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Antique jacket L Glayish Pink Pink Loach Color Beautiful Line & Design Showa Tailored Jacket
Auction ends 13 hours
Current price ¥2,800 $20
Start price ¥2,800 $20
Buy-now ¥2,800 $20
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller maimai59jp +7512
Condition Used
Start time 2024-04-17T10:53:33+09:00
End time 2024-04-20T10:53:33+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number k542852312
Seller position Tokyo

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From Japan
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Shoulder width 43.5 Width 49 Sleeve length 59.5 Length 66 Hem width 52cm
Lining fabric like polyester crepe
A calm pink like a mixture of gray
Decoration pocket
Almost unused storage items are beautiful
A nice jacket carefully tailored with elaborate patterns
The waist is a little slender and the line is beautiful.
You access it, and thank you.
Please check your self -introduction before bidding.
Besides it is under exhibition in large numbers.
* Please start trading as soon as possible within 24 hours after a successful bid.
(We will not contact you other than necessary here)
* It will be shipped within 3 days after payment confirmation and will be contacted if it takes 4 days or more.
* Please ask a question for any questions.
* Bundled is possible if the shipping source (displayed on the product page) is the same.
* Please make a "summary request" for multiple successful bids. In the case of separate payment, we will not refund the shipping fee.
* There is no compensation for ordinary mail. If you are worried, select the delivery with a warranty or specify the delivery record. Even if the shipping fee is included, please make a successful bid after accepting the above.
* If you do not need to evaluate, please let us know by message at the start of the transaction. Images will be deleted immediately after shipping to avoid erroneous evaluation. (Evaluation will be done immediately after shipping, and the exhibition will be after the end)
* After the arrival of the item, please contact us as soon as possible.
There is no need to contact us in the receipt of the receipt, which will be sent from Yahoo auction a few days after shipping, because there is a delay in delivery on holidays. Please contact us if it does not reach even if you wait obviously.
* The shipment uses reused items (other than general envelopes, newspapers, advertisements, empty boxes, etc.), and the destination is omitted (confirmed that it will arrive at the post office without any problems).. We do not pack fashionable, not shops. Please refrain from complaining and evaluation of the above.
* If there is a defect in the item that arrived, it is not an immediate evaluation, but first of allI hope you can get it.
* In the case of undecided payment during the payment period, we will cancel due to the highest bidder convenience. The system automatically has a bad evaluation, but please do not evaluate it here.
* If you cannot trade until the end, please refrain from bidding with mischief and malicious intent.
Above, thank you.
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