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Prompt decision Godin Maestro seamless iQOS ICOS body case Italian leather seamless case hand-dyed Navy / Navy
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥2,500 $26
Start price ¥2,500 $26
Buy-now ¥6,500 $66
Consumption tax 10% not included
Seller tjoebest +19514
Condition New
Start time 2020-06-30T06:40:49+09:00
End time 2020-07-07T06:40:49+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number j594797761
Seller position Osaka-shi, Osaka

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Maestro seamless Italian leather iQOS case Sales of leather case only The state of charge of the charger can be seen at a glance Full cover the body in a snug Three-dimensional form that was tinged with a glossy rounded You can charge a case with the USB while wearing
Maestro seamless Italian leather iQOS case

Maestro seamless Italian leather iQOS case

Godane handmade Italian leather iQOS case
Godin handmade Italian leather Nume ICOS case
Description of item
Finest handmade Godin using traditional craft techniques of Italy Florence, Tuscany
Maestro seamless iQOS Ai costs case. Veteran skilled craftsman to make a mold from scratch, seamless (no-stitch) processing, the luster of the leather
Takumi skills and tools that take many days to finish is required, as it can be in any workshop
There is none. Produced on the basis of Godin management standards of world-class, vegetable tanning
Texture and texture of leather unique atmosphere will continue to increase the flavor over time. Familiar enough to wear, please enjoy the finest leather. As of bodysuit that is dressed in three-dimensional form that was tinged with a glossy rounded
To wear to fit size, for us to protect dirt of the body, from scratches. Of design that has been crafted with a simple insistence finely Create the compromise
Now that there is no gem. Gently fit in the hand, day-to-day easy storage in pocket
It is perfect for partners. Lightly fit in the hand against the deep shades a sense of transparency, a more "fun of having"
It is possible to taste. Please come and enjoy your guess lifestyle × "GODANE for iQOS"!
please note Ai Kos case of GODANE is a separate specification of the main body case and the upper cover. Paste method of the upper lid, please refer to the 8-th image. Both sides made in Japan Nitto
I stuck the tape in four places inside. Not contaminate the eye cost cap
Firmly stick them, Hagasemasu beautiful. ※ stay by the paste Tsukekata of the upper lid in a state in which the eye cost cap does not open completely
There is a case. There is no problem with your. Because it has become a commodity specification,
Please note that returned or exchanged is not afraid that I can not.
There are times when you are with a handmade unique small scratches and stains in the manufacturing process. Is the degree to which would be assimilated enough to go with, but in advance for your understanding and acknowledge
Thank you on your purchase. In addition, the color is slightly depending on the environment of the monitor
It might look different. Damage of ICOS body case such as by dropping in this product use is at your own risk
Please. It does not in any way responsible for damages in our company. Thank you in advance for your understanding and for your understanding on your purchase.
■ Navy (Navy)
■ Body: about W (width) 58 mm × about H (high) 85 mm × about D (thickness) 21 mm
Top ■: about W (width) 58mm × about H (high) 28mm × about D (thickness) 21mm
Raw materials
■ Italian leather Nume
Attachment for goods
※ (envelope-like string with a box made of hard paper)
■ with storage bags
Salees Tax
consumption tax
■ Our shop is because of the auction store, we have separately obtained the consumption tax to the winning bid.
Information on dealings

Please tender from getting to read carefully to the last.

In our shop, order to conduct dealings smoothly, Yahoo! Like system
Use the "Order Form". Sorry to trouble you, but thank you for your procedure on the check to the following procedure.
Flow after it makes a successful bid
★ STEP 1Procedure of the form ... My auction → successful bid → successful bid goods → the top left of the screen
Click on the "to confirm the successful bid from the order form."
★ STEP 2Within 48 hours (weekends and holidays holiday dawning) again I will guide you from the staff. Sorry to trouble you, but thank you for your input on "every single item" of the successful bid.
★ STEP 3Order form after confirming our staff will contact dispatch, etc. ● If you have any guide mail does not come even after a lapse of three days or more is unlikely
Please contact us at the address But we have made to the system to automatically send the guidance mail in the successful bid point in time, is the mail
Cases become non-delivery is plentifully. Cases where e-mail is not delivered is considered the following:. Designation of the domain, e-mail software side filter, etc. We are confirmation email of non-delivery are many, especially DoCoMo mobile terminal or a free e-mail. Past such cases
Some customers were there or asked to contact you to the above e-mail address, to contact us in connection bulletin board
Payment method ■ bank transfer (Japan Net Bank)
■ Yahoo! Simple settlement〔Click here for details〕■ cash on delivery (Sagawa Express e-Collect)
Delivery method ■ courier (Sagawa Kyubin)
If you're sending ready, we will inform you of the voucher No. of your luggage by e-mail. (Can not be shipped by other than the above-mentioned Sagawa Express, please understand. )
Shipping cost ■ Sagawa Express(Nationwide uniform) 660 (including tax) yen ※ Okinawa Hokkaido is excluded
Hokkaido: 1,250 yen (including tax) Okinawa: 1,600 yen (tax included) ※ (including island of Okinawa) remote island, please contact us. ※ Okinawa flights
Time zone specification, please refer to the following. ■ 9 am to 12 pm
■ 12 am to 14 pm
■ 14 am to 16 pm
■ 16:00 to 18
■ 18:00 to 20
■ 19 am to 21 pm
It might not be delivered to the street specified time by traffic and other circumstances. In addition, there is also the region that can not be specified time depending on the area. Please understand and acknowledge.
Cash on delivery commission COD is Rakuchin settlement Sagawa Express e- collect!
COD payment amount Delivery charge (tax included)
Up to 10,000 yen ¥ 330
Up to 30,000 yen 440 yen
Up to 100,000 yen ¥ 660
Up to 300,000 yen ¥ 1,100
Up to 500,000 yen ¥ 2,200
Up to 1 million yen 3,300 yen
When it exceeds 1 million yen 4,400 yen
The above commission Please bear the highest bidder. You can not settlement such as a credit card in the e- collect. (I will restrict the payment in cash)
Multiple simultaneous packing If it is multiple simultaneous successful bid ※, I enclose if the shipping address is the same. ※ within 5 days we hope in the layaway. (Shipping is one carriage be many successful bid)
※ successful bid amount on or after 5 days, please understand it will be another shipment without business day relationship.
Other please note ■ bid afterCancelYaCancellation request of bidEven if there is is any circumstances
We can not accept, please understand. ■ from successful bid day
Within 3 daysContact us of the necessary information,Within 5 daysIf there is no payment to the
We will consider it as cancellation by the convenience of the highest bidder. From that time Yahoo side
Evaluation marked with a "very bad" automatically to the highest bidder. In along with the black list
Been described, it will no longer can bid of our shop and our group stores, in advance
Please give me a bid on consent. Customers of enclosed dispatch hope in multiple successful bid ※ is, from the date of the first successful bid
Within 7 days There will be the payment deadline. ■ our shop, correspondence are some of the reply, such as Contact, evaluation, and questions in the overseas business trip
It might be delayed.Self introduction columnPlease bid from another person, always read the.
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