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[High-level exhibitor] CHISO global kimono> Black Tatsutagawa> running water + Daikaede> Japonisme> prompt decision ⇒ with tailor> length coat also wonderfully ⇒CoolJapan
Auction ends 3 days
Current price ¥363,000 $3,590
Start price ¥363,000 $3,590
Buy-now ¥363,000 $3,590
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller ua587 +1168
Condition New
Start time 2020-04-02T12:21:07+09:00
End time 2020-04-09T12:21:07+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number j438381031
Seller position Kyoto

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Masterpieces CHISO kimono Tatsutagawa ⇒ Kitsch a black background Kimono says a lot silence ⇒ sophistication + qualities pedigree ♂ also be 98% kimono Leave a 2% legend ⇒ top This article does not have to and fro another tailored ⇒ CHISO & TIFFANY⇒ highest quality assurance ⇒CoolJapan to tailor the length coat & The presence of KIMONO is three times that of brand clothes The invitation hear in ⇒ kimono = place of case up etiquette Tatsumura + SenSatoshi = rolling Mercedes The world is there a capitalist ⇒ appearance = essence
Masterpieces CHISO kimono Tatsutagawa ⇒ Kitsch a black background

Masterpieces CHISO kimono Tatsutagawa ⇒ Kitsch a black background

[] Our shop Yahoo! Auctions Professional exhibitor, "with standard tailor Price listings ⇒ reduction negotiation / single item out of taxes."It is correspondence at
This path is deep and farLow price appealIt is not a place to come
* Negotiation price is private! ! ⇒ maker's credit and honor, no image
【】Profound presence of this kimono Surprise, will surpass even a little of the kimono
This kimono is regular new
Filthy garbage Obi kimono, old clothes, financial products, not in the inferior copy products of the kind
◆ This kimono is presence top 2% absolute aesthetic up a notch, finished job deadline to shine and guarantees
It is ⇒ Surprise & CoolJapan to tailor the length coat
[] Kimono beginner also can be seen at a glance
8k comparable to high-quality live-action image + delicate professional captionExpertise top 2% 弊 our shop net exhibition ⇒ free without pressure while staying (laughs)
Please enjoy it
【Click】 summer crowded
[Product specification]
[Country of origin] made in Japan
[Producer] SenSatoshi
[Name] Yuzen kimono and long coat
[Textile processing] copy Yuzen
Material silk crepe beach
[Size] width nine-sun eight minutes length three-length two feet
[Weight] 950g
[Background] black
[Color insert] engine, Yamafuki color,
[Design] Daikaede + running water ⇒ Tatsutagawa
[Current anti-price] 330000 yen + tax
[Supplement] length coat ⇒ Allowed
[Trade collateral] Yes
[] To orthodox classical motifs you will find a modern sense in the goodness of sharp
The kimono band of our shop that survived to choose there is an absolute sense of beauty -
There is the same as the important thing as absolute pitch of musicians ...
【】 I can not finish a tough competitor ⇒ I can not finish a single kimono · · ·
'Dignified and clean' ⇒ cool dress ⇒ proportionate to actual wearing number of wearBeauty of living behaviors is overworked by hands over and over (lol)
Clothes wear ⇒ Should you do the same thing even if you practice 100 years (laugh)
that day
Oh? You do not have the knowledge of tea
Are you okay with what you say?
【CLICK】 5 minutes by Hirokasato video
【】Ryukyu Bingata dyed Obi Nagoya Obi-ball Naha Yuoyakesaku important intangible cultural asset
The was combined
Of kimono and obi
Marriage is dramatic - in WonderlandPartner is importantIn there you ne ...
that day,
You do not win the weight prestigious of which looks poor · Kimono in any luxury dressTroubled person who was not wearing eventually ⇒ buy ⇒ antique garbage band kimono, you will find the majority of the【】Talented woman Nadeshiko Shoshi of globally active
At the United Nations headquarters in the Fifth Avenue in the Champs-Elysees
If this is the kimono wearYour presence is - more than three times the dressAlways will be surrounded by the TV crew
Its world distribution image is I'm come true in much national prestige carry forward! !
Sense and quality warranty, exhibition tax standard retail price ⇒ [price-reduction negotiation ⇒ goods only, outside the tax] Available with tailoring◎ or prompt decision There is a monthly installment possible, recommended non-interest-bearing 7 times
【】Luxury this Yuzen processing dyed kimono> Black Rimpa running water Daikaede> Tatsutagawa> you will find a SenSatoshi humbly made
Japonisme authentic orthodox classic Kyo Yuzen
People of the Western to the goodness of its elegant Kire is there a marvel
Not please attracted the line of sight, such as the arrow dressed this
Bold composition in black is there a strong impact
Us also brilliantly complemented even more better is quiet Needless to say petite of style
I'll There is a wonder ~, do you want There is a reason why the black, if Japonisme very Mure
'♪ Chihaya Bull-gods also asked not Tatsutagawa, the enclosed water to Karakurenai ~ ...'
Running water in the maple, the so-called Tatsutagawa ...
'♪ weave also in red and yellow - colors in various ways - on the water Nishiki ~ ♪'
Rimpa running water Daikaede SenSatoshi, who is ... in order
You have not please call us so much of case of goods try to Yuku talented woman Nadeshiko one step ahead
Kimono is elegant and Ekisupenshibu, you will find a costume of the Earth on the most expensive lofty
In our capitalist class society of the money centerKill the stratum = rolling MercedesAppearance = does not have in essence -
Antique cheap trash band kimono ⇒ eventually per the the most of the stage here it is proposed that Mudaka
Overseas in the tea ceremony in the city, at each recital, in Patei in study abroad
Not please call us to please Surprise
[Brand-name goods CHISO] [traditional crafts Kyoto Yuzen] [current anti-price @ 330,000 yen + tax] [lining,Hand-sewn tailoringIncluded]
[]Fabric width is nine-sun eighth-length sleeves one feet eight cunThere can be up to much
[] I was put ⇒ Kataura collaboration image It is pleasant on the length coat
[] This printed silk kimono fabric dyeing process luxury Rimpa Black with running water Satoshi humbly made large maple 1000. Japonism full legitimacy of the classical elegance that kind of snapped me out of the way the Western people. This dress to look like an arrow to the ABI. Black with bold composition, is slender and powerful impact is of course even more docile little strange for me patronage book. '♪ red and yellow colors of water in various ways to weave a SHIKI ~ ♪' = covered by clubbing it out to them. KOROGASU pole to the stuffy black rooms. One step at a film industry that I can give you a home. Kimono is the most elegant, soaring EKISUPENSHIBU costume on the planet. As per the five-and waste, or end up in the attempt Rimpa Satoshi who is running water for thousands of large maple trees [] [Kyung-brand products made up a stopgap hand:.... +53000 yen * The picture is layered obi Oba 'Oceans' prices are not included [Goods] inches in width is eight minutes at a length scale snow five minu tes to eight inches rooms. * Trial of interest charges.◎ There are Tatsutagawa reference videos 【】♪ Chihaya Bull ~, Kojiro also asked not Tatsutagawa ~, ~ is the enclosed water to ♪ Karakurenai ...
Black If very Mure, the mystery of this intense sharp, oriental, Please try pleasure you please
◆ This kimono is up a notch, and finished job deadline shines guarantee
【】There a 152cm height of the wear model
This kimono is,
Black, our also recommended to powerful enough, petite woman with vibrant design
【】 Entire gauge band LL size
【CLICK】 3-fold dignity LL size total throttle band · black ground
[] Howya doin? Oh! Chiso Tatsutagawa! . Its expensiv! ...
Price of kimono is there so he crazy, (laughs)
People of Western Hiso guess you make yourself really well studied that of Japan (laughs)
[]White HouseVisible · Free
Tourists from around the country can do their utmus, that matrix (lol)
【】 All Nippon Airways International JFK⇒NRT Can see the aurora sometimes in Canada over Canada
That is the light of God, it seems that no one can see it
The important thing about everyday is important
【Gion Ichigo Tensei】 ◎ It is ANA which is more delicious than the ground
◎ Please see NYC Times sq Live Broadcast
◎ TIFFANY sustainability 【The Plaza Hotel】
Doing business Everywhere in the world,
Not only our company
We also urge vendors to protect basic human rights more certainly. Through our code of conduct, self-evaluation and field audit,
From safety and employment practices
Based on the wide range of factors leading to environmental performance,
I am overseeing the vendor's achievements. In the Code of Conduct,
We clarify our values ​​and expectations for our vendors. Also,
By social responsibility program,
Tiffany has been maintaining with pride so far
In compliance with strict standards,
Finished products and parts, leather, polished diamonds and packaging materials
We guarantee that it is delivered from the vendor.
◎ TIFFANY sustainability
【】 Tiffany has one thing that never sells no matter how much money it is served
However, when the customer buys the product, it is provided free of charge
It is a box with the name of Tiffany's crown
Unless a product manufactured responsibly is put in it,Do not bring that box out of the storeIs called
The strict rules since the establishment have been passed through
【Click 初 代 First Tatsumura Heizo · World of Textiles】
[Dior Sounji Wentai 裂錦 + grape arabesque Bun'nishiki image]
[] Global fashion leader CHISO
The goodwill is there a stack of Sujigane filled, challenge five hundred years
Quality nor prestigious customers also top 2%
Kill the Chiso = There Mercedes than such that the rolling ...
[] World fashion leader CHISO & TIFFANY
[Goodwill of the world's oldest ⇒CHISO challenge five hundred years]【】 Kimono heavy tax 100 years big downturn ⇒ high-quality kimono sleeve + sleeveless manufacture only thousands of people · · ·The other company is in a stop state
* Global fashion leader CHISO
⇒ Please visit the top 2% high-grade kimono of the industry
[] Japanese women kimono is there a planet on the most lofty esoteric costume
In each of the four seasons
And a wide variety of materials, you will find the exhibition of complicated conventions
This road of ups and downs of life is, and the sophistication and Tsuie-aesthetic sense
Ei'! ! Courage - to click and also (laughs)
Would you like There is a great need ...
[Slowly required installment loans Paper]
In hopeWe hear even a successful bid at the time @ 99,500 yen ⇒ remaining @ 50,000 yen x6 times -
【】 Evaluation caption[Absolute sense of beauty! ⇒ value under negotiation> SenSatoshi gem kimono> Rimpa Hundred Flowers Aofuji color> current anti]
(End date and time: 20 minutes at 2016 March 15, 9)comment: The image is a lot, the model is now a reference woven tighten the various band. It is kimono beginner, but the impulse is Yahoo! Auctions first experience that I bought at half but is very happy. Thank you very much. (Evaluation date and time: 5 days 17 minutes at 11 April 2016)[Hiso Tomesode height! CHISO tract length allocation Hanabun> with tailoring> possible installments]
(End date and time: 55 pm, 2015 March 31, 11)
comment: This time I have black sleeves and bags for my son's wedding ceremony,
My sister bought a black sleeve and a color sleeve. I confirmed the actual thing at the thousands of exhibitions and I wore various colors. Although the exchange was also OK, things I made you had no mistakes. (Evaluation date and time: 9:14 on July 28, 2015)
[Kimonos Concierge> Suitable for advanced users] Ekoikei> Back technique> secret
(End date and time: 9:16 on April 14, 2012)comment: I thought about whom I would like to ask the eldest daughter's color sleeve from about a year ago. The reason why you asked for your shop
Quality is the highest grade It is up to the fact that it is an expert with more than enough career. Yesterday, I am extremely satisfied with the color sleeve that makes the sound of clothing scattered at hand. (Evaluation date and time: 22:26 on May 13, 2012)
[From Kyoto, I am the masterpiece of the masterpiece Tomesode Keicho Michicho Nagasaki]
(End date and time: 20:30 on September 16, 2006)comment: The item arrived safely. Thank you for taking the time to respond promptly and politely. I gave him a wonderful voice of admiration for a splendidly dressed kimono. If there is an edge, thank you again. (Evaluation date and time: 15:16 on October 13, 2006)
【Thousands of people> Kimono sleeve> With tailoring preparation】 Kazako> White background> Keicho long daughter> Wedding
(End date and time: 8:27 on January 24, 2010)comment: I received goods safely. The wonderful products of high quality, in a very beautiful tailoring, we are delighted. Thank you very much for making me appreciate the bands etc of the top manufacturers on request. I am looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you very much. (Evaluation date and time: 12:06 on April 20, 2010)
[] Sorry
You can not, such as auction lifting 1000 yen regular new
We Otoshime social evaluation of credit and industry-wide manufacturer
⇒ malicious lifting absolute Gomiya Mr. Irasshaimasu a calm
Tailoring useless, towards the actual item only hopeThere is trouble, but thank you in [only, outside the tax reduction negotiation ⇒ goods]
◎ Yahoo of Gyokusekikonko taiga
for you·
Not please luck please notice also the devil of work, (laughs) that tried to buy the antique garbage band Kimono
It's you to ShiranumawomanI will go down, it is scary
【】 Clean kimono and obi &
beautifulTailor made Kyoto handwritingIt is our standard
I will adjust it carefully and expertly in the middle of Kyoto
Yoshimi, please stop by this finger
SenSatoshi image·Kimono Show · Honjyo·[Tea ceremony of the night 咄]
【】 How to fold the hakama·【】 How to fold kimono·【】 How to fold long kimchi
【】 Silk Devils Crispy yellow cushion ⇒
Umbrella spinning, Rice celebration · Expensiv It is not also in a custom-made department store
【】 Buy Expensiv TATSUMURA⇒ on Clever
【】 Dignity number 1 · CHISO buy kimono on clever · ·
【】 CHISO buy sleeve · job Tadashi Saito for clever
【】Crazy I consumption tax 10% even have it! ! - a There you'll ne* Foolish people but our shop is 2016/01/13 · Palau RepublicPrivate expenseA tour trip
⇒ Tourist tax + environmental tax$ 50Paid as fact
This as a good example
To the Prime Minister
We introduced a tourist tax · security tax · environmental tax · immigration tax for foreign tourists "introduction
(July 19, 2016)
【】 Teaching staff で entrance ceremony + graduation ceremony Please wear a fixed sleeve, a kimono or a crest
【Evaluation Comments】[] CHISO this kimono> will surpass presence three times ⇒ Evening dress> the world's highest dignity>
Absolutely Shinso> Princess orthodox classic mode
(End date and time: 02 pm, 2019 July 4, 9)
: This time Thank you very much
Eyes wake up such a nice kimono is a gem for no daughter anywhere
Many years I think it is raised in the last moment of parenting as a parent was also looking from the front
I am really happy because I hope that come in here.
Also I would appreciate your favor next opportunity. (Evaluation date and time: 11:48 on July 10, 2019)[Reply]: I am honored to have you pay attention to the exhibition without connection. ♪ hand-embroidered on our shop's absolute beauty sensation. Thank you, thank you please in the future. (Evaluation date and time: 9:18 on July 11, 2019)
【High level seller】
___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0
【】 Saori Tsunagure bag band> band gem> classic pattern other than flower pattern
【Evaluation Comments】Akira Saori,
Until then, I was comparing new and secondhand truly various
When I was a bit tired, I encountered the exhibition of the store,Initially I was surprised at how to make pages and sentences, but it was drawn as a wonderWhen I see the exhibition,
Even those of the same maker, I feel like Yuki as well as being excellent, I adhere to the propaganda. It is striking, such as the color shade of the thousand-san's green,
If you dress kimono on a daily basis in the summer, I think that green crest sauce is certainly. Watamono's reversible, Nanano's hemp belt has a big difference in sense with antique dealers
Besides exhibition, the variety of products such as original dyed is wonderful
To a powerful catch phrase capable of price negotiation,
Please do not miss this price! I tried it boldly (^ ^ ;; I challenged.
【】 This item is standard price exhibition ⇒ price cut negotiation (single item · external tax) possible
【】 Teaching staff で entrance ceremony + graduation ceremony Please wear a fixed sleeve, a kimono or a crestthat is
To the student and students and studentsVisual support + respectWould you please
[Must see ⇒ click] you will find a world fashion leader CHISO Kyo Yuzen real image
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