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☆ JANTJE_ONTEMBAAR Yang Choi on ten bar VASIC Small Perth pink Christmas limited Shingo Katori # new map #SMAP
Auction ends over
Current price ¥5,400 $55
Start price ¥5,400 $55
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller kekeketrick +1277
Condition New
Start time 2020-07-08T08:23:37+09:00
End time 2020-07-09T08:23:37+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number j543029710
Seller position Tokyo

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Shingo Katori
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Description of item One small Perth pink "Details"New, unused
It exhibits Now that you have more get their favorite color.
It is a thing in the individual storage at home from ※ to buy. (No smokers)
State the hope that it will be clean, but there are individual differences in opinion. In addition, the bid of the more nervous one from the viewpoint of the above, please refrain. ※※ exchange returned goods, does not perform any.
You can put free paper 3 parts you if you wish. If you wish, please tell from dealings Navi immediately after a successful bid. If there is no mention, you do not put up. You can not select. And then pass it to the random here. From the time of distribution, there is also a issue that had been damaged torn. Since it is a bonus, please understand. Also, if you want to put up, because simply put up with favor
I need your help by not subject to evaluation.
Notes ★ No Return Of individual storage per commodity, it is more of a nervous person or worry, please withhold a bid. ★ for the person who seems to be funny in person of the person and the new are concerned about the evaluation, it will be the cancellation of the highest bidder convenience. ★ damage, such as a mail accident, does not take any responsibility. If you are concerned, please select a guaranteed shipping method. ★ We can not accept cancellation after bid / successful bid, complaints. ★ After a successful bid, only the person who can proceed promptly to contact procedurePlease offer a bid. After a successful bid, please take your payment your procedure within 24 hours. Those who can take the necessary procedure without any prior notice from such questions, I will consider it as cancellation of the highest bidder convenience. ★ shipping is, after confirming the principle Payments procedure, it will be shipped after the number of days that are described in the "dates of to ship date", please give me a bid of only those who can acknowledge. ★ our side, we have a job. I am not in a state to be able to check the PC at all times. In addition, if you are having trouble at work you may not contact what days in dealings. Therefore, that you may get the dates in the communication and confirmation of payment and shipping, please understand. Those in a hurry and, I refuse a bid of those who are have committed to immediate response and date. (Ideas and a time by the people, has its own circumstances. Please understand. )
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