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Fukuke Hakata Doll Daruma Invitation Cat Fortune Rebuilding 3 Pieces Set Summary Showa Natsushi Toyodiography Antique 21 images available
Auction ends 10 hours
Current price ¥22,550 $221
Start price ¥22,550 $221
Buy-now ¥22,550 $221
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller s160235s +594
Condition Used
Start time 2021-06-21T18:13:03+09:00
End time 2021-06-22T17:13:03+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number k468668532
Seller position Miyagi Prefecture

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I will correspond with sincerity sincerity for the highest bidder
Because you can not see the product in hand
Please do not hesitate to ask a question
Please enjoy for a while for a year \ (^ o ^) /
Fukuke Hakata Doll Daruma Invitation Cat Fortune Rebuilding 3 Pieces Set Summary Showa Natsushi Toyodiography Antique 21 images available
Description of item
1. A set of 3 old edges
2. Size: Fukusuke Height 20 cm Daruma Height 24cm Invited Cat Height 34cm
Product state
There is a wound or dirt, there is no beard of a cat, Daruma has a crab.
It will be a very old item, so there is a scratch and dirt that can not be welcome
Please check the state by the image (the image will be all)
If the image of the photo up can not be viewed, please let me know, but please let us know from the question (again)
Thank you for your understanding. M (__) m
Please read carefully (nervous one should withhold a bid)
☆ About the product state ☆Since the publication picture becomes all, we may look different colors of the photograph of the commodity by the sure of, please check your PC image state and environmental conditions
Antique, vintage items (be sure there is a feeling of use) it is difficult to post all of the information it will be an exhibition of Thus, the deterioration due to aging, such as images and descriptions also dirt and [sure] in addition to the sentence, defect, damage, is repaired Please bid on the assumption that there☆ About publication expiration ☆If you can not see the image of photo up, I'm sorry to inform you but please let me post again m (__) m☆ About cancellation in the middle of auction ☆If you do not meet the requested amount such as sharply below purchase, you may cancel the auction halfway
Please understand beforehand that we can not accept any questions such as desired price☆ About bidding ☆Please take a look at the image carefully and bid it after reading the text sufficiently
Please acknowledge that we will not accept any returns after it makes a successful bid
Those who are new and those with extremely bad evaluation are likely to delete the bid
Those who wish to make a successful bid under the above conditions, please bid to inform the purchase intention to the question column beforehand☆ About after it makes a successful bid ☆Even if three days have passed since the successful bidder, we will be treated as cancellation of the highest bidder's convenience unfortunately if we can not contact you
Those wishing to evaluate please tell that to that effect m (__) m☆ Information on the shipping method ☆Shipping is scheduled to pay 140 sizes of Yu-Pack (originator: Miyagi Prefecture). ** Please be advised that there may be a change in size, such as when there is a risk of shape or damage of the product ※ ※
※ Shipping will vary according to the area of ​​the highest bidder's residence, product size. For details please check at the following URL. payment on delivery will be shipped, payment will be only the winning bid price. After your bidding successfully (after confirming payment), we are keeping in mind urgent correspondence, but we are grabbing a maximum of 5 business days by shipping beforehand please acknowledge it beforehand☆ About direct withdrawal ☆Direct withdrawal warm welcome \ (^ o ^) / We will tell you the location after a successful bid☆ About dealings Navi ☆Business hours 10: 00 ~ 17: 00 Closed holiday Sunday · Holidays☆ About return ☆If the item bid was a fake or an illegal item, we will refund the full amount of the highest bid and shipping fee
However, we are sorry but we may ask you to tell me about the store / appraiser / appraiser that was appraised, so we may ask you for confirmation m (__) m We do not accept returns for other reasons No return · no claim It will be☆ Finally ☆This time, thank you very much for seeing our products m (__) m
Thank you for your consideration as we deal with integrity and sincerity until important items arrive
※ If you have any requests etc, please do not hesitate to tell me what you are
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