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Prompt decision to ★ latest ★ Yasuda warehouses shareholder coupon La Vista Hakodate Bay LA VISTA accommodation complimentary ticket 2021, March 31, 2008
Auction ends 11 hours
Current price ¥48 $1
Start price ¥48 $1
Buy-now ¥48 $1
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller sktoky2001 +1640
Condition New
Start time 2021-01-19T09:21:56+09:00
End time 2021-01-19T22:21:55+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number j663000643
Seller position Aomori Prefecture

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From Japan
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★★ Notes ★★
★★ Please be sure to read the full text down to the bottom ★★
Those who bid will read the full text and judge that the bid is based on the content of the bid..
There have been many troubles such as long-term transactions and non-communication, such as notification of successful bidder information, many days have passed without payment procedure, so the flow of transactions and conditions for canceling transactions I will describe about.
Please understand the following contents and bid only for those who can make a smooth transaction..
★★ Transaction flow ★★
① The successful bidder is requested to notify the successful bidder information immediately after it makes a successful bid..
Please be sure to notify us within 48 hours at the latest..
No need to say hello from the transaction message from the highest bidder.
Basically, we do not contact you from transaction messages..
Please note that if the transaction is proceeding smoothly, the transaction will be silent from beginning to end..
※※ If you make a successful bid for multiple items on the same day and wish to "trade in bulk", please let us know the desired shipping method from the transaction message before pressing the "start trading" button.. We will calculate the shipping fee and inform you.
↓ ↓ ↓
②Please be sure to pay within 5 days from the successful bid date..
There is a difference of several days in the payment deadline depending on the payment method, but it may not be possible to confirm the deadline from here, and it is difficult to judge whether you intend to continue the transaction, so uniformly within 5 days from the successful bid date. Please complete the payment procedure..
Since we do not carry out transactions other than simple settlement, we will delete it due to "successful bidder convenience" regardless of the circumstances when the payment deadline of 5 days has passed..
Due to Yahoo Auction's system, the highest bidder will be evaluated as "very bad"..
↓ ↓ ↓
③ From here, we will ship on the same day or the next day after payment is confirmed..
If there are items to be confirmed by the highest bidder, or if shipping is delayed from the next day due to this sudden situation, we will contact you from the transaction message, but if there is no particular problem and the transaction is proceeding Does not use transaction messages.
It may not be possible to ship on the same day, so basically think that it will be shipped the day after payment..
Please refrain from bidding if you can not wait for the next day's shipment or if you hurry to make it faster.
It is not possible to specify the arrival date.
Please refrain from bidding if you have a request for a specified date as it may cause trouble..
↓ ↓ ↓
④ When the item arrives, please notify us of the receipt..
The evaluation will be returned to those who put it in here..
If you do not need an evaluation, please do not enter the evaluation here, only the receipt notification, we will not enter it from here either.
※※ If there is a problem that leads to a bad evaluation, we will evaluate it based on the content.. It does not mean that we will not evaluate from here..
★★ Please bid only for those who can complete the transaction smoothly after understanding the contents of the description.. ★ ★
If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us from the question column before bidding..
Even if you suddenly make a request from the transaction message after it makes a successful bid, we can not respond.
If you have a request, please be sure to inquire in advance from the question column whether it is possible.
★ Product Description ★
・ Yasuda Warehouse Shareholder Benefits
・ La Vista Hakodate Bay Accommodation coupon x 1
☆ Expiration date ☆ March 31, 2021 ☆
☆ New and unused.
☆ Please check the details on HP etc. and make sure to check the image for the desired product before bidding..
☆ We will put the product in the image in vinyl and ship it in an envelope..
Recycled products may be used for packaging materials. Please note.
☆ This is not a shop or store. I am selling personal items stored at home. Please refrain from bidding if you are nervous and are looking for perfect condition.
☆ Receipts cannot be issued. A record will always be recorded for simple settlement, so please use the details..
★ delivery method ★
※※ Since the possible shipping methods are shown in the shipping method list, the highest bidder selects from there..
※※ From here, we strongly recommend a shipping method with compensation and a shipping method that can be tracked..
In the past, I lost several times in standard and non-standard mail (without tracking)!
In the unlikely event that there is damage or loss during delivery, we can not take any responsibility here.. You can not be refunded.
Based on that, please select the shipping method after the highest bidder is satisfied..
※※ We do not accept overseas shipping, cash on delivery, cash on delivery, or general delivery.. Even if requested after it makes a successful bid, we can not respond.
★ Thank you for reading the long text so far.
★ Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in order to prevent troubles..
★ I wish you a smooth transaction. Thank you very much.
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