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[Autographed] The present Kōtetsujō no Kabaneri Miki Haruhiko replicate the original Rinfuyu
Auction ends over
Current price ¥78,000 $760
Start price ¥78,000 $760
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller nack9 +5245
Leader z*2*e***
Condition New
Start time 2020-01-28T23:51:42+09:00
End time 2020-01-29T23:51:42+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number j399202963
Seller position Okayama Prefecture

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From Japan
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[Limited signed "KinoeTetsujo of Kabaneri" Haruhiko Mikimoto ED illustrations duplicate original "Rinfuyu" Haruhiko Mikimoto Mr. draw down the ending illustrations of "Kōtetsujō no Kabaneri" It was reproduced as a duplicate original by high-quality printing by letterpress "Prima photography". ~ Is a ~ Prima photography Of craftsman techniques required Jikure printmaking techniques and state-of-the-art It is a high-quality art print that combines the digital color management technology. ★ [Limited signed] "Sign a limited number: 50 sheets" serial number. ※ serial numbers are not can choose. [Product specifications] Image size: 301mm × 257mm Product will be delivered in a state in which it is framed. It is brand new.
Dispatch is a Yu-pack 100 will.
(August 28, 16 hours 47 minutes additional 2018)
Since 2018 / September, with the rise in the postage rate,
There are times when you change shipping fee. In particular, since Yu-Mail 2 kg, 3 kg are abolished, the price will change from the notation. (It is planned to change to letter pack plus or Yu Pack outside the fixed form)
I hope you understand. In addition, uniform 500 yen etc will be changed to non-standard-size charges. 【shipping method】
◎ Click post bite 185 yen
(34 * 25 * within 3 cm and within 1 kg)
◎ Non-standard-size mail
    Within the standard, the long side is within 34 cm, the short side is within 25 cm, the thickness is within 3 cm and the weight is within 1 kg. Within standard
Weight fee
Within 50 g 120 yen
Within 100 g 140 yen
Within 150 g 205 yen
250 g within 250 yen
500 g within 380 yen
Within 1 kg 570 yen
2 kg is not handled
Within 4 kg
Weight fee
Within 50 g 200 yen
Within 100 g 220 yen
Within 150 g 290 yen
Within 250 g 340 yen
500 g within 500 yen
Within 1 kg 700 yen
2 kg within 1,020 yen
Within 4 kg 1,330 yen
◎ Letter pack light (Specified envelope mail with no delivery record mail)
    The thickness shall be within 3 cm. Weight fee
Within 4 kg 360 yen
◎ Letter pack plus (Specified envelope postal matter to be a delivery record mail)
    Optional service charge of delivery record mail is included in the price of letter pack plus. Weight fee
Within 4 kg 510 yen
◎ Yu-Pack
From Okayama
◎ Please ask questions about individual shipping fee from Q & A. (Please pardon if you can not answer such as close to end time)
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