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One Piece [Chopper] Sengu Natsu Genbal General: Naoe Kannaste: Mascot: Strap: Key Holder: Figure: New: Unopened: Unused
Auction ends 12 hours
Current price ¥2,000 $21
Start price ¥2,000 $21
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller evoshige +415
Condition New
Start time 2021-01-21T13:45:54+09:00
End time 2021-01-28T13:45:54+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number j545342070
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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From Japan
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----- 【Product Details】 -----
One Piece: Chopper is a strap dressed as a warlord warlord.
----- 【shipping method】 -----
★ Outside of fixed formation in simple packaging (or shipping of our designation) "Free (no warranty)"
Others: (We do not accept shipping methods other than the following)
Letter pack "510 yen · 360 yen (with product tracking)"
Pack 510 hands and 360 post post posting when receiving.
Products up to 3 cm thicks can be sent for 360 yen, but it is also possible if it is 510 yen with buffered packing and bundled products.
First of all, if you receive a shipping cost of 360 yen from me to 360 yen, you can also change to 510 even if you receive a shipping cost of 360 yen.
Please note that the difference will be paid by our seller, but it is not possible to pay attention to the payment schedule..
In addition, if you have a packing, you will definitely get caught up with "never sent for 360 yen" to exceed 3 centimeters..
Letter pack shipping is basically 510 yen.
Yu Pack (with product warranty)
It is dispatch from Osaka.
---- [living environment] -----
There is no human who smokes cigarettes in the home (I am also a smoking house)
There is no concern that it is said that cigarette or colon, smelled softener aroma is attached to the product.
Also, please rest assured that pets are not breeding.
Put unused goods and unopened products in basic moss box etc.
We are stored in direct sunrise, avoiding places where fluorescent lights hit.
(Except for used products, junk products)
----- 【With evaluation】 -----
It is not particular for the evaluation after trading.
Evaluation from the successful bidder does not mean, so
It is quite good if you can arrive and check the contact Navi after confirming.
As we will evaluate reply only if you have evaluated to me,
If no evaluation is necessary, it is quite good for the evaluation addressed to the seller..
---- [If the product is a junk product] ------
● Products of [used etc.] will be cleaned within the scope of visible.
However, since it is within the scope of the amateur, please refrain from making a claim or returned goods after a successful bid.
The product state after cleaning is confirmed by the image, and please bid after convolution.
● Please consider "Junk product" even if [Used item] is written without failure.
If you are looking for a perfect product, please use other auctions that are described as new..
★ Product title, details, in one of the status,
If "used, usage, junk" etc. are not listed, this field does not correspond.
---------- [Others] -----------
☆ [I am troublesome, but please read all the following sentences before tender] ☆
● We are working to store unused products as much as possible.
However, there is also a possibility that there is a wound that does not get unavoidable at the time of early stage scratches and storage, and aging.
The product condition is confirmed by the image, and please bid after convincation.
● Cancel after a successful bid, please refrain from arriving claims and returns.
If there is no almost no degree of fall, we can not refund it.
In addition, if the transaction is interrupted unilaterally, we will refuse the subsequent transactions after registration of exhibitions, successful bid fees, etc. and registered in the blacklist..
● After arriving at the hand, no claims such as the desired model etc..
Please tender after confirming the image, such as the shape of the product..
● However, please note that the difference in color is somewhat different due to the characteristics of the color of the PC screen.
● It is an individual in a hobbies range, not the exhibition performed by a shop such as a shop..
Those who are perfect, such as shops, product storage, product management, and shipping body,
And, if you are a little nervous, I think it would be wise to be able to refrain from bidding.
● Puchipuchi of packing may also be used when using recycled products,
The product itself will not touch the product directly in the new nylon bag so that the packing material does not touch the product..
In addition, when recycling packing materials, we will use alcohol disinfection..
If the product is covered with the package or shred by new article unopened,
It is also possible to wrap it directly on a petit.
● Of course, shipping in envelopes will, of course, use a new envelope, but it is also possible to send it in a box etc. depending on the product.
The box for packing will be a recycling box that can be basically available.
If you wish to have a new box, you will receive a separate box fee,
I will attach it as much as possible. Please contact us at the time of deal.
In addition, there is also a time to arrive by the preparation of the box.
● Since the shipping cost is measured on a home scale, it may be some errors.
If the shipping cost is applied to more than or equal to the description, we will be burdened.
Even if the shipping cost has been cheaper, it does not refund even if there is extra extra.
(We will refund only if you have extra amounts of money only [stamp etc.] will be refunded)
● If you have a new number of rating, a significant number of ratings,
It is also possible to cancel the bid without notice without notice without notice.
If you apply to the above evaluation, please tell the successful bid intention from the question column in advance.
There is also a possibility of canceling the right and putting the blacklist even if you bid without contact..
● Major, hanger, etc., color patterns, colors, etc.
If there is no special description, it is not included in the product to be made a successful bid.
● The desired successful bid price is not set No matter what before the end of the product, we will not respond at any prior transactions..
● Please bid for only those who can trade in Japanese.
If you are in a foreign language, if you are living in Japan, you will stop trading with the successful bidder convenience.
● After bidding [I do not receive any claims that occurred without reading the above-mentioned descriptions]
★ 【Please do not know the problem in order to avoid trouble in advance from the question column】 ★
Immediate, reply for the same day, night, endless reply, but
There is no way to reply to be able to reply in a few days with any trivial questions.
─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ──
★ The above, I wrote a fine thing with my selfishness,
Since the successful bidder like Kramer looks at other auctions, please understand.
The above described above, bad and dirt, etc..
─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ──
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