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Immediate ok * Bath & Body Works * St. portable holder & choose fragrance two cars aromatic pink flower
Auction ends 18 hours
Current price ¥2,100 $22
Start price ¥2,100 $22
Buy-now ¥2,200 $23
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller fragrance_story +3794
Condition New
Start time 2020-06-26T21:31:58+09:00
End time 2020-07-03T21:31:58+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number k410467782
Seller position Aichi-ken

Cost estimation



From Japan
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Fees & Total

System fee

Bank transfer


Discount negotiation shipping discount We will refuse all. Many of those who are questions without reading the description troubled the corresponding
It will be dealings sentence only point is the question, and because of the decision to prevent trouble without reading anything, we will reject the bid. Please acknowledge it.
Try as you will dealings good Thank you ♪ feelings Thank you for seeing. For the management of while working, please contact will be only at night. After the end of the auction, I do not do If you would like to contact from us. Flow of dealingsYahoo! Auctions HelpFrom start trading] of dealings NaviPlease contact us within 2 daysPlease give me
(If you do not hear from us is I do as cancellation processing of the successful bidder's convenience)
Notes collectively deal availableCollectively traded HelpIt becomes only the enclosed packing hope when Yahoo! Auctions those for which it makes a successful bid within the system on 72 hours
Since you will as much as possible correspond by the end of early, please let us know from the question column with a margin
At the time two or more successful bids received your contact from [dealings together], I would like to ask that you pay waiting for the enclosed postage confirm from us.
Payment within 5 daysPlease give me a bid of only those who can. For the smooth dealings, thank you for your cooperation
Carriage of only one point is already listed on each page. Rest, we will in a self-introduction and a successful bid notification. Please be sure to check.
* * * Product Details * * * Clip with fragrance holder case, the outlet even when the power supply is also unnecessary. To choose a location, such as car sun visor-room closet, peace of mind and safety, you can easily enjoy the scent. Your use of the car will continue scent without having to resort to especially recommended ♪ air conditioning wind. Usage: Open the cap of the body
Set in the main body peeled off the pull-up aluminum knob of the refill and close the body cap
About four to six weeks fragrance will persist. Please two choose your favorite scent
[Ask] is the net shop and the simultaneous sale, because that can not be real-time inventory management, there is also that the fragrance of your choice is sold out. Just in case, selection of fragrance, please inform the third hope. 1. Georgia Peach remaining 1 2. vanilla coconut 3. Beautiful di
Purchase land / America regular store Japanese display There is no. * Product gross weight 60g * refill Contents 6ml * Material / Plastic
* New unused goods * There prompt decision set
* * * Shipping Details * * * 1. non-standard-size 220 yen no pursuit and compensation, post mailing
When the enclosed two or more points, the postage changes. Please pay always after confirmation. We use the scale for home use, but an additional charge by any chance of error will be borne by me
The difference of less than 100 yen does not repay, please understand
2. courier compact (Yamato Transport) 520 yen (the difference is our burden) tracking and compensation, and handed
Available only in the Kanto, Shin-Etsu, Hokuriku, Chubu, Kansai
If it does not fit when the enclosed there, or Hokkaido, Tohoku, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu and Okinawa, the remote island
It will change the letter pack plus 520 yen. Pursuit, and no compensation, personal delivery
※ Normally, even if I received select a letter pack, it will change the compact of compensation there is a top priority. 3. than 700 yen Hokkaido, Okinawa, and a detached island Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. (the difference is our burden)
There tracking and compensation, personal delivery (2 kg within can be enclosed)
Yamato Transport and courier compact is the date and time can be specified
Delivery Available Date & Time o'clock, 19-21 specify AM · 14-16 hour, 16-18 hour, 18-20
Please let us know if you have any hope. If there is no hope, it will be the arrival of the shortest. [Important] at the time of dispatch without compensation, loss and breakage trouble is involved at me I can not do
Involves a risk like me thank you enough for your understanding that. Regarding [Note] packing. . . Packing material costs in shipping is we have been included
Excess packaging without the damage to internal use, we use the air cushion + paper bag
If there is a fine, indicate please request at the time of a successful bid because it available at a fee. ◆ is scheduled to ship on the day following the payment. Fixed form outside shipment of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays will be taken as a day off.
* * * Notes * * * 1. issue of price negotiations and stamp dealings, receipt is not done
2. I will consider the question, bid deletion request as correspondence only until before the end time 24H
3. evaluation stage less than 90% of the people, it will be considered as without permission bid cancellation
4. will be stored in a general household, fine thing If you have a person or allergy who care about a please refrain from a bid
5. questions, such as all of the elegance mean that it is there that the tried There is no feeling of use and incense tone should withhold
6. There is no expertise with regard to Unfortunately goods. For more information, please contact us thank you directly to the manufacturer
7. There is no shopping bags and packaging. There is no also wrapping service
8. for overseas personal transport by cardboard, also you will find that there is such as dents in minor scratches package. If I refuse a bid to be checked until the fine points. Therefore, it is not suitable for gift. Also tender of you want the same kind of goods and support the dealer should withhold
9. If there is no connection after a successful bid, I will consider it as cancellation
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