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Yu-Packet - Beauty ZUCCA Skirt Long Wool Jersey Pleated Flare Clean Simple Adult Grey / Ash M Made in Japan f2b117WMN
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Current price ¥445 $5
Start price ¥445 $5
Buy-now ¥445 $5
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller studio_2014 +7510
Leader w*.*Y***
Condition Used
Start time 2019-07-30T00:42:25+09:00
End time 2019-07-30T06:21:42+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number k368882790
Seller position Osaka-shi, Osaka

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Every Saturday and SundayIntoFive%I will go down one by one ※ Please see the following for details.
3pointWith the purchase abovefree shipping ※ You will be limited to bundled.
Product information
Yu packet correspondence
State Commodity condition rank 5 step 3: There is a feeling of wearing to some extent, but the overall condition is a good item. There is no damage or falling off that is noticeable.
Item size Notation size: M Waist: 70-80cm Hips: 90cm Total Length: 94cm
Material Please check the image quality display tag. (Please think that there is no quality indication tag when there is no image of quality indication tag. )
Color Charcoal gray
Country of origin Please check the image quality display tag. (Please think that there is no quality indication tag when there is no image of quality indication tag. )
comment It is a wool long skirt with the atmosphere of ZUCCA..
shipping method
Yu packet × nationwide uniform800Yen (Hokkaido = 1000 yen, Okinawa = 1400 yen)
・ We deliver by Yu-pack or eco-distribution. The delivery method will differ depending on the region, so we will decide here. · In case of cash on delivery1124Yen (Cash on delivery fee 324 yen)
・ We will inform you of the tracking number in dealings navigation after the product is shipped. -It is possible to specify the date and time of delivery. (Morning · 12-14 · 14-16 · 16-18 · 18-20 · 20-21)
Yu packet ◯ 250Circle(Only the size that enters the post)
・ Please see the above-mentioned product information column for the availability of Yu packet correspondence. ・ We will arrive in about 1 to 2 days from shipping to delivery. ・ We will inform you of the tracking number in dealings navigation after the product is shipped. -It is a shipping method that does not correspond to the delivery date and time specification.
In case of 2 points purchase
Please use the deal together. You can use it by pressing 【Collect and start trading】. In the case of single item transaction, the shipping cost may be high. ・ Yu packet support ゆ う and Yu packet support ◯ =500Circle・ Yu packet support ゆ う and Yu packet support × =800Yen (Hokkaido = 1000 yen, Okinawa = 1400 yen)・ Yu packet compatible × and Yu packet compatible × =800Yen (Hokkaido = 1500 yen, Okinawa = 1800 yen)In the case of two-point packing, the shipping method and shipping cost will differ depending on the size, so we will contact you.
For free shipping over 3 points
・ You can change the shipping cost here if you press "Collect and start trading". If you do not press "collect all to start trading", it will be a single item transaction, please note that you can not provide free shipping service. ・ The shipping method will contact you based on the shipping convenience, the method, etc.· Please note that we can not do free shipping over our other account on management.
Payment Method
● Yahoo! simple settlement (credit card · Internet banking · Japan Net Bank payment · bank transfer · convenience store payment)
About the self-introduction column
Please refer to the self-introduction column for information on arrival information, annual schedules such as year-end and New Year holidays, etc.
About returned goods correspondence
If the item you are handling here is not the right size, or the impression is a little different: In principle, we will contact you within 2 days after the product arrives. Note: Only if the size does not fit, we will handle returns as a special service not available elsewhere in the used goods market. We will not be able to offer any inquiries such as malicious returns such as being self-damaged to goods after arrival. 頂 き Limited to items not worn. We can not return goods that you can wear. 送 料 We will ask you for the return shipping cost at your expense. We will charge a procedure fee of 8.64% of the price of the goods for the return correspondence procedure.. In the case of wishing cancellation cancellation of successful bidder convenience, evaluation of "very bad" is attached, but procedure fee is unnecessary. (Carriage return will be required. ) We will transfer the refund fee to the customer's designated account minus the return procedure fee 8.64% and the transfer fee from the item price.. 返 金 Refund procedure will be transferred within 2 days on weekdays after item confirmation.
About product shooting
心 が け I try to make it as close as possible to the color of the real thing and shoot. Therefore, we may correct color while comparing with the real thing. Excuse me, but please acknowledge some errors. 安心 Please be assured that there is no such thing as erasing stains and damaged parts by processing.
About color notation
Basically, we have decided the color by the judgment of the sizer. Excuse me, but please acknowledge some errors.
About item size (measurement)
We measure in all flat. Although the size notation varies depending on the brand, please refer to the actual size data.
For dealings etc
連絡 We will contact you usually between 10:00 and 18:00 on weekdays. (We may contact you after hours. )
◎ On Saturdays, there are many business trips that we can not contact and ship. )
土 曜 日 There are many business trips on Saturday, and we may not be able to contact or ship, etc. ◎ Since we are closed on Sundays and holidays, we will respond to questions and contact you at the end of the day. 早 く We try to respond politely as soon as possible, but for the operation with a small number of people, I am very sorry for the above contents, but we apologize for any inconvenience.
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