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Aluminum tash case Aluminum case 13 inch business bag document case PC storage PC case travel bag PC case
Auction ends 1 day
Current price ¥8,535 $60
Start price ¥8,535 $60
Buy-now ¥8,536 $60
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller icxru69555 +230
Condition New
Start time 2024-04-20T17:29:57+09:00
End time 2024-04-22T17:29:57+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number j1116844567
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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Description of item

Product Details
Formatism: New unused
Material: Aluminum back cloth: polyester
Type: A (key lock) B (TSA lock)
A dimensions: (approx.) Width 40 x depth 9.5 x height 32cm
B Dimensions: (approx.) Width 40 x depth 13 x height 32cm
Color: Black A, Silver A, Black B, Silver B, Gold B
Lightweight body made of aluminum alloy
With a key lock that can lock the buckle part (with TSA lock)
Urethane sponge protects stored from impact
Maximum load is 8kg
Attache case made of 100%aluminum alloy Light and durable case. Not only documents, but also tablets can be stored, and on the back of the lid, there is a pocket that can store pens and accessories! It is an aluminum hard case that can be used for multi.
Since the measurement method is different for each person, the measurement result is difficult to match, the tolerance of the size is ± 3..
Please note that the lining and handle colors are subject to change without notice..
◆ Notes ◆
* Sundays and holidays cannot be shipped
* The color of the product may be different in color depending on the setting of the customer's monitor.
※ Because it is possible to arrange goods change or transaction cancellation or correspondence cancellation, we hope that we understand and forgive me as much as possible.
★ Basically, after bidding, we do not accept cancellations after a successful bid.
★ I'm sorry, but if you have any questions about the product or transaction, I would like to submit it before bidding. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask questions.
◆ We are trying to be able to trade smoothly, so thank you
◆ Basically, we do not accept cancellations after bidding and after a successful bid
◆ Saturdays and Sundays and holidays will be closed.
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