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★ prompt decision ★ CHOPARD (Chopard) Keychain
Auction ends 13 hours
Current price ¥18,480 $185
Start price ¥18,480 $185
Buy-now ¥18,480 $185
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller nishida0123 +1778
Condition Used
Start time 2020-05-25T21:27:39+09:00
End time 2020-05-26T21:27:39+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number h311660283
Seller position Tokyo

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★ prompt decision ★ CHOPARD (Chopard) Keychain
Item Description / Condition
■ Keychain Color ■: Please refer to photos ■ Accessories: case only ■ Size: Length 10.8cm width 4cm (leather part) ※ will be the approximate size. ■ Control Number: CK0406 ■ will CHOPARD (Chopard) Keychain. It is second - hand goods. For those who can acknowledge the following precautions you can still use it. Please offer a bid after understanding / second - hand goods.
Item state / caution points
1. It is rather less is a feeling on the whole, but it becomes a used article. 2. It is a simple pre-cleaning on our side, but it becomes a used article. Please refrain from a bid NG person in the wound you one. It seems that the others are mostly images as shown in the picture. ● Photo reference
Shipping fee etc
Free shipping if it is non-standard-size mail. The highest bidder is payment only for the highest bid. (The ordinary mail takes 2 or 3 days to arrive. In addition, there is no complete security due to accidents during transportation. In addition, due to the nature of the product (glasses / lens) There is no complete security due to accidents during transport etc. Only those who agree here Please select shipment here The non-standard-size mail has no guarantee when posting or losing it. ) Those with guarantee or who are in a hurry will be shipped by COD on Kuroneko Yamato Takkyubin. We are sorry, shipping by Sagawa and other transport companies is not possible. Please add 510 yen separately if you wish letter pack plus. Those who wish for Kuroneko Yamato Takkyubin (shipping costs cash on arrival) are scheduled to ship at 60 sizes. (Http://www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/estimate/ichiran.html) it will be shipped from Kanto. Shipping fee will be changed according to the delivery place, please refer to the above Kuronekoyamato site.
About payment
■ Yahoo easy settlement
A comment
Although you can contact dealings on Tuesday and Sunday, shipping work can not be done. Those who need arrival in a hurry please be careful. ■ It becomes a notice matter of a message. ■
Recently malicious mischief · harassment bidding and easy cancellation are very many, we are struggling. I am sorry for the person who is healthy, but new people Also those who have three or more cancellation evaluations at the highest bidder convenience please contact me within 24 hours. If there is no report, we will cancel it. Of course, we will contact you as soon as possible. For those who are forced to judge actions / malicious behavior that we think that there is no intention of paying even those who are bidding for the same item more than one bid from multiple sellers and selecting from among them We will consider immediate cancellation. (That many in malicious stretching reason, those who will not be contacted you go out to such a bid immediately after travel, such as nursing care, nursing of relatives immediately after the bid has become necessary, such as those who are to reason. I am sorry, those who take such actions or those who have become such self, please refrain from bidding, please bid it after certainly contacting in advance even beforehand. Basically (excluding business days in case of bank payment and us dispatch impossible day) After a successful bid · Even if you know the contact information of both parties, if dealings are not completed within 3 days Those who have lost contact, and those who have dealings with other people during the period of being stretched, we will immediately cancel the transaction etc. )
There are also many people who are bid successfully without reading product photographs and item description · postage availability, please check with us well before checking the points you are interested in. For those who are canceled by mistakes or questions that have already been described in the text after it makes a successful bid, we will consider immediate cancellation (we will correspond in the common sense categories, but we do not correspond to the insane person). Also, although there are more people who ask questions about discount negotiations, those who are asked to give discounts of 30% or more (such as mostly insane people ,,,,) than the price of products currently displayed I will put it in an immediate blacklist. Basically, discount negotiation is impossible. (Since the successful bid commission occurs according to the successful bid price, in case of discounting from the current price, we will re-send the price and change it. )
Since the prompt decision price becomes a successful bid at the same time as bidding, bad evaluation is attached to cancellation. As mentioned above, although healthy (normal) people will be inconvenienced by natural descriptions for healthy people, too many malicious and insane successful bidders are too many, because of smooth transactions, cooperation Thank you. Although there is no relationship with ordinary people at all here as well, recently there are quite a few malicious intentions in part, many requests such as those who are misunderstood do not correspond normally. By personal transactions, we do not respond at all to unreasonable claims or selfish return reasons / refunds. (Because there is always one in 100 people. . . )
In such got immediately after the ,,, another commodity different from the one color I thought, even though there is no problem at the time of dispatch, intentionally put a defect in the arrival side, who are available to you to break. Such a person please do not bid at all. In that case also take appropriate measures, so please be aware. Persons who are bought only for those of store exhibition, personal transactions do not like because of the above reason etc, so we can not do anything like returned goods at all, please understand. Especially for those who are only bought at store exhibition, there are a lot of tendencies, so please do not bid for anything like that because it will be annoying to others.
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