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ALTL2WH] Alt Loop + Loop 2 << A/B instantaneous switching loop selector + Loop x 2 >> = WH = [A/B Alternation + Loop2] #Switcher #LagoonSound
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥15,600 $116
Start price ¥15,600 $116
Buy-now ¥15,600 $116
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller lagoonsound555 +877
Condition New
Start time 2022-10-01T15:57:30+09:00
End time 2022-10-06T15:57:30+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number k477304259
Seller position Kanagawa Prefecture

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A/B Alternation Series
<< A/B Alternation Loop & Loop 2 White >>
Collaboration between A/B Alternation and Loop2! Anyway!
Thank you for your access
・ ・ ・ It is evolving more and more.
-☆-☆-☆ One unit wiring, the skill of a craftsman that cannot be done by mass production, his Effector devised and produced by Pro Sound Engineer-☆-
- ◎- Practical item equipped with Loop2 in the popular A/B Alternation Loop!
- ◎-Two or more effectors are switched instantly with one switch operation OK! ! (A/B Alternation Loop)
- ◎- Two effectors connection can be ON / BYPASS operation and usable! ! ! (Loop 2)
- ◎- Simple Loop 3 depending on how you use it! ! ! !
- ◎-Equipped with fluorescent switch plastic waracher! Now you can check the position of the switch even in the dark! ! ! ! !
- ◎- Various functions! Simple 4 LINE OUT SELECTOR can also be used! ! ! ! !
<< Circuit >>>IN ⇒ (a / b alternation loop) ⇒ (loop1 / true-bypass) ⇒ (loop2 / true-bypass) ⇒ out
<< A/B Alternation Loop >>>A Loop and B Loop instant switching switch (function that was unlikely!)
The LED is lit by the LOOP selection side (either is always lit)<< Loop1 & Loop2 >>Switch switch between Loop and True-Bypass
TRUE-BYPASS (individually available) as well as Loop unrealized
Minimize the deterioration of the original sound caused by connecting (rosary connection) of multiple effectors
By connecting Send and Return on one side with a cable, it is quicker to a simple Loop3!
If you use Send Jack as OUT, it is easy to use it 4 LINE OUT SELECTOR! (SEND 1/SEND 2/A/B Send/Out)
Note) In the case of the above use, it is necessary to connect either A/B loop.
Note) If it is simple, it is not grounded groundTRUE-BYPASS SYSTEM ・ I do not feel the problem of sound quality deterioration, noise, and noise due to carefully selected materials.
Please experience a different pedal work with the introduction of the Looping function.
== g = o = d == j = b === g = o = o = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d ==.A/B Alternation Series LINE UP== l == a == g == g == o == n ==== s == o == u == n == d ===
= Altl2wh =
<< Input >>>Standard JACK x 1
Power supply to LED by inserting (in Power)<< Output >>>Standard JACK x 1
Adopt each JACK in Japan with high reliability<< Send >>>Standard JACK x 4 (a loop / b loop / loop 1 / loop 2)<< Return >>>Standard JACK x 4 (a loop / b loop / loop 1 / loop 2)<< FOOT SWITCH >>>Alternation: a loop / b loop
Loop 1: Loop / Bypass
Loop 2: Loop / Bypass
Good density gordopin specifications, fluorescent special washer -included<< Power >>>Battery (006P / 9V) or 2.1φDCJACK (9V / SENTER-MinUS)
It is a power supply for LED lighting.<< Size >>>94 (W) × 119 (D) × 34 (H) mm (aluminum Dieting Box)<< Weight >>>385g<< Solder >>>Kester 44
The high tone will convey the tone of the guitar that tends to be attenuated<< Flying radio wave prevention resistance >>>Flying radio waves and reducing noise between shields<< LED >>>Headal Holder
a loop: red / b loop: green / loop 1: Yellow / loop 2: Yellow
Ultra -high -brightness LED is adopted, each Switch selection is turned on<< Wire >>>Western Electric 24awg (Vintage)
The sound is well balanced, a good rising and a good sound with a core.<< COLOR >>>Snow White Finish<< Common Earth >>>
The body is also effective in preventing wiring jacks around the jacks from the beginning.<< Other >>>Instruction manual / warranty
<< Please understand >>>
This product is handmadeAlthough it is made with great care, there may be some scratches and dimensions shifts because it is handmade.
Please think that this is also the real pleasure of handmade.* Please make a bid after understanding the above◆ If you have any other questions, please ask the question column ◆■ listing list ■ << LOOP SELECTOR >>> ■ Passive Loop Selector■ Passive Alternation Loop Selector■ Active Loop Selector << A/B out Selector >>> ■ A/B Selector■ IN/OUT SELECTOR << EFFECTOR >>> ■ Distortion■ DIST FUZZ■ Booster ■ Compressor■ VOLUME BOX (V-BOX)■ Equalizer ■ Tremolo Box■ Delay■ ENVEOPE FILTER << EQUIPMENT >>> ■ JUNCTION BOX (JCB)■ 17V Charge■ POWER SUPPLY ■ Buffer Box■ mixer■ STEREO PASSIVE ATTNENUATOR ■ Headphone AMP■ PARA BOX■ Direct Box ■ Foot Switch■ Switch Box << Option >>> ■ 006P-DC Cable■ DC-DC Reverse■ FOOT SWITCH HAT■ Shield Pick Holder■ Cable Catcher■ Cable Stopper ■ DC-DC Cable■ FOOT SWITCH LOCK Commentary video distribution! Lagoon Sound YouTube ◆ Would you like to improve your sound and lose weight by introducing a loop line serector? We will provide the original effector Sound ◆ ・ Cospa, functional performance, etc. are excellent and compact
・ Replacement from the program loop (many banks and programs are not used ・ The minimum functions are sufficient)
There is no "sound thin" because the selector we manufacture is made of a high -quality cable.
And with carefully selected parts and unique circuits, we provide the original SOUND with the equipment without "pop noise".
Please enjoy the real LINE SELECTOR ...◆ There are other equipment, please check on the website for details ◆.
== g = o = d == j = b === g = o = o = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d = d ==.LAGOON SOUND== l == a == g == g == o == n ==== s == o == u == n == d ==="It's amazing but cheap"We are manufacturing based on the concept-☆-Use this equipment to entertain the world-☆-
#Y Transition A Listed H for Prohibition O O
#ABボックス #オーダーメイド #ハンドメイド #ペダル #ボード #ループボックス #スウィッチャー #スイッチャー #EXECUTIVESOUND #エグゼクティブサウンド #SWITCHER #True-Bypass #ラインセレクター #ブレンダー #LineSelector #LAGOONSOUND #ラグーンサウンド #JunctionBox #BUFFER #MIXER # Distortion #FUZZ #BOOSTER #COMPRESSOR #EQUALIZER #TREMOLO #DELAY #WAH #LOOPBOX #CUSTOMORDER #LS-kDC #DI #DIRECTBOX #FOOTSWITCH #FOOTSWITCHLOCK #MUTER #MUTE
#Y Transition A on the H for prohibition O #★★ 20220704 ★★
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