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Cosplay Costume Touhou Project Sanae Higashi Furuya Original style (wig shoes separately sold)
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥18,500 $133
Start price ¥18,500 $133
Buy-now ¥18,500 $133
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller nanokeaine +783
Condition New
Start time 2024-02-26T19:20:00+09:00
End time 2024-03-04T19:01:31+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number j1046112203
Seller position overseas

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From Japan
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Self-introductionPlease bid and ask questions after seeing the explanation
Product Details Payment details Shipment details Notes comment
■ New unused
■ Material: poly -blend, etc.
■ Set contents: As shown in the photo
Wigs, shoes and tools are sold separately wigs: 2990 yen Shoes charge: 4200 yen■ Great information: We also sell tools and wigs. You can also deliver it with costumes. Please contact us if you wish. ■ Printed costumes cannot be washed. Please be careful. ■ About size
Female size
S size B 75-81 W 56-61 H 82-88 Height 150-155
M size B 81-88 W 61-66 H 88-93 Height 155-160
L size B 88-95 W 66-75 H 93-99 Height 160-165
LL Size B 95-103 W 75-81 H 98-104 Height 165-170
Male size
S size B 79-87 W 60-67 H 86-92 Height 160-165
M size B 87-95 W 67-74 H 92-98 Height 165-170
L size B 95-103 W 74-81 H 98-104 Height 170-175
LL Size B 103-111 W81-87 H 104-110 Height 175-180
■ Bespoke:
・ Delivery time will take about 7-15 business days. ・ No separate fee is charged
・ Please tell us about gender, height, height, waist, hip, sleeve length, length (from neck to waist), length of pants (length from the waist to the ankle), shoulder width, weight. ". (Nude size)
・ No cancellation, no click, and no return.
Product Details Payment details Shipment details Notes comment
Yahoo! easy phlegm settlement (CLEA · net bank) can be used * Customers will be able to pay the transfer fee for the transfer. * Payment amount: Successful bid amount + shipping fee + order fee (if you wish) (Transfer fee will be borne by the successful bidder)
* If you do not make a payment within 5 days after a successful bid, please note that it will be processed as a mischief bid.
Product Details Payment details Shipment details Notes comment
● Delivery method: EMS, Sagawa Express
● Shipping fee: 2000 yen (multiple successful bid + bundled shipment can be shipped. If you bundle, add 800 yen per piece to 800 yen. )
● Delivery date: We will ship within 5-10 business days after payment, within 2-4 business days after shipping. In the case of urgent, please contact us in advance. (As a guide, delivery may be delayed to production status, transportation company convenience, weather, and customs clearance. )
Product Details Payment details Shipment details Notes comment
■ Notes on bidding
① If there is no contact within 3 days after a successful bid, we will delete it as canceled. Please note that if you delete it, you will get a bad evaluation. Please. ② Please pay within one week for payment. If there is no payment, it will be deleted as above. ③ In addition, the offer of deletion after the bid will be a violation of the rules, so please bid with responsibility. ■ About exchanging products and returns
・ Please take a picture (with date) for defective products and contact us by email within 3 days. Only good goods exchange can be supported.
・ We cannot respond to returns and exchanges due to customer's convenience
・ Returns and exchanges, corrections, or recapture cannot be accepted by misunderstandings, size changes, etc.. ■ About product condition
・ Photo images may look slightly different depending on the amount of light and the customer's monitor environment. ・ Please note that there may be fine changes depending on the stock status of the fabric. ・ The state is very beautiful because it is a new unopened item, but there is a risk that it has a little stain, scratches, and chalk traces. The more nervous one also those who ask for perfect 美 品 need to withhold a bid. ※please note
・ In the unlikely event that the delivered product is inadequate (within 3 days after delivery), please contact the following. Please note that we can not accept it if the due date is past. ・ Replacement and return of the product quality are not evaluated, but please email. ・ In the case of returned or exchanged, please note that the procedure will be performed after the product returned to us arrives. ・ Please be assured that you will be responsible and trade to the end.
Product Details Payment details Shipment details Notes comment
■ Business days: Monday ^ Sat
■ Regular holidays: Sundays, holidays
(Response other than business hours will be done on the next business day. )
In accordance with your desired design, you can also make consignment production and processing trade.
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