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E's Aroma roll-on bottle, glass container, 10ml shading colorful 5 PCs set perfume aroma, such as a gradient, small portions for Tell mobile handy
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Current price ¥1,572 $16
Start price ¥1,572 $16
Buy-now ¥1,572 $16
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller mori_chikara +322
Condition New
Start time 2020-06-01T19:16:25+09:00
End time 2020-06-02T15:15:06+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number k466248754
Seller position Fukuoka Prefecture

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E's Aroma roll-on bottle, glass container, 10ml shading colorful 5 PCs set perfume aroma, such as a gradient, small portions for Tell mobile handy
Description of item
Brand: E's Aroma
Roll-on bottle, glass container, 10ml, light-shielding color full 5 book set
【Roll-on bottle] hands dirty without you like, such as cosmetics, smoothly find and easy to with.. 【Colorful】color difference because of the difference of the filling and management can be useful. Women are very popular. 【Video terminal [with] up with you,swap when you can easily operate it.. 【Warranty】delivery time,over ten even if the safe exchange of correspondence will,don't worry stay.. 【Selection E's Aroma】selection of E's Aroma brand series of products, the quality, etc, regardless of the information.
About the product

Thank you for visit the product page.


With heartfelt sincerity we will support us is not. Until the end I hope you can you read. Thank you for your cooperation.

[About the product state]

This product is a new unused unopened. (By long-term storage of goods, because there is in rare cases there is such as some in the outer box package pain,
Please tender for the person who can acknowledge only)

By any chance, if there is a problem, so we will support us, I think that you worry. If there is a problem, you, but please give me connection sorry to trouble.

About the delivery and payment method

【shipping method】

Free Shipping anywhere in Japan (Hokkaido, Okinawa, including islands)

From the contractor of the logistics warehouseAt an optimal delivery method, Shipping directlyI am allowed to do.

  • Yamato Transport (Kuroneko Yamato courier service)
  • Japan mail (Yu-Yu packet)

It is scheduled delivery at either, but depending on the region to deliver there might be another trader.

About tracking number
Tracking number we do not let us know so that we there often may not be issued.

Please specify, such as shipping companies, shipping method can not be received.

Also,Also I am afraid that I can not deal with regard to the office stop, such as from overseas, transmission post office stop YamatoSo, Please note.

(You can not meet even if you specify after a successful bid)

【method of payment】

Payment at the Yahoo! recommended Yahoo! simple settlementThank you.

  • Yahoo! Money / Deposit Payment
  • credit card
  • Convenience store payment
  • Bank transfer

Such as, various types of payment will be available.

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Since it will be treated as canceled by the customer convenience Please note. (One bad evaluation will be automatically attached. )

◇ If the trouble, such as found problems such as commodity at me has occurred, we will promptly contact you.

◇ returned goods has become impossible, but only to the contact of the initial failure within three days including a goods arrival date as an exception, will be the initial failure. Thank you for your contact from the commodity arrival to "within three days".

◇ follow-up correspondence other than the sale of such methods and how to set use of the product is not done. I ask the manufacturer.

◇ Those with a warranty are guaranteed. We do not guarantee. (Example: 〇 months assurance and 1940 guarantee)

◇ issue of the receipt does not correspond. It will be the receipt place in the printing of the screen of the simple settlement (which is already confirmed to the tax office. )

Last up to take a look, thank you ^ ^

With heartfelt sincerity we will carefully so as to correspond.

Thank you.

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