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■ ◎ discount! Low Stock ♪ Kuretake paint Kaoirodori paint Kaoirodori aesthetic star Lee Colors 6 color set MC20SC / 6V
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Current price ¥387 $4
Start price ¥387 $4
Buy-now ¥387 $4
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller yanerhetian +265
Condition New
Start time 2019-12-14T22:31:59+09:00
End time 2019-12-15T15:01:30+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number h439982997
Seller position Tokyo

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Product Details
■ ◎ discount! Low Stock ♪ Kuretake paint Kaoirodori paint Kaoirodori aesthetic star Lee Colors 6 color set MC20SC / 6V
Japanese-made gold-based Kaoirodori paint
Payment details
○ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts.
Shipment details
■ Shipping will be shipped within 3 business days after payment is confirmed. ■ mailing cost is national uniform "1000 yen"
■ delivery method: including Okinawa and Hokkaido Yamato Transport or the post office
★ weather and traffic conditions, GW, Obon period of might be significantly delayed. ★ not be bundled, postage is required postage to each of the 1 successful bid goods. ■ About other product bundling
Only the products sold on the same day
★ A product only successful bid = 1000 yen
A product B product successful bid, included = 1000 + 1000 = 2000 yen
■ After a successful bid, contact us, from the successful bid when it is not possible to confirm such payment
At the time of 2 days have passed, do the cancellation of the procedure. About the cancellation of the highest bidder convenience after a successful bid
■ cancellation fee of 500 yen in any case will occur. We will not delete any bid mistakes, so cancellation fees will also be charged for incorrect bids. ■ Shipping anywhere 1000 yen (nationwide uniform)
Since the commission does not occur in shipping, the commission amount, so now to be able to provide cheap products, I look forward to a lot of successful bid. ■ Finally
Packing boxes and packing materials are reused. We provide products for that much cheaper. Therefore, it may be sent in a packaging box with another company's logo. Please understand when receiving. For trouble prevention, we do not usually support telephone. Please contact us from the transaction message.
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