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☆ ★ ☆ new glass Art Teal Rose ☆ ★ ☆
Auction ends 2 hours
Current price ¥7,298 $75
Start price ¥7,298 $75
Buy-now ¥7,298 $75
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller wind37surf +1233
Condition New
Start time 2020-09-24T03:25:34+09:00
End time 2020-10-01T03:25:34+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number h241720964
Seller position Nagano Prefecture

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[Item Number] 8377-245
[Goods name] Glass Art Teal Rose

◆ Shipping, delivery date, delivery
· For each successful bid item, this shipping feeNationwide uniform 445 yen(Okinawa, including remote islands)is. The product will be delivered in about 1 to 10 days from the confirmation date of payment procedure.【Payment amount = winning bid price + shipping fee (445 yen)】 · To reduce shipping costs, products are gift trading company logistics center or product manufacturer
We deliver by direct mail from.
On the shipping system, many shipping services are done at the shipping source Relationship
So, we will have time to arrive compared with shipment from our shop.
After a successful bid,We will take responsibility until dealings end.· At present, if it attaches to the successful bid product, it is important to arrive as early as possible than the above delivery date
We are disregarding the circumstances of the period of consecutive holidays or inventory missing items at the shipping source distribution center
Only in rare cases where the product replenishment period from the manufacturer is required Normal delivery time
We may get more time than you.

◆ Comment
· With new article, In case of misunderstanding · defective goods, we will replace with the same item
I will. Other than that, please respond in no claim no return after it makes a successful bid. 【The refund by returned goods for the reason above is limited only when there is no product stock of exchange. 】
· Products other than in-store sales, rarely outburst stocks or manufacturers
Depending on the circumstances may result in abruptly out-of-stock items. Please acknowledge it beforehand. · Product dimensions are clearly stated in the description in the image. Due to the nature of the image, the size
If there are unclear points, please refer to the items close to the size with your item
Let us recommend buying from much more. If the actual color is slightly different from the explanation image in the smartphone, PC environment, etc
There is. ・ Product number is individual due to differences in product specifications such as product color, for men and women
If it is specified in the order, please specify the desired item number after bidding
The. · Items other than the items listed in the title item, description are not attached.And ceramic, fiber products, the arrangement of the other properties on the pattern such as handmade products, the position of the decoration
Or the shape, the color may be different from the image. · When attached to packaging, there is no effect on the state of goods to be delivered (possibility of damage)
As long as it is available, there are some items that will become simple packaging. Please understand shipping by low cost, resource saving.
· Note 1) With regard to product shipment, due to the convenience of the shipping system, designation of date and time · transportationNeither treatment by company is impossible.· Receipt issue will be accepted only if you wish. However, the shipping source of the item with our shop
Because it will be different, postal fee of 82 yen for sending (considerable fee after change in consumption tax rate) will be charged separately
I will accept it. In addition to the address, if you need a written notice in advance. And questions, inquiries, etc., question column to an exhibitor, e-mail, available upon us by phone. In addition, we will respond to inquiries by telephone within our shop business hours (9: 00 ~ 19: 00)
Let us eat. · On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the notice after a successful bid is due to the convenience of inventory check of the shipping source is a holiday
Please note that it may be after the dawn. · Year-end and New Year holidays, Golden week, Bon Festival, other consecutive holiday period, or bid
As for the minute, it may take time to arrive somewhat than the normal delivery date
I will.
· Information from our store will be announced in the self-introduction column from time to time.HereThanPlease check it.

◆ Remittance method · Other
◇ Remittance method ◇· Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts please use. ★ Yahoo auction site which is exhibiting from our store,List ①,
In caseList ②Also,
take a look.
☆ Other inquiriesHereUntil.
Ota OyaenNagano prefecture Suzaka city Minami-Yokocho 1574-32TEL 026-245-1718Store opening hours 09: 00-19: 00Charge of Yoshiaki Ota

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