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Paper diapers Nepia Genki Genki! Pants M size 58 pieces x3 packs
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Current price ¥6,030 $51
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Seller fas2009dup +1512
Condition New
Start time 2022-12-26T21:05:42+09:00
End time 2022-12-27T13:06:44+09:00
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Lot number j739850378
Seller position Gunma Prefecture

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Product Details - Product Description
It is a Nepia quality "stress -free diaper"
The softness of the smoothness of the stomach and legs gently wraps the napia quality carefully selected materials.
The fast -absorbing slit spreads the pee and absorbs quickly and keeps the buttocks smooth.
The smooth ventilation waist escapes the stuffiness from the three paths around the belly and smoothes the skin
The whole diaper is a breathable material, so it is comfortable without moisture.
Uses a weakly acidic keep sheet for the part that touches the baby's buttocks
Even if you pee, the same weak acidity as your bare skin continues.
The rubber around the stomach stretches gently and fits gently, so I will not tighten it.
Thin and smooth fiber is gentle around the skin and protects the skin of a baby that moves a lot from rubbing.
The design of Anpanman and his friends will be a fun time to change diapers
【Product Details】Product name: Infant paper diaper
Size (M): Applicable weight = 6 to 12 kg, tummy = 36-50cm, legs = 19-30cm
Individual size: 325x351X155mm
Individual weight: about 1655g
Contents: 58 pieces
Case size: 49.2x37.3x34.5cm
Case weight: about 5.4kg
Country of manufacture: Japan
Manufacturer: Oji Nepia Co., Ltd.
JAN code: 4901121506531MaterialSurface material: polyolefin / polyester non -woven fabric
Water -sucking material: Cotton pulp, polymer water sucking material, absorption paper
Waterproofing: polyolefin film
Stopping material: Polyolefin
Telescopic material: polyurethane
Binding material: styrene elastomer synthetic resin
Exterior material: Polyethylene
Shipment details
◇ Free shipping (Hokkaido separately ¥ 1650 ・ Okinawa separately ¥ 3300, remote island separately ¥ 3300)◇ can not be shipped Saturday, Sunday and public holidays Please note. ◇ is the time specified delivery impossible. Delivery / receipt is not enclosed.
Payment Method
Yahoo! か ん た ん settlement of accounts
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