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New old -fashioned goods ☆ ASAHI ☆ Suntory ☆ Nikkawiski ☆ Others ☆ Trainer ☆ Polo shirt ☆ 7 points ☆ 010ss -F7505
Auction ends over
Current price ¥4,000 $29
Start price ¥4,000 $29
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller max_store555 +1062
Condition New
Start time 2024-01-04T12:30:09+09:00
End time 2024-01-05T12:30:09+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number j1111048876
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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New old -fashioned goods ☆ ASAHI ☆ Suntory ☆ Nikkawiski ☆ Others ☆ Trainer ☆ Polo shirt ☆ 7 points ☆ 010ss -F7505
Description of item This product rank will be [S]. ◆ Product rank ◆ See below
N: [New] A completely new and unused product / unopened item
S: [New opening / new old article] New unused but dirty or scratches, translated products
A: [Chugen Beauty] The number of uses is small and relatively beautiful products
B: [Used general] Products that can be seen with small, medium scratches, dirt, and stains
C: [Used defective] Products with difficulty in medium / large scratches or dirt
* The USED rank of S, A, B, and C is small scratches,
Please bid after understanding such as Kasure
◆ Product description ◆
Three white polo of ASAHI, one TAKARA, one Nikka Wiskey trainer, one Suntory polo trainer, one with KIRIN's Greporo length, 7 points.. There may be fading for long -term storage.. Size is free. 【remarks】
* In the case of dead stock, used goods, wounds, junk products
We are waiting for bidding only for those who understand. ◆ Payment details ◆
★ The total payment is [Successed price] + [shipping] only ★
■ Yahoo! Easy settlement
Secondary merchant Osaka Prefectural Public Safety Commission No. 621252303121 Seiji Kusunoki
Notes ■ The claim return after a successful bid is the initial failure at the time of unpacking after the product arrives.
If you have any deficiencies, please contact us.. We will take a sincere response. If you have any questions about the product, please do not hesitate to ask questions. ■ After the auction, we will notify you about transactions from the Transaction Navi
We will contact you, so please reply to it. ■ After payment is confirmed, we will ship within 5 days on the same day. We will make a smooth transaction to the end, so thank you. ■ We do not operate on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, so
Transactions and shipping will be shipped and contacted after the holidays. * Please note that Friday's successful bids may be contacted at the beginning of the week because they will be available outside of business hours. ■ It can be bundled, but delivery with one shipping fee is not possible. The shipping fee changes depending on the quantity. ■ For 1 yen products, it will be impossible to bundle. Please note that one product will be 1 shipping fee
Shipment details ■ Our designated flights of the company uniformly 2100 yen
Hokkaido 2810 yen, Okinawa and remote islands 6083 yen. * Direct delivery is not accepted. [Please note that it will always be shipped by our designated flight. 】
Payment Method Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
This item's guide is "■@Immediate Sale 5.53 ■It was created with.
Since it has sent many others besides this, please have a look, if very well.
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