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【Lid 142】Play Station 2 Taiko Drum Master dedicated controller data collection software data collection in the sound is PS2 Play Station II Namco NAMCO
Auction ends 18 hours
Current price ¥2,480 $25
Start price ¥2,480 $25
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller iraesawae977 +2490
Condition Used
Start time 2019-11-30T21:58:34+09:00
End time 2019-12-07T21:58:34+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number j553993636
Seller position Hokkaido

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【Lid 142】Play Station 2 Taiko Drum Master dedicated controller data collection software set data code in sound is a PS2 Play Station II Namco NAMCO
Description of item
※This item is a PlayStation 2 Taiko Drum Master is full of it the third of the type included in the set,
"Taiko Drum Master is full of it third generation"of software does not come with the correct and we will do all we can to accommodate you..■ ■ set contents●Data code body
●Dedicated team×2
●Dedicated stand (Assembly type)
●User manual
●Software: Taiko Drum Master Data code in sound is
Songs list
J-POP Summer Festival
J-POPMarionette -marionette-
J-POPMr. Moonlight ~ love's big band~
J-POP mini Moni. Phone! The ringing of the
J-POPLOVE machine
Anime is not only popular in the song of
The anime Sazae-San family
Anime Doraemon Ondo
Anime Ham, Taro and the like"and the ham Taro please!" More
Anime Lupin the third theme'78
Nursery rhymes tankobushi
The city and heaven
Classic classics medley(Sports Edition)
Classic classic medley(Rock Ed) [hidden song】
Classics from the new world Dvořák
Game music is. The door
Game music STEPPING WIND wind the 2
Game music through the Affordable medley
Namco original gold kitchen 【hidden song】
Namco original Taiko samurai 【hidden song】
Namco original for Taiko dojo 【hidden song】
Namco original which Chan You song
Namco original Don-Chan Ondo
Namco original Rainbow・Dream colors, Taiko colors
Namco the original Halo! As Chan
Namco the original Fengyun! Team and teacher 【hidden song】
Namco original recipe Ondo
Namco original lovely X 【hidden song】■ State ■It is operation confirmed. Tata to fine scratches, and,dirt can. Special stand,dedicated to small scratches there is a feeling. Software slight scratches, but the game play is no problem in....... Soft case surface storage scratches there..■ Note on the successful bid ■ I hope in a no claim no return.
キ ャ ン セ ル I have refused cancellation after a successful bid. If you have any questions, please ask a question before bidding. ◇ Please note that we may not be able to answer you depending on the timing of your question. 振 Transfer fee will be paid by the highest bidder. ◇ If it is judged as dangerous goods or valuables, or due to other reasons, the delivery company may be changed and delivered. 画像 The image may be slightly different from the actual color depending on the equipment used. 指定 About specification of packing such as wrapping, we do not accept basically. ◇ Although the item description may include the text quoted from the manufacturer, we do not guarantee its contents. However, the description content is excluded, such as condition. ◇After the auction successful bid received commodity usage every 2 additional damage(as in the electronic equipment inside of the customer data of the successful bid goods caused by damaged or---etc.) we guarantee we can. 保証 No warranty for consumables. Please purchase separately for products that require batteries etc. 対 応 対 応 The initial malfunction will be supported only when there is a defect or damage not described in the item description column, and if you contact us within 2 days after the product arrives. Please be aware that we will not be able to respond to any subsequent offers. ジ ャ ン For junk products, specify as "junk goods" and may post information at the time of check, but please understand as reference information only. Please bid only for those who have responsibility after purchase. ◇ It may cancel the bid of the worse one of the contents of the new one · evaluation. ◇ direct dealings do not correspond. ◇ Refund support will be handled after the highest bidder returns the actual item. In that case,the US to pay for more than the amount of the refund can not correspond the order is placed. (to us and return shipping charges, mounting fees, etc., the successful bidder is the amount paid or refunded are not eligible)
Offer a bid, at the above registered or not, and whether you will.
This item's guide is "■@Sale-Kun 4. 21■It was created with.
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