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Marui GBB 1911 Government Grip Screw Hex Black MEU M45A1*
Auction ends 5 days
Current price ¥1,200 $10
Start price ¥1,200 $10
Buy-now ¥1,200 $10
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller guns_gf_2002 +2995
Condition New
Start time 2023-01-30T15:37:38+09:00
End time 2023-02-06T15:37:38+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number l1072431053
Seller position Tokyo

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From Japan
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Marui GBB 1911 Government Grip Screw Hex Black MEU M45A1*
Description of item
* If you have any questions, please give me before bidding. Product description, shipping method, shipping fee, payment method,
Please read the transactionable date and time before bidding. If you are in a hurry, such as shipping on the day of the successful bid, please ask a question before bidding. * If it is the end time before answering, it may be a successful bid.
- New
- Manufacturer: Anvil
●About color・・・Please note that the color may look slightly different from the actual color depending on the monitor, camera, and lighting.. - Compatible models: Marui GBB 1911 / S70 / MEU / Warrior, M45A1 * Required when attaching commercially available actual grips etc.. It also comes with the M45A1 Marui genuine grip, but it doesn't fit the appearance. -There are scratches about the degree of operation marks because the manufacturer and we check the operation etc.. ● Purchase under 18 years old is prohibited
● Custom parts cannot be incorporated by us due to the nature of the product, because there is a risk of scratches.. Adjustment processing may be required.. ● Products made overseas may have some scratches from the beginning.
● Contact and shipment will be from 10 to 17:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, excluding holidays and long vacations. * New Year holidays 12/28-1/5, GW, Obon period are temporarily closed. If the number of transactions is large, contact and shipping may be delayed.● The payment date is one week after the auction. In the meantime, if there is no communication such as necessary information, please note that we will delete it due to the highest bidder convenience. ● If the evaluation has "neither, bad, very bad", we may delete it depending on the content.
Shipment details
● Spray cans, gas cans, batteries, and toy guns related to Okinawa Prefecture will take 7 to 10 days for shipping.It is a shipping fee, but you can see it by clicking "Details of delivery method".■ Sagawa Express
[Nationwide uniform] ¥ separately described (excluding Okinawa Prefecture, remote islands, shipping cash on delivery)■ Yamato Takkyubin [National Uniform] ¥ separate described● Couriers can stop the sales office (center). Please let us know the official sales office name and store number. (If it is changed later, the shipping will be delayed. )■ Cat Pos [nationwide uniform] separately described* Nekopos has the same arrival speed as courier, but it is a post posting type. ・ The underwriting limit for loss and damage of luggage during mailing is 3,000 yen, and it is not a full refund. ・ There is no accident compensation such as loss or damage after delivery. (On the slip number, items that have already been delivered, etc.)
・Lockable post recommended. ・ It is not recommended if you have no experience in shipping without accident compensation. ・ There is a limit to the packing size of 2.5 cm or less in thickness, so there are items without a box, protected with an air cap (bubble wrap), and some items that cannot be sandwiched with cardboard..■ Yu -packet [nationwide uniform] separately described* No accident compensation
・ It takes the date and time until shipping due to pick -up. ・ There is no accident compensation such as loss or damage to luggage during mailing and damage after delivery. (On the slip number, items that have already been delivered, etc.)
・Lockable post recommended. ・ There is a limit to the packaging size of 3 cm or less, so there are items without a box and cracked items that cannot be protected with air caps (bubble wrap) etc.. - It is possible to bundle. ● It cannot be used for shipping methods other than the above.
This item's guide is "■@Sobai-kun 5.40■It was created with.
Since it has otherwise sent, please have a look, if very well.
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