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KANGOL Kangol batting filled nylon coat 160
Auction ends over
Current price ¥4,500 $46
Start price ¥4,500 $46
Buy-now ¥4,600 $47
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller angel_minamix +188
Condition Used
Start time 2020-08-14T11:11:16+09:00
End time 2020-08-15T11:11:16+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number j610424808
Seller position Shizuoka Prefecture

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◆ About products
Kangol (KANGOL) Cotton nylon coat Hooded 160 size Black (black) color ◇ remarkable tear, without dirt of a stain, it is a grade good elegance. ◇ There is some feeling of use, such as wrinkles, but large enough to stand out of the wound Ya rubbing is not. ◇ zipper is no problem. ◇ such as some of the wrinkles associated with the storage there is, please forgive. ◇ for the article in custody in a private home, the more nervous one should withhold. ◇ measure of shipping isHerePlease refer to. (For carrying out the packing after a successful bid, we have indicated the packing guide) ◇ the last because it is individual exhibition, made photos, and to see, a no claim no return Only those who can promise, please participate to this auction.
■ with respect to payment支払
□ Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
  • Payment date:After a successful bidDay 2Within
  • Date and payment procedures, O receipt of shipping the goods Those who can comply with the date of receipt contact and only, this O Please join us in action.
  • Overdue cancellation procedure in the "highest bidder convenience" Please put in advance consent that will be handled.
● For sending配送料
〇 means:[Shipping method]Please select from the column. 〇 conditions:Yahoo! simple settlement sideAfter checking in credit cardExcept there is a procedure is slow trend. 〇 time: the weekend (for the convenience of work, Saturday and Sunday correspondence only) 〇 packing: ship by simple packing Size is 080 or 100 size is a standard Self introduction columnPlease read also together
警告Note / compliance matters when participation conditions and trading 警告
Self-introductionPlease read also together: △ dealingsNo claim / no returnThank you.
  • Once for the people of the article which was in the hands (used), the nervous person please refrain from.
  • A point to be worried about is borne in mind as to describe as much as possible, but there may be an oversight. (For personal storage / individual exhibition, the product management and quality of the severe one and the store level to the state required If it is required Please refrain from)
  • The state of goods, Please judge me for the image.
△ in the calculation of postage, please understand that there is a case in which excess and deficiency is out.
  • In the case of ships by shipping the original payment, the measurer (home / deliveryman) and shipping location (home / carrying-destination stores) There is a case where an error occurs in the shipping and real charge calculated by the difference.
    1. Even in the case of over-collection, but it does not refund the difference.
    2. In the case of collection shortage, it does not do is claim the difference.
  • Convenience to ship in the free time, you can not specify the shipping original location.
  • Shipping from the advance payment will be expensive, but if I'm not getting any difference cash on delivery.
△ will try as much as possible quick dispatch, but if you take the number of days on account of such work Please note that there.
  • During bad weather such as rain for the damage avoidance to the product, it may forego the dispatch correspondence We are located.
  • Since the correspondence is to protect the goods successful bid, your understanding, please understand.
  • Since depends on the weather, but I am sorry, those in a hurry, please refrain from.
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