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Nerine / Diamond Rile / Pink this year with flowering bulb 1 ball flower color / floral pattern photo confirmation can be expected to be a splendid flower in the future even if planted.
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Current price ¥2,600 $19
Start price ¥2,000 $15
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller satomedaka2929 +1286
Condition New
Start time 2023-11-29T13:26:38+09:00
End time 2023-12-02T13:26:38+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number h1114958125
Seller position Saitama

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Shooting on November 20th We will continue to flower one after another Flower height 60㎝ I'm fine with bulb XX It shines in the autumn sky
Shooting on November 20th

Shooting on November 20th

Try to increase the gorgeous pink flower friends called Diamond Lili, which is now popular on the garden and veranda..
We experienced Corona..
Despite the activities of the human world, the natural and the season have been flourished and the heat has endured and bloomed.
War, conflict, crime ... There is no time to rest
Just looking at the green of a beautiful flower tree will heal your heart.
Nerine Diamond Ririri-Pink as a splendid flower in late autumn that colors the gardenLet's add a ball.
The autumn of my house ends in the order of cluster amaryllis season red ⇒ white ⇒ yellow
After the Higan Bana, you will enjoy nerine flowers in late autumn..
Nerine has a great deal because you can enjoy the flowers for a long time (if you have good conditions, you will have a flower for more than a month)..
Many customers hear the concern that the photos of the product description are different from the real thing..
We are trying to deliver as much as possible with flowers.
Send a bulb with flowers
When sendingWash the roots and wrap the wet tissue Naked ballone with flowersIt is a state.
When it arrives, check the size and diameter of the bulb as it is and make it smaller.Pot 4-5 potWe recommend that you plant it in.
Nerine dislikes excessive humidity, so please prepare good soil (small grain red balls, river sand 4/mulch 3/commercially available grass flower 3)..
Please moisten the prepared soil in a pot.
It's okay with the depth of 1/3 buried.
Put 2 weeks in a cool place that does not hit the sun
After 3 weeks, please pay carefully so that the bulbs are not watered..
Plants grow and decline every day..
Thank you for bidding for many people.
NC NRThank you.
Payment within 3 daysplease.
Shipping Customer burden cash on delivery.
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