Vermiculite]
Vermiculite is made of silicon oxide, magnesium oxide, aluminum oxide, and other components, and has excellent breathability, water retention, and fertilizer retention. Vermiculite is purified by heating the raw material at a high temperature, but at that time it swells significantly and has a structure with a thin layer like a millefeuille. Therefore, it is easy to pass through air and water, and it can be expected to improve the drainage of soil. There are many holes in the structure of Vermiculite, where water and fertilizers can be stored there. Vermiculite has a lot of holes, so it contains a lot of air. Therefore, the layer of the air blocks the heat from the outside and keeps the temperature in the soil constantly. As with insulation, when the outside is cold, the air layer protects the air from the cold and surpasses the inside of the soil. Suddenly and more neutral, so it can be used for germination and cuttings that are vulnerable to bacteria. [Parrite]
Parrite is used as a soil improvement material when draining is poor because it is excellent in draining. It is used for lightweight pot bottom stones because of its excellent drainage and breathability. In addition, an obsidian parlight has the property of changing ordinary water into mineral water, so it has the effect of preventing root rot. [Kun charcoal]
Kun charcoal has the effect of activating soil microorganisms and making pests less likely. There is also a root rotation effect by improving breathability. It makes it difficult for germs to increase and improve the soil environment. In addition, it is rich in potassium carbonated carbonate and sodium carbonate, and it becomes strong alkaline when dissolved in water. Utilizing this property, it has the function of tilting acidic soil from neutral to alkaline. All soils are sifted and removed as much as possible. Please try high quality culture soil that is concerned with the raw material and combination balance. We will support you if you have the desired quantity. Houseplants with pointed tips and upward growth like agave, in feng shui, are said to dispel "evil spirits" and ward off evil, as well as emit "yang" qi and purify the place where they are placed.Therefore, it is said that Agabe should be placed in a place with contact with the outside, such as the entrance and entrance. Agave is cool for interior and ornamental purposes, but it is also attracting attention for its luck
* When the cold winter becomes severe, such as when the temperature drops below 5°C, it is safe to manage it indoors as much as possible or grow it in a greenhouse equipped with heating equipment. We are trying to make a pleasant transaction, so thank you for your continued support.
* Part of the photo is an image image.
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