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[Prompt decision] Unicorn ★ CD etc ★ Okuda Tsubaki / Hiyoshi / EBI ★ 45 pieces set
Auction ends 1 day
Current price ¥20,291 $200
Start price ¥20,291 $200
Buy-now ¥20,291 $200
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller sunairuka2002 +4968
Condition Used
Start time 2021-05-09T13:33:57+09:00
End time 2021-05-16T21:33:33+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number h187375783
Seller position Mie Prefecture

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Unicorn ★ CD etc. ★ Okuda Tsubaki / Hayoshi Aji / EBI / Kawanishi Yukoichi / Tajima ★ 45 piece set. The contents are as follows:. [Single (8 cm)]
Blues / summer man (Unicorn)
Working Man / Lock Happiness (Unicorn)
Snow falling town / New Year's gift (Unicorn)
Beard and busty / black flame (Unicorn)
Ioe Rider (Okuda Tsubaki)
African butterfly (EBI)
Desire (Ayu Yun)
+ Or- (Ayu Yun)
Liquidman (Nishikawa Yukiichi) (Kawanishi Yukiichi)
Sleeping night
EBI Okuda Abe Nishikawa Toshima (Soldier / Matrix / POWER / Ryugoro / White Room) (BOX Art)
【Maxi Single】
The Standard (Okuda Tsubaki)
Digital soup / Bumpy (Unicorn)
WAO! (2 sheets with DVD) (Unicorn)
Half century boy / Kawanishi five countries (2 sheets with DVD) (Unicorn)
Naked Sun (2-piece set with DVD: Sunflower / Purple People / Half Century Boy / Surround LIVE / 2010 New Year Party) (First Press Limited Edition)
The Very Best of Unicorn (Best Album)
The Very Rust of Unicorn CD [Rust Best] (No Lyrics Card) (Best Album)
BOOM (Unicorn)
Springman (Unicorn)
Clothing (Unicorn)
PANIC ATTACK (Panic Attack) (Unicorn)
Kedamono Arashi (Unicorn)
Beard and Boyne (Unicorn)
Chambre Shambre (Unicorn) (2 Disc Set with DVD)
Film (EBI)
MuseE (EBI)
Mirror Man (Horio Horiuchi) (EBI)
Vanilla (Vanilla) (Kawanishi Yuki)
Wildfire (Wildfire)
A (Aji Yun)
[Books, photos]
Inagu (Unicorn) (paper jacketed article)
Doshitan Book (1.2) Unicorn (Pictures of Unicorn + Book. Completely preserved version !!)
Trans World of Unicorn
【Video (VHS)】
MOVIE (Unicorn)
Arashi Beast (Unicorn)
Unicorn.Movie 4 Dancing Battle
Unicorn.Movie6 The Very Rust of Unicorn Video Vol.1
Unicorn Movie 8 The Another Side of Live
is. We wish to make a successful bid based on the thing of used CDs, books and videos. You can see that you can see the image, but some of the CD jackets, those with a seal, a trace peeled off, a trace, a bald jacket crack, and a 皹.. If successful bid wishes of say that the degree of good a CD to listen without problems. The claim or the like on the quality, because the claim in the absence of pointing touching to watch can not be received at all, please understand. I need your help by a no claim no return. The bid of the more nervous one will withhold as, thank you. Since the previous will be fragile commodity, it has become the dispatch of using the packing material. Toshimashite packing cost, but had been let me claim the additional fee, defined by, - since it became impossible, it will be simple packing. Please acknowledge it. Please note that shipping will be handled only for Yu Pack..Since a large number have sent in many fields to the other, I hope you can see. Request: After the auction, please contact us within 24 hours and you will be treated within 2 days.. ※ Please note that those with a bad evaluation will cancel the bid. It should be noted, such as the cancellation request after a bid, we can not accept, I will please bid from becoming well read the description. There are many many fields, such as posters, stuffed animals, records, CDs, etc., so thank you. For example, since the simultaneous shipping of posters and stuffed animals may not be refused, please be sure to ask questions before bidding in the case of a heterogeneous and a successful bid.Is a mailing cost of the goods, it will be packing and calculated after a successful bid. Please note that you can answer even if you have any questions in Q & A etc.
Please be sure to read before bidding. After a bid, it will be impossible to change such as what is described here, please give me a successful bid after having gotten consent to all of the content.
↑ ↑ ↑ This table Auction plate manufacturer Created with ↑ ↑ ↑ No.030.008
- The payment method dispatch method Notes -
Payment method· Yahoo! simple settlement
- credit card settlement
- Bank net settlementshipping method· Yu-pack (Delivery time zone is specified, we will notify the inquiry number, so please contact the post office directly if you can not reach it.. )Yu-tracking service Notes- The bid of the newer one will be welcome, but because of mischievous bid prevention, Please tell the will of your purchase at the Q & A column before a bid. (I ask before the end time of 24 hours or more. )
It should be noted that, if it is a bid without contact us at Q & A, I am sorry, even after the end, because there is a case where I am allowed to consider it as cancellation even before the end, please understand. - it has been also described in the above, but I will this auction is not separated by a deadline. After the commodity end, you can contact you within 24 hours, thank you. It should be noted that, with regard to the payment, it will be considered as limiting those who can within two days from the next day. - It is an auction so it becomes dealings between individuals. So that there is no the inconvenience as much as possible, because I want to strive, the successful bidder also kindly smooth dealings, you can try to dealings with the feeling of good wording, thank you. - About dealings contact us, e-mail, contact us at the bulletin board is not received at all. So that you can contact you in dealings Nabis, thank you. Auction order to prevent trouble, dealings by cash on delivery and cash on delivery we have been to refuse all. Please acknowledge it.
Towards Yu-pack available hope- Yu-pack, we will present an inquiry number. Therefore, we can prevent luggage or otherwise. In addition, it will be possible to fragile to handle specified (free), but will you put the very reliable delivery method, it will be fee calculation in the ship-to address, after contact us from here, and Yu-pack hope News If you can, we will inform you again Rates. - About delivery time zone specification please refer to the following. ① in the morning
② afternoon ① (12 o'clock to 14)
③ afternoon ② (14:00 to 16)
④ evening (at 16-18)
⑤ at night (at 18-20)
⑥ night (at 20-21)About the cancellation after a bid- What even in the situation cancellation can not be accepted. More than I was to bid, I ask in the tender of can you people to dealings with responsibility. Thank you for your questions, etc. before bidding, I would like to ask questions at Q & A.For Q & A questionsAnd questions, I hope in a product before the end 24 hours or more. In addition, we so are the normal work, because in some cases there is the case that not too late is to answer, so that you can for your understanding, thank you. In addition, you can the question before from getting to read the instructions here as, thank you. We can not answer questions, such as discounting of overseas shipping, so we can not answer questions, so please accept.
I have sent it elsewhere. Please see if you accept questions, such as simultaneous shipping cautions, etc Yahoo! easy phlegm settlement can be used + + + This item description Auction Plate Maker 2 Created with + + +No.154.003.002
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