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B00077061 / LD / Comodoars "in Las Vegas"
Auction ends over
Current price ¥850 $9
Start price ¥850 $9
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller keyon3366 +4362
Condition Used
Start time 2020-10-19T14:19:03+09:00
End time 2020-10-21T20:19:03+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number j685398113
Seller position Hyōgo Prefecture

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From Japan
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☆ ★ !! Before offering a bid, please be sure to read the following product information / guidance !! ★ ☆
The state confirmation is done only by visual inspection, and judgment corresponding to age is done.
Please check the accessories column for availability of accessories. If there is no description is not included.
State notation of accessories is not done. In the case of confirmation please give me to the question column.
Since the product may be a sample / not for sale, please ask the person you care about.
For those who purchase set items, we will attach an outer bag only when the total score is within 20 points.
The poster will be packed separately (multiple posters can be shipped if it is between posters).
Items with a mouth notation can not be bundled with other items.
Product information
Artist Comodoars
title In Las Vegas
number MP017-22MP
type LD1 sheets
press JAPAN
Management No B00077061
accessories liner
comment STEREO Voice CX
Item state
Jacket EX-
Record quality EX +
A belt EX +
liner EX +
Explanation table of item status rank
Jake / obi / liner condition Record quality
M Beauty products M Beauty products
EX + Beautiful as second hand goods. EX + Beautiful as second hand goods.
EX- General Used Condition. Mild bruise. EX- General Used Condition. Mild bruise.
VG There are conspicuous damage in several places. VG There are conspicuous damage in several places.
G There is a conspicuous damage on the whole. G There is a conspicuous damage on the whole.
☆ ★ !! Information on bidding / dealings !! ★ ☆
(We will assume that you are satisfied with the following items at the time of bidding. )
【About bidding】
* I will refuse all direct transactions of prompt decision · early termination · outside of auction.
* As for the question to the product, we will close at 11:00 am on the listing end date until 11:00 am Friday at the exhibition end date is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We do not answer any questions that personal information is stated.
* ID with a negative ID / evaluation may be allowed to cancel the tender at our discretion.
[About prompt decision successful bid product]
* Only items that are set for prompt decision can be bid successfully.
* Correspondence in dealings Navi becomes "after the next business day of the successful bid day".
* Correspondence of the successful bid day, shipping is not possible.
* Because it is a holiday on Saturday and Sunday, if it is made a successful bid during Friday and holiday period, it will correspond after Monday of next business day.
[About exhibition end product]
* In order to secure the data capacity for the auctioned item, the item on which the auction has ended may be erased immediately regardless of whether it is a successful bid or an unchecked bid.
* There is no obstacle to dealings after it makes a successful bid, but since the product image can not be browsed, those who need it please save the product image during the exhibition period.
【About dealings】
* After confirming "bid notification mail" automatically transmitted from Yahoo auction after a successful bid, please contact the destination.
* Posting to dealings Nabis corresponds to within business hours (Monday to Friday from 10 o'clock to 18 o'clock), we will reply based on the content you posted at 10 am on the day.
* When there is a product under bidding, it is possible to reserve for three days from the first successful bid day only when we inform you that it is in the middle of bidding at the first successful bid. (※ Please note that period extension is not done. )
* In the case of direct delivery of successful bid products due to visiting our store, we will let you know the deliverable date from us, so please visit us during business hours after the designated date (Monday - Friday 10-18 o'clock).
* If the content you are posting differs from the actual product content, please let us know the status of the problem from dealings Navi within one week after delivery. After confirmation, we will inform you about the procedure after that.
【About sending out】
In case of easy settlement
* It will be shipped after confirming shipment instruction contact from Yahoo auction.
In case of bank transfer after deadline of simple settlement
* Dispatch will ship the items you received within 10 am on the next day in the next business day.If you receive money after 10:00 am on Thursday (Friday), it will be shipped on Monday (Tuesday).
Common matter in either settlement
* We do not perform shipping services on Saturdays and Sundays.
* If you wish to specify the date and time, please specify the date three business days or more ahead of the settlement date. ※ However Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kyushu and Okinawa are excluded. ※ Dispatch with multiple mouth will be unspecified date. ※ Specify the date after the guidance of the total amount can not be accepted.
* Shipping outside the standard, multiple mouths and shipping to the solitary island may differ from the shipping table below, so we will ship the shipping information as soon as we receive the shipping address.
* We only accept in Japanese as a language to deal with
【Flow of dealings after a successful bid】
* Please confirm the successful bid notification e-mail, please contact us with the information necessary for dealings from dealings Navi. Customers who wish to leave must be sure to state that.
* We will inform you the transfer amount including the shipping fee from us.
* Sorry to trouble you, but please settle within 3 days from total guide date as much as possible.
* Always accept receipt when the item arrives at hand.
Payment method
※ If you can not see the image wellHerePlease see.
Shipping method and shipping fee
Depending on the product size or when you make a successful bid,In case of multiple mouthThere is. Each company,Shipping cost to a remote islandandMultiple mouthsThe shipping fee will be charged separately.
※ If you can not see the image wellHerePlease see.
Finally, please also refer to our self-introduction column. Thank you.
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