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Color black × red × white size L Korankoran S guard Fita colancolan S guard fita static electricity removal minus [O330]
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Seller george20141120 +828
Condition New
Start time 2019-12-17T12:11:00+09:00
End time 2019-12-17T18:59:00+09:00
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Lot number k425125812
Seller position Osaka prefecture

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Color black × red × white size L Korankoran S guard Fita colancolan S guard fita static electricity removal minus [O330]
Description of item Some of the fibers are using to Esugado Fita We have woven a special fiber that uses a copper called "conductive fibers" of domestic. You can be the fiber to remove static electricity through the body in to be a way out of static electricity. Those who were in close contact with the skin removal rate UP!
And reservoir static electricity measuring the amount of static electricity acrylic plate is a picture when the experiment the difference between when contacting the conductive fibers Esugado the acrylic plate to which the static electricity accumulated. 1 kilovolts of static electricity also were removed in a moment. New of Esugado Fita also released always a large amount of negative ions. You do not might want to relax a little in the negative ion effect drying of the season while removing static electricity. Joint parts has adopted as it is the Fita type of parts. Please attach crowded screw and snapping. It is completely OK even when wet with water because the magnet or the like is not used. Size removal rate person who was in close contact will increase. Color: black × red × white
Size: L
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